“I read it all,” Pete. about five or six, announced with pride, “do you want me to show you my favorite story?”

“Sure,” I replied, wondering which of the Bible Heroes deserved his special attention – David, Samson, Daniel….

He quickly turned to the second image above; the picture of Jesus loving the little children.

Yes, Pete, He does.

It has been about twenty years since that interaction. The question now to me, and probably also to Pete, is “Why does he allow so many to suffer?”

Here we are now on the crosshairs of war in Ukrania. Possibly the war machines are moving into civilian areas and families are displaced as I write this.

Let me step back and ask if you remember the post I wrote last fall about the doll I bought at the Dollar Tree. I was walking down the aisle uninterested in what I was passing when my attention was drawn to the doll; I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to buy her. I did, having no reason why.

For a while, she represented the needs and wants of the children of America. Being thankful that most of our children “want” much more than they need, still their needs are great. Especially the need for family security, the need to feel loved and loveable.

After a few weeks, she took on the form of the children who are being led across the southern border of our nation, particularly those who are being “rented,” abused, and trafficked.

Then she represented the children in Afghanistan and the inhuman way some have to accept as a result of a religious group who has no respect for girls or women in general.

Now you know where I’m going, don’t you? Yes, Ukraine. “God, be merciful to the little children in Ukraine. Care for their physical needs by sending in groups who bring hope, food, and other necessities. Let them know that it is never your will that they hurt. The hurt is caused by sinful men and women. Bring them around to the faith and security that Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

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  1. Dawn Marie says:

    Amen, Oneta. May God wrap his mantle of care around each tender one. Prayers for peace….

  2. What a good reminder to pray for the children. Thanks for sharing this, Oneta.

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