Wild animal is the theme assigned by Linda G. Hill for SoCS. I love it. I will tell you, or refresh your memory of an animal God even points out as a major wild animal! The Leviathan! God says “nothing is its equal, an creature without fear.” (Job 41:33)

The Leviathan is a sea serpent of sorts, often held up as a fearsome monster in myths and in legends. Perhaps mothers-of-old would say, “You had better be good or the Leviathan might come.” Bad Mama. The threat has been watered down to “You had better be good or Santa Clause won’t come.” Well, Santa Clause is make-believe but how about the leviathan? Was/is it a real animal created by God, just as the whale, guppy, and puffer fish were?

In Isaiah 27, God says he will slay leviathan. I believe he is using the leviathan as a metaphor in this example. The root of the word refers to winding and twisting. I think it means the evil that has come against Israel causing frustration and doubt.

Personally I believe the leviathan was an actual God-created sea monster. I base that largely on the diatribe (or rant, as we bloggers like to say) God is giving to Job in which every other animal there has a history in truth – Bible and science. Also the entire chapter give details about the body in concrete words.

If God is going to teach me a lesson, I believe he will do it in a way I understand – a way that I cannot push away as just symbolic. On the other hand, he might just teach me via the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg, but I think He prefers Bible stories for those who read the Bible enough to know Bible stories.


My contribution to SoCS a blogger’s prompt hosted by Linda A. Hill.

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3 Responses to THE LEVIATHAN

  1. Debbie L says:

    Oh how I love this!!! Excellent blog post. I can’t wait to go visit the Ark Encounter in Kentucky! I am sure they will address this, too! My grandsons got to go with their church group over Christmas and loved it. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law visited it after other relatives highly recommended it.

  2. granonine says:

    Agreed, Oneta. Leviathan was real. Does it still exist? Don’t know. Don’t care to find out 🙂

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