Today I’m taking a second look at my “Cooking for Two” book. The girls pictured above are my mom, Amy, and her sister, Gladys. They would have been about fifteen and sixteen. Therefore, I guess this book was written for their age group – to help them understand how important is was that they learn the basic fundamentals of cooking.

Even I, with all my old fashioned ways, laugh. But I must say this author hit the bull’s eye when she says (line 7) “your motive power has gone.”

I remember when my mother started off with breakfast generally with red meat, eggs, gravy, and biscuits. Daddy and helper(s) would eat and go to the field. Mom often put the beans on while I was assigned to wash dishes. Then she would sweep and clean up whatever had to be done. Cook lunch. Take it to the field. She ended the day with another cooked mean. Yes, three cooked per day. We called the last mean “supper,” better know as dinner by those under sixty or so.

Funny that I don’t remember ever having sandwiches for a meal. Mayonnaise came along. That I remember. Mayo spread on bread. Nothing else needed. I remember eating this when I got home from school. Loved it. Then I learned to put a garden tomato on it. Umm, umm, good.

I just walked through the den where my husband has the TV on. The heading I read was “Gender Studies.” I’m pretty sure that was some university; I’m also pretty sure the goal of that class was to warn students not to conform to traditional gender roles. As if our children were hurt worse in 1917 by books like “Cooking for Two.”

As I have said before, “I am among those who set this dysfunctional gender role stuff in high gear.
I was the civilian side of Rosie the Riveter.” What do they say about what one generation tolerates, the next does what?

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7 Responses to COOKING FOR TWO, 2nd look

  1. Being useful while fulfilling a purpose, what a novel idea. 😉

  2. C.A. Post says:

    RED MEAT for breakfast!? Well, in view of this meme I just saw on another blog atop a picture of beef steak, maybe that wasn’t so bad: “This cow was polluting the air with too many farts, so I ate him. You are welcome.” 😂

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