I see that Linda G. Hill had chosen the words “iron” or “irony” as the word to use for SoCS.  How ironic that was!

  I didn’t do it but I had planned to iron Saturday, at  least sort of iron, as in take out the ironing board, maybe not really take it out, I could probable get by with just putting a folded towel on my bed or on the table.  I only planned to press in some hems on some pants legs. 

I would need to plug in the iron and see if it still heats.  Fortunately it doesn’t need batteries; they would have died long ago.  The last time I heated the iron was about 865 days ago when I used it to transfer some decals on cloth blocks for the girls to paint.  It worked then.  Do I get credit for “ironing?”  I remember that I did take out the ironing board. 

For some reason, I have two identical top-of-the-line ironing boards.  Top of the line means they are stable and they have real ironing board covers on them, not just a couple of towels folded over and pinned together on the underneath.  I must have had one when I moved here in 1997.  I remember that I had one for ironing shirts  while I still lived in my old house before the boys married, so it was about 1980 or something like that. I don’t know where the other one came from unless my husband or son might have bought it thinking I did not own one.  They probably did not notice I had one out already that time I made a baby quilt about 2007 or 8 before my first great granddaughter was born.  Every woman makes a quilt for the first.  I’ve had six since then, but I didn’t make quilts for them.  I didn’t even stencil a burp-rag. 

If anybody out there needs a “nearly-new” ironing board, I have one they can have.  Or they can have both if they want both.  I can press the hems of my pants on a folded towel on the cabinet.  But I put the pants in the give-away box. Maybe I should take them out.  Who knows?  I might find that the iron still heats up if I can plug it in in the kitchen where the wall plug works. Then I could hem those pants. I’ll put that on my bucket list.

******** Thanks, Linda, this was fun.

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6 Responses to IRONING, MY WAY

  1. says:

    I haven’t ironed since we moved into this house six years ago. I used to do a lot of it, because I costumed all the shows I did and would be required to sew most of them. Maybe I just had enough of it over the years, but I haven’t even turned my iron on to see if it works and the ironing board has become another hanging place for jackets, hats, etc. When we were first married I ironed everything including handkerchiefs. Now I’m a folder. I guess I know when to fold ’em.

  2. judyjourneys says:

    I remember learning to iron by struggling with handkerchiefs on my mother’s wooden ironing board when I was ten. It was probably the one she got when she was married in 1939. Today it sits in my daughter’s house displaying family pictures.

  3. Carol Crane says:

    I still have an old wooden ironing board that Wayne had before we were married (50 years ago!). I think it belonged to his mother or grandmother. I’ve often thought about getting rid of it and buying a new one, but the new ones seem so flimsy compared to this sturdy, old, wooden ironing board. Not everything new is better.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Thanks for the comment. Sounds like you still use it. Did you see one of the comments in which somebody said their old ironing board was being used to exhibit family pictures? I think that would be interesting with an old one like yours.

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