Stream of Consciousness Saturday, Linda G. Hill suggests we use any word that begins “mono.”   Monopoly?  Monogamous?  No, I am going with a word I recognize in reading,  It is fairly common, but I don’t think I use it in my daily kind of writing or speech at all.  That word is monolith.

So here goes about what I know about “monolith.”  It means something huge.  Immediately I think of the Rock of Gibraltar, and Stone  Hedge.  The Rock of Gibraltar is not man-made; is Stone Hedge?  I think so.  Some great mystery regarding the why and when of that monolith.

I going to come back to where I might know a little bit of something.  Would you call The Grand Canyon a monolith?  Another question, can monolith be used as an adjective?  If you can, I guess the Grand Canyon is a monolith hole. 🙂  (It can’t keep reading to the bottom.)

I grew up in SE Colorado plains.  I was probably about ten years old when I first went to the Garden of the Gods.  There were monoliths there.  As one crosses over the Divide, into upper plateaus, he will see many stone monoliths.  Some appear to be ready to topple over; but no, they just stay and let the weather do it’s work.  Some say it has taken a trillion years, or so, for them to look like they do.  I say “No, they were very much like that when God created them, along with the little sea animals that have fossilized inside them.”  Oops, there my mind begins to be boggled by this monolith thought!  Oh, I checked.  The word is only a noun; the adjective is “monolithic.”  So change that to my “monolithic thought.”


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