THREE ELEMENTS FOR FIRE are oxygen, heat, and fuel.

      A STORY:  Karen’s friend, Bob, went up into her attic to check the source of an odd odor.  He found a bird nest.   An uncovered vent had allowed a bird to enter the attic.  Bird nest?  That doesn’t sound so far out, does it?  But this bird nest was about 30 in circumference and about 20 inches high.  It required a 40 gallon yard bag to hold all of it.  They disposed of it, no harm done.  But curiously it was not the source of the odor. 

      If you know me well, you know my family believes strongly in God’s day by day personal guidance and care.  I’ll be blunt about it. I believe the odd smell was a “lure” from the Lord to check the attic. We thank Him because the nest was discover and removed. 

      Why exactly was that so important?  Because two of the elements of fire were present, the oxygen and the fuel.  Heat could have been generated by the hot summer sun.  We are glad that possibility no longer exists.

      I LIKE THIS SMOKEY  OF 1944.  He is right that “Care will prevent forest fires.”  I don’t know about the 9 out of 10.  That slogan has sort of been replaced with “only you can prevent forest fires.”  Ask my family, they will tell you I am dreadful to live with when they are burning trash, tree limbs, etc.  They cannot rest from me until the last ember is gone! 

        Nature has provided the elements of fire.  Sometimes they get wildly out of control.  Oxygen is always present; heat is caused by carelessness/arson or natural causes/lightning.  Only thing remaining is the fuel. 

         One thing we can do now without trillions printed and spent on “climate control.”  That is remove the fuel.  Remove the undergrowth by controlled fires or at least keep the grass and other brush cleaned out for several yards away from the highways. 


Written for SoCS hosted by Linda G. Hill whose prompt this week is “a picture from wherever.” I am also entering it in Debbie Smith suggested “6 word title.”

For more information regarding these two challenge opportunities, please visit their host pages. Have fun; I did.

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  1. jsneese62 says:

    Living in South central Texas I understand this sentiment very well. In June here most of the rains here dry up until really late in the fall so it is very hot up to about 120 F most years and very dry. We have no burn orders and heaven help you if you are caught throwing a lit cigarette or match on the ground or from a car. Those are things you can go to prison for and for a long time.
    I agree though that God will bring our attention to a problem by other means that the problem itself. a smell, something out of place, or seeing something odd. I remember when my daughter was three months old and she suddenly became sick very sick. She had seemed fine two hours prior when I laid her down to sleep, but when I checked on her she was completely limp and barely responsive. She was rushed to the hospital and we found out she had double pneumonia and i was baffled because her breathing didn’t seem labored, but the doctor explained illness can move quite quickly in young babies. If I had not noticed the oddness of her being limp like a little rag doll it could have been fatal. After some tests were done they discovered she had asthma that was triggered by allergies. As she grew we discovered she had many allergies and one of the oddest was honey and she is the only one I know of that has an allergy to honey. God shows us what we need to know in ways He knows we will understand.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Oh, thanks for sharing this wonderful story. “Little is much when God is in it” a line from some song. Important to stay tuned to his voice or nudgings. Your comment is vital to someone and I thank you again.

  2. jsneese62 says:

    Thank you Oneta!

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