My SoCS post Saturday was on a topic prompt by Linda G. Hill, a childhood song.  My response was basically about nursery rhymes and other secular types of songs.

However, the songs that really fed into my life were adult church songs as well as SS songs from the generation of my sons.  One of those I want to share today.

It was a song being sung in my little church of perhaps 70/80 people.  There was a children’s choir who came from their SS classes, walked to the stage, and sang an opening song.

Sometime in the early sixties, they were singing.  Carl was tallest and probably the eldest of the group.  His tender heart was touched as he sang:

He showed me his hands that were marred for my sinning; He showed me his feet that were nailed to a tree.  I then saw his brow and his sides deeply wounded.  And now I love Jesus and Jesus loves me.

I felt awesome anointing and satisfaction when about ten years later, he said he was called to preach.  He was already into capable and anointed singing which he has continued the last fifty years or so.  He used that talent well during years of hospice ministry.  He uses it now.  I  got a call from him a couple hours ago.  Coming up to sing for his mom.  She doesn’t even give tips.  I mean no money tips.  😀

I will never forget the morning I saw the hand of God land on him.


SoCS, Linda G. Hill


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2 Responses to THE CALL

  1. says:

    Precious story.

  2. granonine says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this. My oldest son has a wonderful voice, and loves to use it for the Lord. Makes a mother proud 🙂

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