I’M REMEMBERING “nameless”

How fast this former teacher of fourth/fifth graders, connects “rope” with jump rope! The following passage is an excerpt from my blog “nameless” posted in January, ’17.

Bell rings and children come in with news to share.

“Teacher, we learned a new jump rope tune.”

Cinderella dressed in yella

Went upstairs to kiss a fella

Made a mistake kissed a snake

How many doctors will it take?  2,4,6,8 —

“Teacher, Joe says I’ve got a girlfriend and I’m gonna punch him if he says it again.”

“Hey, teacher,  my grandma is staying with us this week.”

“I forgot my homework.”

I call out, “Good morning, everyone.  Now please stop the talk and take your seats.”

As we settle down, the door opens one more time and in walks a little girl, late again and alone. She was a plain child, rather nondescript, straight stringy hair – seldom clean. https://onetahayes.com/2017/01/29/nameless-2/

Today I ask myself, “Did nameless ever get to jump rope?” Answer: “Probably not.”


Written for Linda G. Hill’s SoCS prompt word “rope.” Thanks, Linda, for holding this event.


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ABOUT ME Hello. To various folks I am Neat’nee, Mom, Grandma Neta, Gramma, Aunt Neta, Aunt Noni, Aunt Neno, and Aunt Neto (lots of varieties from little nieces and nephews). To some I’m more like “Didn’t you used to be my teacher?” or “Don’t I know you from someplace?” To you, perhaps, I am a Fellow Blogger. Not “fellow” like a male or a guy, but “fellow” like a companion or an adventurer. I would choose to be Grandma Blogger, and have you pull up a chair, my website before you, while I tell you of some days of yore. I have experienced life much differently than most of you. It was and is a good life. I hope to share nuggets of appreciation for those who have gone before me and those who come after me. By necessity you are among those who come after me and I will tell you of those who came before. Once upon a time in a little house on a prairie - oops, change that lest I commit plagiarism - and change that “house on the prairie” to “dugout on the prairie.” So my story begins...
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6 Responses to I’M REMEMBERING “nameless”

  1. Your post brought me straight back to all the playground fun I had at school. I doubt kids are allowed jump ropes anymore. I’ll ask the kids. (Children are no longer free. Creating obedient robots seems the purpose.)

  2. ghostmmnc says:

    I always liked the jump rope rhymes! Glad you said the Cinderella one, because I couldn’t remember the whole thing the other day. 🙂

  3. oneta hayes says:

    I noticed we both used Cinderella for an example of a jump rope rhyme. Mine was scheduled but you beat me. 😀

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