I knew him; I loved him  He first came to me via of a marriage.  We celebrated his third birthday with him.

That was a few months after I first saw him.  His mother rented a room from us.  I thought his dad was in prison; I don’t know.  My son and his mother fell in love and married so he was mine for a few months until divorce separated us.

He was really “catalogue” cute when he wore his blue pants, checked shirt, red vest, and bow tie.  I would say:  “You are going to be a man of God someday.”

He loved SS classes.  And he would say thanks/grace in thanks to the Lord for our meals.

But as I said, divorce separated us.  A few times after that, his mother let him visit us.  How sad when I said, “Matt, want to pray for us?”  “Not anymore,” he said, “not any more.”

A little story from those days.  We were on the road.  Little boys got by with standing on the floor of the car in those days.  He stood behind me, leaned over my shoulder and said, “Want to talk about flowers?”  How funny!  How much insight that the little fellow would think of something a grown woman might want to talk about!

My sister remembers Matt sitting on the piano stool with her; he told her “I married Roger.”  It was during those days, that Matt’s handprint plaque was made.  Some teacher someplace will get a reward for that activity.  🙂  She would probably be shocked to know how much it has meant to me—and Matt.

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1 Response to YOU’LL BE A MAN OF GOD SOME DAY, part one

  1. Debbie L says:

    I missed this one. I’m going to start telling/writing my grandsons this! One day I KNOW they will become men of God!!! 🙏✝️⚓️

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