Inflation is causing my Two for Two-Bits to go up, in case you wonder why I changed to Three Bits.  Just look at it like this; it will be good for us in the long run according to the WH (Psaki for one).  I think Biden and Yellen also think so, and Kamala would have to follow lead.

Number 1.  I’m disgusted at how ignorant, biased people (mostly women in this case) can be used to fulfill some “leader’s” purpose.  They now hate the Supreme Court because they (SC) did away with Roe vs Wade.  They only threw the matter to the States. 

It did lose it magical power of “privacy” rights in the Constitution.  There are no such rights in the Constitution.  So, yes, it did open up a new window that will probably give more unborn babies a right to live life.  Another thing,  Roe vs Wade never did allow abortion past the first trimester; activists judges seems to have missed that limitation. 

Also it provided for abortion for the safety of the mother’s health.  Her “health” could be a matter of the distress the mother was enduring! 

Many states will limit the “health” of the mother to a matter of life or death.  Which it should be.  I, nor any other taxpayer, should have to pay for abortion for a girl who was on a drunken binge!  Nor for a woman who has her hands full of kids already and can’t really afford another one.  Preplanning will help that; it is not another form of birth control.

Number 2. MAGA Conservatives (as opposed to normal Conservatives who can be bribed into voting with the Democrats), heed this alarming warning!  We must get a military-minded man/woman to make our next plans for an insurrection!  It was stupid to try to overthrow Congress/the USA without weapons.  What a farce!  Insurrection without weapons—let me be more factual.  There was bugspray—let me be more factual—it was bearspray.  FBI said there were no firearms, but personally I am certain there were women there with tweezers in their purses.  And the FBI did search the home of one vicious criminal about ten days later and found a handgun and a round of ammo.  President Trump should have told that man to bring his gun to the Capitol for January 6 “Insurrection Day” – grumble, grumble – we just have to get Pres. Trump back.  I’m sure he can stage a better insurrection second time around.  And for goodness sake, don’t ask Nancy or the Police to call out the National Guard. 

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  1. Darn dangerous are those tweezers, Oneta! Never point them at anyone. LOL
    Good post. 😉

  2. C.A. Post says:

    Sarcasm fits you well sometimes, dear lady. 😉

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