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Remember the book (1950’s) movie (1960) by Jean Kerr?  Mom didn’t remember to say “don’t eat the daisies” so the plot implies they did.  

Now take a dive into the Bible with me.  Why did God love David so much? Why was God so harsh with Saul, but \ David did so many evil things also, but he was called a “man after God’s own heart?” 

I’ll take care of Saul by saying he was deliberate and arrogant in his decisions.  Now back to David. 

David sinned, but he never disobeyed a direct command of God.  He sinned in the census matter and in the death of Uriah.  God did not tell him not to do those things.  In other words, God didn’t say “don’t eat the daisies.”  

Of course the kids who ate the daisies knew they should not.  They probably faced some parental punishment. 

David knew he should not kill Uriah. He knew the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” but he chose to just see the daisies. For his ignoring the commandment, he received a lot of negative ramifications within his family as a natural consequence of his behavior  as well as direct intervention of God.  2 Sam. 12:10-11 

God does make a distinction between deliberate sins and unintentional sins, but the sinner will suffer the natural consequences of his choices, so it is far better not to eat the daisies.  

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  1. jsneese62 says:

    I always told my children there are consequences for everything we do be it good or bad. My daughter had a hard time with that concept and so she ate a lot of daisies. Her lying hurt a lot of people because when she lied they were vicious lies. Anyone that knew her for any length of time soon learned they could not trust anything that came out of her mouth. She will be 40 this year and people who have known her for years still takes anything she says with a grain of salt because of her past and I fear it will haunt her for the rest of her life. It is the consequence of her own actions though and so must take her lumps as they come.

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