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It may not be the goal, but the effect of CRT teaching is to encourage children to see themselves as victims or oppressors based on their skin color.  That’s wrong in any form.

  1. From news today.  http://Rep. Cori Bush introduces resolution on reparations for Black Americans …
  2. A few days ago I saw the black lady who was sitting in Target (I think) waiting for someone to give her money from her “reparations” so she could pay.
  3. Someone estimates Newsom’s plan in California would allow 1.2 million per person for slavery reparations.
  4. But for that much money, let me take count. I’ve got some.  Can I count friends, if I can find a black, or other, who will claim me!

Such garbage.  Such insincerity.  Such insanity.

Now bring forward somebody’s Aunt Beatrice who was a slave, I’m sure most citizens would like to give her some unpaid wages.

Meanwhile, leave my kiddies alone.  They will play with whom they choose and they will pay no attention to skin color until they are maybe five or six.  Then it won’t matter if some “woke” intruder has not made it a matter.

Reminds me of a little story to share.  We have a new youth pastor in our church; his family is “mixed.”  As I was introducing myself to his son, I took note of the fact he was really looking me over.  I thought it was sort of strange that I got that much attention, but I decided it was because of my age.  As I went on into the sanctuary, it dawned on me that I was getting the “eye” not because of color or age, but because of this plastic oxygen cord hanging out my nose!

For examples of how common sense has departed from this “woke” educational interference see https://defendourkids.org/examples-of-crt/

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  1. atimetoshare.me says:

    I don’t recognize our country anymore. It certainly has changed in our lifetime. Not for the better I’m sure😒

  2. granonine says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Oneta.

  3. Lakshmi Bhat says:

    A sad state of affairs that is happening everywhere.

  4. John Holton says:

    A lot of this garbage would stop if they’d close down the Department of Education, which has been repeatedly promised and for some reason never quite happens.

  5. Absolutely spot on!
    My son had a stint in a special needs class in 3rd grade. The teachers tried to tell me he was deliberately cruel to a special needs child because he shouted at him. My son had a week before asked me for his allowance so he could buy a classmate a new rubber duck for biting on if he had a seizure. The boy had bitten the old one in half. My son did not shout at that child because the child had special needs… I told the teachers it was because that kid was being a JERK. Then I asked, “People with special needs can be jerks too, can’t they?”

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