Jesus scolded the Pharisees and Sadducees because they asked for a sign (Matthew 16:1), then he immediately indicated they should be able to interpret the signs of the times.

Many of us see Israel as the focal sign by which we can predict that the Lord is coming soon. Political changes under the Trump administration were fulfillment of prophesy that will bring us closer to seeing the return of Jesus. I have chosen to discuss signs as shown by the church for this series, rather than go further into political signs.

The state of the church also points to Jesus’ return. We know that God sometimes moves or doesn’t move based on the prayers of the church. Most well-known is 2 Chron. 7:14, “…if my people…” Also lots of incidents of God “changing his plans” because of repentance of people. Perhaps I should say God changes the timing of his plans as he did regarding the destruction of Nineveh.

The church is charged with setting mores. I suggest much of today’s cultural problems are caused by compromises made by Christian people.

Matthew 16:19 (church binding and loosing) is important in determining end time events. The compromising church is responsible for many slackened social mores and taboos. For example, at one time the church as a whole rejected the use of tobacco. About the time it became “okay” with the church, it was met with disapproval by science. First the church was against homosexual activity; then science discovered many diseases as a side effect. We see the change coming about now in manner of nudity/immodesty, legalizing marijuana, same sex marriage, abortion. All the disfunction regarding gender is something that was not even imagined in former times. What is the church doing about that? Gambling and drinking alcohol are rampant in the Christian community. Given time the social taboos of the church have, or are being, proven true. However, the last few decades have led to much compromise among churches and the world.

Ist Tim 4:1 says that in the latter times people will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits. Wouldn’t a seducing spirit be one that would lure one to compromise? A definition of “seduce” is to lead or draw away, as from principles, faith, or allegiance. A seducing spirit would say what difference does one little change make? In time, we find out. It is said that what one generation tolerates, the next accepts as the norm. As our principles collapse, the seduction has won.


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  1. Tangie says:

    Agree “I suggest much of today’s cultural problems are caused by compromises made by Christian people.”

  2. Oh, I like how you said, “Given time the social taboos of the church have, or are being, proven true.”

    • oneta hayes says:

      All God’s laws and instructions have had as their basic foundation the health and welfare of human beings. God is not capricious! And the church is an instrument of teaching for God’s people. True prophets give warnings ahead of time, they are not just for cleaning up leftovers! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Steve Chuku Ibeawuchi says:

    I am very thankful for the profound wisdom and writings of this awesome Mom and Sister in the Lord. I connect with you you through our mutual blogging experiences, receive her beautiful short stories and inspirational thoughts daily, for the past 3 years. I pray the Lord continues to bless, guide and strengthen you as you pray for and support all of us weary pilgrims. Thank you!!!

    • oneta hayes says:

      I thank you very much for your kind words. May the Lord use you as a soul winner in your country. I visited your blog and found that you do not write much. Perhaps you are most especially used to encourage people like me to keep writing. We’ll meet someday at Jesus’ feet. What a mighty victory that will be.

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