Linda G. Hill’s prompt for today, Saturday November 12, is “cel” leading me quickly to four words: cell, cellar, celery and celebrate. This book “Cooking for Two” is close at hand so I checked to see what kind of recipe might be desired in 1917.

Yes, there is one. Page 170. Listen up, Cooks, you might want to try this.

I could deal with it up to the “Dip the toast in boiling, salted water, set on plates, Ugh! It does go on to say add some butter. That’s better, at least if you use better butter. 😀

I’m not very windy with this SoCS, but quitting for this time because I want to come back to this book later.

It is still Saturday, late enough to go to bed, early enough to get eight hours sleep. Still you can be pert and eager for Sunday morning worship with our Lord, hopefully in a Bible believing, sin hating, victory promoting, holiness living, soul loving, devil kicking, disciple making, community church someplace.

Smiling at you.


Thanks, Linda, for the prompt. It was fun. I’ll have time to read some other submissions before laying down my head for nite-nite. :

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2 Responses to COOKING FOR TWO

  1. C.A. Post says:

    Yeah, I definitely want to attend THAT church! And First Alliance Church in Lex comes pretty close.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    • oneta hayes says:

      You are a fortunate man. Of course, you are going to that church because you sought it out, likely. Chances are not all that great to walk into a church and find those goals being carried out. But you will probably find some members of God’s Bride in most. Might be just one and she is taking care of the nursery. 😀

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