These boys, my two great grandsons are not new to us. They came via Renee when she joined our family. But these pictures told me it was time to introduce them to my readers. The gray bunny nibbling the carrot probably indicates to you who/what is expecting. Not this bunny. The one we suspect is pregnant is hidden behind her bed.

So we have a new avocation. Bunny rearing.

We didn’t really plan to get into the bunny-family business quite so soon. Roger bought six bunnies. One buck and five does. Problem? It seems to be that one of the “does” was a buck in disguise. In today’s culture – where a male can identify as a female – I guess that kind of thing is to be expected. But he seems to have acted very “male-ish” apparently enjoying himself in the harem. Actually, I believe most of them were too young to get pregnant. But “Gary” (the gender-fluid buck) is now at home alone next to the home of the all-American male, Bucky, who is dutifully awaiting his turn.

But one large white one is acting suspiciously. I researched online. Does she seek solitude? Yes. Does she pull out hair? Yes. Is she cranky? Yes. Well, we will know before long.

I wish I had not edited the girls off in the last picture. They are excited about the bunny “farm” also.

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ABOUT ME Hello. To various folks I am Neat’nee, Mom, Grandma Neta, Gramma, Aunt Neta, Aunt Noni, Aunt Neno, and Aunt Neto (lots of varieties from little nieces and nephews). To some I’m more like “Didn’t you used to be my teacher?” or “Don’t I know you from someplace?” To you, perhaps, I am a Fellow Blogger. Not “fellow” like a male or a guy, but “fellow” like a companion or an adventurer. I would choose to be Grandma Blogger, and have you pull up a chair, my website before you, while I tell you of some days of yore. I have experienced life much differently than most of you. It was and is a good life. I hope to share nuggets of appreciation for those who have gone before me and those who come after me. By necessity you are among those who come after me and I will tell you of those who came before. Once upon a time in a little house on a prairie - oops, change that lest I commit plagiarism - and change that “house on the prairie” to “dugout on the prairie.” So my story begins...
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3 Responses to WE ARE EXPECTING!

  1. capost2k says:

    SIX bunnies!? That’s quite a large “starter set!” Hope you have LOTS of cages, because the bunnies average about 6-10 per litter, “”’12 TIMES PER YEAR!””” And the females are fertile at 5-6 months old. 😲
    Look up online for how to help pregnant rabbits as they can get pregnant twice in the same month! And you should not allow siblings to breed for the same reason it is forbidden for humans.
    Looking forward to reports of how this works out and how long it lasts!
    And to recipes for rabbit stews!!! 😉
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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