Fifty-seven percent of high schoolers believe there are two genders.  When this headline drifted by on TV the other day, I remarked that that would mean 43% believe in more, less, or mixed up something.  I didn’t believe it.  And I still have strong doubts.  But I am tending to believe that there are that many adults who for some reason want to promote that as truth.

Why?  I guess the old axiom might be true.  Just follow the money.

Puberty is a rough time for many, maybe even most, children.  Nobody understands me;  I’m ugly; I’m too tired.  (Sounds like me at eighty-nine.  :D)

In steps Mr/Ms/Mrs Merchandiser.  Let’s do uni-sex garbs which will be purchased by both genders, and, while we at it, let’s go for a third gender.  Keep this open for discussion. Mr. Merchandiser needs to appoint a committee to see what we might do for diverse groups, like ethnic, maybe,

Right in step, are the Pharmaceuticals.  A good time to get girls started on birth control.  Those months bloating and menstrual pains can get them hooked.  Ah, Planned Parenthood can claim some support there.  Good money source.  We can sell the boys on steroids to help build those muscles faster.

Let’s not forget the media.  The weirder the headlines, the more the readers/listeners.

Social media.  Off the wall comedians.  Devils in  business suits.  Devils in rags.

There are even some who want to hit bottom so they will have a great testimony of a victorious comeback.  Mentors who drag their evil days along with them.

Then sad to say, I’ll add to this “follow the money” list, the category of parents.  Yes, parents who believe making more money will help them raise happier children!  Who show their love by bringing home a different kind of icy, cookie, or a energy giving thirst buster.  And an appointment with a doctor who might look into whether the child is gender diverse.  Maybe that is the problem.

Top it all off with new hand held cells with their never ending game supply.

Add to all that a education system that quits giving opportunity for academic awards.  Even to universities who don’t give scholarships based academic success.  I sure don’t know who pays for that kind of garbage except of course, the federal government.  The kind of government run by those who want to pay off student debt!  Just come on in and kill a year or two of your life.  We’ll settle the debt for you!

Oh, my, I do mourn this Monday Morn.





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11 Responses to MONDAY MOURN, MAY 8, 2023

  1. granonine says:

    In the 1960s, Nikita Kruschev claimed that America would eventually fall into the hands of Communism “like a ripe plum. We will bury you!” he shouted.

    Back then, in our security and ignorance, we began to allow certain policies to become a permanent fixture in our country that seemed good at the time–helping people rise out of poverty and hunger. And students in teacher’s colleges were being told that they would be the change agents that would bring down capitalism, and today we see teenagers holding signs claiming that capitalism is the disease, but socialism is the cure. Secular humanism was offered as a better way than old-fashioned biblicism–man can rise to godhood on his own strength. Evolution, a system that does not need a Creator, began to be taught as fact rather than theory, even though Darwin himself warned against taking his theory and making it fact.

    There is so much more, and it has seeped into our thinking a drop at a time.

  2. Katherine says:

    We live in a democratic society, Oneta. Everyone has the ability to be and believe in whatever they desire. The truth is, our journeys may be diverse, who knows how people who go through these experiences might benefit others in remarkable ways.

    I’ll leave you with a quote of Dale Carnegie:

    “Even God doesn’t propose to judge a man till his last days, why should you and I?”

    P.S. You look great! ❤

    • oneta hayes says:

      Katherine, I don’t know how you find me judging victims. I was and am judging a value system that allows power against the hurting. We “judge” every day and should do so. Do you think I should not judge the company my grand children run with? If I don’t, do their parents? Don’t I judge a bank based on the compliance and attitude of the tellers? Didn’t I judge a group of children every day I taught school? Don’t I want a teacher who judges the needs of my child? Or does she need to just follow the agenda? Doesn’t matter whether the child is learning or not. I even judge the butcher who cuts my meat. An earlier post about judging

      • Katherine says:

        I’m sorry, Oneta, I didn’t intend to point any fingers (mainly because 3 others will get right back at me😂). I was just treating the whole situation from the outside and was enjoying your post. Thanks!

        • oneta hayes says:

          Really my turn to say I’m sorry. I am sure we are in agreement that we are not to judge the eternal destiny of anybody. I over react to some in my community who tolerate anything under the guise of not judging. Thanks for your browsing in my blog and for the many likes you leave to me.

          • Katherine says:

            That’s fine, I agree. I also think we’re in agreement.
            I know what it means to be judged, and while I haven’t been in that specific situation I can see how it affects others, maybe this is why I’m more compassionate.
            All I wanted to do was share some love 💕. I like following your blog and interacting, it’s a pleasure.

  3. The parenting part has made the public ‘ripe’ for trendy consumerism… even the sales of ideas.
    Current parents come from the aptly named “Me” generations. The parents (in general) want what’s best for themselves most in the form of attention, comfort, and status. Add to that the number of single-parent households and there are NO obstacles to the exercise of “what’s good for ME”. At least married couples have a ‘buffer’ from considering each other’s desires.
    There’s a medical/mental health malady known as Munchhausen Syndrome. It’s the mimicking of illness for attention. I have NO doubt that the (primarily) mothers promoting their children as transgender are getting a ‘rush’ of importance from it. It’s the most ubiquitous form of Munchhausen Syndrome today.

    • oneta hayes says:

      So true. You are quite right in the connection of Munchhausen and the kick some get out of making themselves noticed, seldom as heroes, often an victims.

  4. John Holton says:

    These are times when I think the world has gone mad and I want to escape to the past, or stay in my house away from all the crazy. Where have all the normal folks gone?

    • oneta hayes says:

      You must be watching what is going on “out there.” Problem is troublesome because “out there” keeps shrinking and getting closer to home all the time.

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