Let’s stop by the Baked Pot Kiosk for the latest food on a stick.  The baked potato!  How many foods can you name that come on a stick.  Corned dog, pickle, ice cream, cotton candy, k-bobs, breakfast pops.  That’s the end of my food on a stick experiences.

What a surprise! I just hopped online.  Not supposed to do that with stream of consciousness.  My curiosity was just too strong.  And I found out there is just such a place.  At Stick It Concessions, Ohio,  one can buy a tornado potato.  It has a lot of fancy and fun names – Spiral Spuds and Twisted Taters.

My brain is sufficient to make me a millionaire but I wasn’t born soon enough!


Thanks to Linda for hosting this fun weekend challenge.  Just take the idea “stick” and run with it.  Find more fun at


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5 Responses to SOCS, 5/20/23 TWISTED TATER

  1. Kim Smyth says:

    And isn’t that a shame! I find myself saying that all the time. I wish I’d have been the one to think of eyelets for shoelaces! Oh well, it wasn’t in the grand plan, right?

  2. ghostmmnc says:

    That’s one I didn’t think of – food on a stick! You’re right, there are all kinds. 🙂

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