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America, I am sorry to hear of your continuing health problems.  It seems that your citizens cannot contain the abominable diseases that plague you.  If you were medicated according to Constitutional principles, I’m sure you would improve. Two major forces … Continue reading

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THREE ELEMENTS FOR FIRE are oxygen, heat, and fuel.       A STORY:  Karen’s friend, Bob, went up into her attic to check the source of an odd odor.  He found a bird nest.   An uncovered vent had allowed a bird … Continue reading

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Fishes school meets in “low” pool, where students felt so humiliated. Students got together and debated. Finny said, “I want to fly Past the waters, up to the sky.” “Aw, that is just a fancy scheme; You will never achieve … Continue reading

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As I entered a public building, I saw a little girl, about six or seven maybe, sitting on a bench outside the door.  I asked her if she needed help; she said no, her mother told her to sit there … Continue reading

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I see that Linda G. Hill had chosen the words “iron” or “irony” as the word to use for SoCS.  How ironic that was!   I didn’t do it but I had planned to iron Saturday, at  least sort of … Continue reading

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Back when I taught a class of new Christians, I prepared the following article, which I just came across in some file clean-up. I think it is worth sharing. Jesus tells us to “Go and make disciples…” This advice is … Continue reading

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Picture is a view of my table and window. Flower is day lily, not goldenrod. I have no goldenrod, but I plan to place that on my bucket list: “plant some goldenrod” This assignment by Tourmaline piqued my curiosity regarding … Continue reading

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“Shhh,” cautioned Romeo, opening the fire escape door.  Only a paper-thin wall separated Annalese from the hall so she was well aware of the couple’s escapades; she dubbed them “Romeo and Juliet” even though they did not fit the classic … Continue reading

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