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I have a reasonable supply of first aid on hand in case of emergency.  If a couple kids fall out of tree and scratch their knees, no problem.  If twenty kids fall out at the same time, I’m probably going … Continue reading

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Feasting on Ps. 32:1-2 “blessed is the man whose sin the Lord does not count against him” No, not against me, because they were already counted against Jesus. Amazing! Can you imagine people who insist on carrying their own sins … Continue reading

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Ten to twenty times a day We are to wash the germs away. Twenty seconds for each time You take your turn, I take mine. How many minutes does your water run? We’ve used a lot before we’re done. I … Continue reading

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In Leviticus 20, God’s judgement is made plain for both “the man who offers his child” and “the man who looks on and does nothing.”  I am a “man” (woman) who looks on.  I am raising my voice against the … Continue reading

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I was being baited in a chat room by a fraud claiming to be Linda, my cousin!  “Fraud Linda” came on with how excited she was about the good news from CEO Mort Zuckerman, setting me up for the big … Continue reading

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CHECK THIS #6, Blogger Referral

I want to bring your attention a blogger, waynemali, who blesses me with his poetry based on  Bible scripture.  I don’t know whether or not he visits me because he doesn’t leave tracks for me.  I often recognize the icons … Continue reading

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Just making my way through the one-way aisle by my dining room table and thinking, “I declare if I didn’t know this was my house, I would think an old woman lives here!” Smile, my friends, while I pick up … Continue reading

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A MOTTO FOR TEACHERS—Sunday teachers and week-day teachers, from Thes. 5:14 “warn those who are idle (KJ unruly), encourage the timid, help the weak, be patient with everyone. Be sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try … Continue reading

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  AMAZING THOUGHTS ON “GREEN” Ireland. Big bucks. A newby (like being naïve) A greenhorn mechanic Not ripe What grass is not during a drought My refrigerator left overs A Herbalife color Color of a peacock feather Being green with … Continue reading

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What’s this?  No designation for male or female on birth certificate!  Outrageous!  Call any grandmother near the hospital for consultation.  They can likely help.  Maybe even put one on staff.  Beef up their social security pay. If we can’t trust … Continue reading

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