My picture looks like I am happier than my words sound today!

I just ran on to a note I made sometime; don’t remember when nor where, but it still resonates with me. Obviously I was disturbed about our “new” Christians; particularly the ones whose salvation experience was only about as effective as making a resolution or turning over a new leaf (without making a resolution.) So, here is what I said:

I believe we yank them through the door, ease their consciences, give them an assurance in something they do not have, send them out without knowing diddly squat, carrying their strongholds with them.  The devil is smart enough not to raise his ugly head until they get alone; then sure enough they find that there is really nothing to this victory in Jesus talk.  And they are worse off than they were at first (Matt 12:44). 

Jesus describes salvation, becoming a Christian, as being “born again.” One becomes a new creature; one who lives in Christ and in whom Christ dwells.

The New Birth does not look like a half hatched egg.

GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES. Teach, love, and listen until your new convert is strong enough to walk alone.

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  1. 🤍 Wonderfully Said 🤍

  2. C.A. Post says:

    I have never told someone, “You’re now born again.” One does not say this to a baby, “Hey, kid, now you’re alive.” We just let the child grow and discover for him- or herself that he or she is alive. Of course, we provide protection, nourishment and guidance as the infant grows, but no one has to tell a child, “You’re alive.”
    In the New Testament, I cannot recall any new believer being told this either. Rather, the born again were so certain of “something” that happened TO them that THEY announced, like a child crying at the doctor’s gentle paddling, “Hey, I’m ALIVE!” Whether that was the infilling of the Holy Ghost (Acts 10:44-48) or requesting baptism (Acts 8:34-38), the new believer was the announcer of their reception of Jesus into their hearts and lives. It was not someone explaining by head-knowledge, “Now that you have said the prayer I told you to pray, you are a Christian.”
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

    • oneta hayes says:

      Very true. They need to know the experience is far more than a new resolution. And I have heard preachers say, “If you have sincerely prayed this prayer, you are a Christian.”

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