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Alive Forevermore!

Your future is bright. Jesus is no longer there. As He is, so you can be – Alive forever more! ******************* Joining you all, dear friends, in thanks to Jesus, our hope of glory, our present and future life eternal … Continue reading

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Forever’s Tomorrows

Gentle peace bids come Sound of breeze rustles through trees slight motion of leaves.   There we are welcomed To Forever’s Tomorrows Fears and tears are gone. ************* Ronovan’s challenge: Haiku using “sound” and “motion” ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-244-soundmotion/ Image:  Pixabay    

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Today’s prompt is:  What is the one thing in life you want to finish before you die? *************** “Do you want us to do everything we can to keep you alive – including CPR?” asked the EMT as I was placed … Continue reading

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My baby sister, Karen: My heart was broken when Daddy spanked you.  You had thrown your baby doll in the floor and he told you to pick it up.  You became very stubborn and wouldn’t do it.  He spanked you … Continue reading

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“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.”  Psalm 116:15 (Picture 1- Imogene with Vicky:  Picture 2: Imogene with her husband, Herman) How can God call death “precious?”   How can we say, “Amen” or “Even so, … Continue reading

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Airliner down, 385 people drowned! If I were one who drowned at sea Would anybody think of me? I have no medals to show my worth. Nothing left of value to this earth. No one to sit upon the shore … Continue reading

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This is the day of the threes.  Three years since Howard passed on and  three weeks since the doctor said I have about three months before joining him.  So I come to this bench where I sit for about three … Continue reading

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WHAT’S SPECIAL?  MY FIFTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY AFTER MY NEAR DEATH TRAUMA!* The following selection is from a FB status in July, 2013.  I had written it soon after coming home from Denver. Psalm 91 has been my “food of choice” … Continue reading

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For many years, George and Ida had talked about “crossing the bridge.”  George’s dad “crossed the bridge” eighteen years ago; his mom eight years later.  Friends were almost all over eighty and the time had come for them to cross … Continue reading

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AMY RODGERS VENTER (The following selection is from a post to Facebook, 2013) A few years ago, I started a speech off like this: Today I want to talk to you about my mom, Amy Rodgers Venter, and how her … Continue reading

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