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     There are other outstanding men who were known for their intimate relationship with the Lord Jehovah – Abraham, called a friend of God; David, said to be a man after God’s own heart; Elijah, a man who did not die.

Why did I choose these five -Adam, Enoch, Moses, Jeremiah, and John? Because of the vast difference in their circumstances.  Our goal is to see what they had in common.  Those commonalities are the things we want to emulate if we want to be close to God. 

At this point let’s give further consideration to those characters.  What did they have in common that they could be said to “know” God?  Adam lived in a perfect world and literally walked with God in perfect conditions, but was separated from perfect communion with God because of his sin.  On the other hand, Moses sinned by committing a murder – that sounds much worse than eating an apple – but it did not seem to cause any spiritual trouble for him.  Moses was a mover and shaker, a man of tremendous influence on a nation of people; Enoch was a prophet but had little influence on the national scene.  Jeremiah was called by God while he was in his mother’s womb; however, his ministry was marked by failure. John’s association with Jesus was tainted by his tendency toward strife among the disciples.  They were not alike in sin or lack of sin, wealth or lack of wealth, ability or lack of ability, success or lack of success; what they all offered to God was time. They walked with God, talked with God, listened to God.  They knew God.

With all that walking, talking, and listening, the thing these men gave God was their TIME. Time is the only “currency” we can give that God desires. That is one reason He seems to hide from us. He says to seek his face. It takes time to “seek” something.

Is “knowing God better” worth your time?

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  1. says:

    This a perfect follow up to your series. We all have certain gifts, we also have faults and disabilities. God uses those differences in us to change things in our world. When we let Him speak through us, we’re honoring Him. Thanks for these encouraging words.

  2. oneta hayes says:

    You have it, Kathy. Thank you for confirming in your words.

  3. capost2k says:

    “We cannot recover wasted time. We cannot know how that time well spent would have changed us or others for time or eternity. It is sobering.” (Bruce Smith)
    “Consider what you do with your time. How many minutes do you spend each day in prayer? Although the value of prayer cannot be measured by its volume, it can safely be said that prayer is valueless if you do not pray.” (

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