Leviticus 5:1 New International Version ‘If anyone sins because they do not speak up when they hear a public charge to testify regarding something they have seen or learned about, they will be held responsible. “

This is the way I explain that verse to a child.
 This is an important verse.  Think about it.  For instance, if your teacher is getting after some one you don’t like and you know he is not guilty, do you speak up for him the same as if he were your friend?  If we know the truth but don’t tell it, it may be the same as a lie.

In my naivety, I  think of honor among cadets at places like West Point.  All those rookies who sign pledge cards with never a thought of cheating by themselves or their other brothers and sisters.  All together.  In Unity We Stand.  One for All and All for One.  I find that that is historically true.

But consider this google entry.

Apr 19, 2022More than 60 colleges and U.S. military academies have honor systems. Dropping or modifying college honor codes has become more common in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Critics say honor systems are often unfairly applied to marginalized students.

What on earth does Covid19 pandemic have to do with ethics?  Why can we not expect “marginalized” students to be honest and anyone else.  This kind of racism is so maddening to me!!!  Don’t give me baloney about their “marginalized” PC not being based on race.

If I were a minority race, I’d be higher than a cat’s back.  You don’t think I can raise my child to be honest!

Oh, well, back to the whistleblower.  I’m quite grateful for men and women who, upon observing abhorrent behavior have the political will to take a stand for truth.

I have seen commentaries on this verse relating it to perjury.  I’m sure it would apply in that way.  I do not think the timing should be staged to suit Washington’s (DC) political administration, nor Alvin Bragg’s big “gotcha” moment with E. Jean Carrol charge.  I am highly suspicious of the women who become so insulted after twenty years or so.  Sounds like blackmail or bribery.  Not WHISTLEBLOWING.

According to some versions of the scripture above, the “whistle blower” who is dishonest, has to suffer the same penalty as the one against whom he witnesses.  We need more of that.



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  1. granonine says:

    And mat God protect that whistleblower from political pushback.

  2. Katherine says:

    Inspiring post, Oneta! 🌼

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