Prompt word for SOCS by LindaGHill, “Page”

I have chosen to use the Sudoku book as a basis for my SOCS writing today. I love Sudoku and I am really pretty good at doing the Level Four Stars in this particular Sudoku book. It is published by Kappa. I buy them at the Dollar Tree. Many publishers are much harder. I successfully completed level 4 seventeen out of twenty times in this Kappa. Bragging Rights?

The word “page” applies in two different ways to this Sudoku book. First each page does have a page number although it cannot be seen in this picture. The page number is separate from the Puzzle Number. This does make a difference if one looks at the answers in the back.

I often begin my day by working a Sudoku puzzle. It does well for waking my brain in the morning. I almost always complete a Level Two or Level Three at this time. Sometimes it takes my two days to do a Level Four.

Do you see the small figures at the top of the right side. This is where I write in the un-used numbers. Works better for me than to try putting the numbers in the small grids.

If you haven’t got the habit, think of taking it up. Lots of fun and good for the brain.

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6 Responses to SUDOKU PAGE

  1. Salvageable says:

    I also enjoy Sudoku and also find it a good way to waken the brain. I’ve taken to doing puzzles online instead of in a book. Sometimes, though, I will print a puzzle because I’ve gotten stuck; then I can make notes in the margin as you do. I’ve also gotten hooked on nonograms. J.

    • oneta hayes says:

      I am very dependent on the numbers outside the box, so I doubt I would enjoy doing them online. I hadn’t heard “nonograms” so I looked it up. Sounds like my sister’s favorite IPad activity. She is very good at popping all those little spaces with her “pointer.” She has a lot of pretty pictures to show for her effort.

  2. capost2k says:

    Ouch, my brain hurts just thinking about doing Soduku. I think it was invented as a Japanese torture during WW2 and only released by our government when conservatives started getting into politics. 😂

  3. I love sudoku puzzles, too. In fact, I just finished one.I have a big book filled with classic sudokus and interesting variations!

    • oneta hayes says:

      Fill those time-spaces with healthy brain food. I’m a believer, but I don’t like things that defeat me before I start. Congratulations on your willngness to try new avenues of adventure.

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