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Three things occurred yesterday which give me an urgency about this post today. An earworm of a song “You Never Mentioned Him to Me” A conversation with a friend whose grandson was killed in a car race An article from … Continue reading

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“NOT ALL RESCUES LOOK ALIKE” 2 Samuel 22:17 & 20b “He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters….he rescued me because he delighted in me.” Pondering this scripture, my internal … Continue reading

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Remember my closing line from yesterday?  This is it: “I have to ask the Lord for something marvelous next time.” Well I have it!  Brought about my the fact that I attended the funeral of a dear Christian man.  That … Continue reading

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I was wakened at 1:15 and became aware of a gaseous odor. I got up to check it out and found a kitchen stove gas knob on. That was a lot of gas that filled the house from the stove … Continue reading

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Time is near for you to go. Go in victory, as  you have taught. You have climbed the mountains high, And you’ve enjoyed the valleys low. You have won the battles fought, Taught your kids to reach the sky, To … Continue reading

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“Ah-ha,” thought the devil, “I now have a plan! It will guarantee me the life of every  man. This Jesus.  Ha!  He plans to be  King. Well I know what to do that changes everything.” So he set about his … Continue reading

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SWEET HAND SAYS GOOD-BYE WHEN PAPA LEAVES ON HIS TRIP GOING TO HEAVEN. ******************* Picture of my niece and her papa, my brother-in-law, as she is giving him love knowing he would soon be on his way. ******************* Discover prompt:  … Continue reading

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Don’t be alarmed.  This is a dream. I stood up from the bed.  Got swoozy.  Staggered a bit, then fell.  Sammy is on the bed reaching over and looking for me in boxes at the bedside.  I must have been … Continue reading

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“Let’s do it!”  Sandy and Hank agreed. “An ice-skating honeymoon.” So the wedding  was on Valentine’s Day – fifty years ago. They first met at a skating rink when Hank helped Sandy after a fall.  She had twisted her ankle.  … Continue reading

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A conversation in Caterpillar Lane – Harry:  “Hey, Fuzzy, I haven’t  seen Leggus lately, have you?” Fuzzy:  “Last I saw him, he had crawled into a pine bark and dried up.  At least he sure looked dead.” Harry:  “That’s bad.  … Continue reading

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