I’ll call him Ben; that seems like a fine name.  Ben’s walk was brisk but somewhat awkward, as he entered the doctor’s waiting room.  He had a disabled right arm.  “At the time his mother was carrying him, I bet she had a lot of warnings against giving him birth,” I said to my son who was waiting with me.  “I’ll bet he is glad she didn’t follow that advice.”

Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, who or what gives you the idea that you should make it possible or easier for a mother to abort a child who shows “lack of perfection” before birth.  You are Republicans whose stand is generally anti-abortion.  You are Americans whose Constitution give a right to life to every life.  Perhaps you believe a baby is not life if it is not born yet?  (Collins is known as a Supporter of the Disabled)

Back to Ben with the disabled arm, do you, Susan or Lisa, believe your able arms give you any better brain?  Do you believe you are any more apt to find a cure for cancer than he?  Do you believe your offspring have more right to life than his?  Do you believe yours are happier than Ben’s?

Happy?  Now what does that have to do with it.  I grant you that Ben would probably be happy if his arm were whole and strong.  My right arm has been hurting me badly; sometimes I have to use my left hand to move my right arm.  I would be happier if it were whole and strong.


I read online this morning that a mother of seven had been denied a kidney transplant because  she would not take the Covid shot.  That’s another mourn on this Monday morn.  Murkowski supports Covid shots for children as young as six months.  Collins is a Covid vaccine supporter also.


I wonder how many people are denied transplants because they are too old. I admit to believing age should be a consideration.  The mother of seven certainly needs a kidney transplant worse than I need it!

Why does my rambling thoughts always end up with more questions than answers?  Even more questions than I started out with!




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  1. Debbie L says:

    Heart wrenching…..
    Dear Lord, PLEASE have mercy and make a way for this mother to survive! In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

  2. John Holton says:

    The Covid “vaccines” and “booster shots” are the biggest hoax perpetrated on the people. For them to deny her a tranplant for refusing to get one is malpractice.

    I’m disgusted with Collins and Murkowski…

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