As I entered a public building, I saw a little girl, about six or seven maybe, sitting on a bench outside the door.  I asked her if she needed help; she said no, her mother told her to sit there and wait for her.  I didn’t talk more because I assumed she had surely been told not to talk to strangers.   There were a lot of grown ups and children at a park nearby. I thought maybe she had walked away from them.

I went on into the building.  Feeling uneasy, I kept an eye on her for a few minutes.  Talked to someone who was acquainted with “goings-on” nearby; she said not to worry.  It was quite common for that kind of thing to happen.

I went about my business.  When I left, the little girl was gone.  I presume with her mother.

Did the mom go to pick up a car then return?  Did mom have her hands full so she did not have a hand to hang on to the child?  Was she taking care of other kids? 

Was the child left by one “guardian” to be picked up by mom?

I can think of no scenario that would satisfy me.  For sure the child inside the door watching out the window would have been safer than waiting outside. 

I might have called safety officers except that I had talked to the person inside who told me I need not worry so I felt it wasn’t my business.  My business or not, what was my responsibility? 

At this point, I think I should have sat inside with her in my sight until she was picked up.  I’m certainly not happy with what I did, or didn’t do! I wish I had sat myself right down beside her and told her some fairy tales. Maybe I should have waited for “mom” then passed myself off as a child welfare worker. Name and address, please, ma’am. 😀

What if? 


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6 Responses to WHAT IF?

  1. Kim Smyth says:

    Definitely food for thought! I pray she was ok!

  2. joyroses13 says:

    Awh! I am with you, I would be second guessing myself too, but don’t do that. You are a sweet, caring lady Oneta,you asked another adult about the safety thing and they said it was fine. Maybe it is normal for parent’s to do that with their children there? But I would be the same as you and tell myself that next time I will sit wth the child until the mom comes. Then I tell myself to not overthink and be so scared of bad things happening. UGH!

    • oneta hayes says:

      I get some comfort from having a partner in my wishy-washy situation. I am so distraught when I hear of someone in need and the passers-by just keep on passing by! Nowadays many are too busy videoing the tragedy to offer help. As you say, UGH!

  3. Archon's Den says:

    What if the child was left by one “guardian” to be picked up by DAD?
    What if impersonating a State Official is a felony?

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