Stream of Consciousness Saturday word prompt is “antic,” any form of the word, or any word with containing “antic.”  This event is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

     Antic would open a world of words, if a writer chooses to use “anti” as a prefix.  One could be anti-guns or be anti-gun control.  One could be anti-meat or anti-veggies.  One, like myself, needs to take an anti-coagulant. 

      That, however, is probably not the way the prompt was intended.  So let’s go back to antic as a complete word.  There are many people who love to pull antics on friends.  Just joking enough to be funny; not to damage or humiliate.  They are just fun tricksters, as in fun anticsters.  Now that might be going too far.

       If you are adverse to playing antics on someone, I guess you would be an antiphobe.  If you loved a study of stunts, tricks, and antics, you must study antic- phobology.  Don’t waste you time looking for that word. I don’t think you will find it! 😀

I should have written this yesterday, April 1, 2023 – April Fools Day


My editor (or browser) will not let me start with a picture, at least I haven’t discovered some new antic, WP is pulling on me. WP Happiness Engineers say they have nothing to do with my problem because it is my browser that is the problem.

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  1. granonine says:

    I think there are Word Press elves doing antics in their programming.

  2. hatrack4 says:

    There are phobias for everything these days. I think I am phobe phobic.

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