1. While reading a Bible devotion. I didn’t know that, I must make a note.
  2. While watching TV. That’s hard to believe. I must make a note to check online for more info.
  3. While in the kitchen. I must make a note to add butter oil to my grocery list.
  4. While in the car. I need to make a note to ask for help in connecting my car phone.
  5. While checking bank statement. I need to see if I can get a discount on that insurance.
  6. While on the edge of going to sleep. I need to make a note, that would be a good blog theme.
  7. While on the edge of waking up. What was that good theme I was going to make a note on?
  8. While hanging up with doctor’s office. I must make a note of that referral.
  9. While arguing with my husband. I must make a note to ask his sister about that.
  10. While sitting at my desk. I must clear off all these old notes; they are all obsolete.


Written for event hosted by Linda G. Hill. Saturday Stream of Consciousness, prompt “make a note.”

About oneta hayes

ABOUT ME Hello. To various folks I am Neat’nee, Mom, Grandma Neta, Gramma, Aunt Neta, Aunt Noni, Aunt Neno, and Aunt Neto (lots of varieties from little nieces and nephews). To some I’m more like “Didn’t you used to be my teacher?” or “Don’t I know you from someplace?” To you, perhaps, I am a Fellow Blogger. Not “fellow” like a male or a guy, but “fellow” like a companion or an adventurer. I would choose to be Grandma Blogger, and have you pull up a chair, my website before you, while I tell you of some days of yore. I have experienced life much differently than most of you. It was and is a good life. I hope to share nuggets of appreciation for those who have gone before me and those who come after me. By necessity you are among those who come after me and I will tell you of those who came before. Once upon a time in a little house on a prairie - oops, change that lest I commit plagiarism - and change that “house on the prairie” to “dugout on the prairie.” So my story begins...
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13 Responses to THE VITAL NOTES

  1. says:

    Love this. My problem with notes is that I always forget where I put them.

  2. Kim Smyth says:

    Love these, and I do the same and I’m only 61! 🤣😉🤗

  3. C.A. Post says:

    “SOC” it to me, Oneta! 😁
    A story is told about a couple beginning to forget things, so their doctor advised them to write down what they wanted to do, so they would not forget.
    As they were watching TV one night, the husband got up and said, “I think I’ll make myself a ham sandwich.” She replied, “Would you get me bowl of salad?”
    “Sure,” he said. “Shouldn’t you write it down like the doctor said?”, she asked.
    “I can remember a ham sandwich and bowl of salad,” he retorted.
    Minutes passed and turned into an hour. Finally he came back with a leg of fried chicken and she asked, “Where’s my orange juice?” 😂
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  4. Alan Kearns says:

    Ah the ever present mysteries of notes…and what they were supposed to be about in the first place? 😁

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