Why are they doing this?

I didn’t have a reason for taking the pictures except that I wondered “why?” when passing the baby food aisle in Walmart’s.  So now I share this picture, question, and comments  with you.  Hope you will give me some feed ba

The right picture shows that there is baby food available, but there are empty spaces on the shelves and there are not many different brands. The note in the left picture says: Effective immediately all baby formula sales are limited to five units per child for each customer per day.

To me that sounds like quite a lot of baby food. Am I wrong? I might be. I’ve not had any experience with baby eating habits in many years.

Is there any reason a customer cannot buy that much food at several Walmart stores? Does a customer have to “log in” to buy his units every day? Or is it an “on your honor” that you will not hoard by buying more than you need?

I’ve done a bit of research. The shortage occurred more than a year ago because of contamination in a large supply lab. Two children died.

I found three reasons for the shortage. 1. The closing of that major supplier. 2. Covid had to get into the blame somehow, something about supply chain and shortage of personnel. 3. Although Europe has lots of better quality baby food which we cannot import because their labeling is insufficient!

Looks like the last our President had some involvement was in May, four months ago. Why is he on vacation? or in his basement? He didn’t mention the problem with any update in his speech this week, did he? How is it that the WIC program seems to have first-ies? Government first? Of course.

One article said someone had paid up to $200 for a unit of baby formula. Why? Use some goats milk, or ask a new mom to breast pump a few bottles full. If she is hesitant, lay a couple hundred dollar bills in front of her.

Another comment worth while? How did President Trump get some of the blame. Because he taxed Canada! Aww, two years has not been long enough for the Biden administration to nullify that. It didn’t take two months to nullify his deals with our southern nation.

The news media seems to have let a tragedy go to waste by not blaming Climate warming or fossil fuels.

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1 Response to WHY?

  1. C.A. Post says:

    Apparently it’s not over yet; they need to find something else about which to scare us first!
    Like you note, I am very surprised the climate alarmists are not seizing this as more proof that we’re all going to die, now with only NINE years left! 😂

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