I’m breaking from Bloganuary today,

with a cut and paste from a FaceBook status three years ago.

I might have blogged it then also. I don’t remember.

But it is still true even if the Political parties have changed.

Today is another beginning. The Dems are taking control in the House. Now we have a chance at a new day – a day when the rich take care of the poor in health, education, housing, phone, reproductive control, and surely not far from transportation, and surely one must have utilities. And this, not just for citizens but also for anyone who can set a foot on America’s soil.

This is going to be done by taking it from the rich (other words – those who have jobs).

All this because America is moral. America loves. America is compassionate. America is doing what Jesus would do. It’s in the Constitution.

Hold on. I am an American. I am moral, loving, compassionate, and try to follow what Jesus would do. (I gave to some travelers who stopped by my church last Sunday. Others there did also.) What Jesus did was teach people to give to the needy. He did not tell the government to do it. There is nothing in his teachings that give that responsibility to government. He accepted the realization that “the poor would always be with us” which sounds an awfully lot like the government (nor any other body) would be able to keep people from being poor – unless they used the talents he gave them to increase in their wealth. (Another lesson, but based on the parable of the talents.)

So much for those of you who try to get your way by screaming Bible at me when it suits your fancy.

Now how about the Constitution? Three inalienable rights – Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. There is nothing there that says I should be responsible for my neighbor’s happiness (his comfort, his pleasure, his cokes and beer, even his warmth and health). I am to be responsible for allowing him to try to be happy. Even in the face of his disdain for me if I tell him he won’t find it in drugs, sex, and liquor – nor ball games, boats, and crochet.

So for you Democratic Socialists who present your loving faces and are going to make everybody well, smart, comfortable, and happy, I have this question? Just what is the average John and Jane’s responsibility in your world? (And I remind you most of you are average John and Janes.)

I can tell you what it will be under the leadership of a Democratic Socialist. After he has used up everybody else’s money, his responsibility is no longer to take care of himself, he has to work to take care of his neighbor. That won’t last long. Then he only works when and if and in doing whatever in order to provide for the ruling class who has bought the power to force him to do so.

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  1. granonine says:

    Wonderful post, Oneta. Truth.

  2. Wow, girl you really spoke that out well. I agree with much of it, but don’t always open my mouth.
    I am glad to find your blog again. I used to see you in WP but lost touch.
    On my old blog I was called ‘Rose Red’ but I’ve been on the present one for about 5 years.
    You read a lot and encouraged me, so I am happy for the opportunity to thank you. Happy New Year!

  3. Great post Oneta….spot on. I always tell people it says the “pursuit of happiness” It does not guarantee you happiness…just the right to pursue it.

    • oneta hayes says:

      We have a big job to show people that happiness/joy will never be an all-the-time characteristic without it coming from the Lord. That is not even promised the God, himself. But we can keep asking God to give us someone in passing today, whose spirits can be lifted by an encounter with Him, and I love to be the conduit. Right?

  4. hatrack4 says:

    I loved it, or at least I agreed. Not much to love with what is going on. And old posts are eerie things. Sometimes they are truer to life when you read them again a few years later.

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