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I’ve been fighting back with all four feet in a manner of speaking. But it came right on into my dwelling place. I haven’t been terribly, painfully, sick but it takes all I can do to get any kind of … Continue reading

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        In these days of Covid, one is not allowed to feel puny!  And I fell for it.  Okay, I’ll back up a bit.         Last week I began to feel bad, slept a lot, and took a lot of … Continue reading

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I looked online to see if there were any cautions against people prone to blood-clotting (taking blood thinner) taking the covid19 vaccine. No problem at all! How about side effects on pregnant women? No problem at all! If either of … Continue reading

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ODE (or something) TO DR. FAUCI

On the ground and in the air Dr. Fauci’s everywhere. He shuns busses, chooses limos or planes. People seek his latest science for their pains.      He’s has proven to be right      Often enough to stay in the fight. … Continue reading

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OCCUPY – even with Covid

So we are mostly still locked down. Moods range from miserable to desperately miserable. What few smiles are left are hidden by masks. Are we suffering a plague from God? Is Jesus about to come rescue us? Or, do we … Continue reading

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JERRY THE GIRAFFE, a Covid statistic?

There was a young giraffe named Jerry Who raced through the woods in a hurry Lions and tigers, Puma and cougars Lost sight of him in the scurry. He felt pain in his knees, But spied long-legged trees. So there … Continue reading

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You don’t trust the vaccine because it was done so “speedily?” Others have taken years? Yes, Pres. Trump put that on front burner, the budget was sky high, the pressure for competition between pharmaceuticals – and nations – tremendous. The … Continue reading

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“George, you need to think about retirement,” the boss suggested yesterday. Not George! Here George gets twenty peaceful minutes before clocking in. A time to sit in the early sun; a time to look at the newspaper; a time to … Continue reading

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I can’t center my image at top. I looked up “how to” in WP and they tell me the instructions are for classic editor. What? I know how in classic editor. This problem I can await email response so I’m … Continue reading

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JUST IMAGINE A PICTURE OF ME, I CAN’T FIND HOW!!! MAKE IT SMILING. AND YOUNG. New York Times in March: Covid deaths might run from 200,000 to 1.7 million. The count today is a bit below 211,000. That is quite … Continue reading

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