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Great-grandmothers did not exist looking like this in my day, past or present.  😀  Did I say that right?  Great grandmother?  Yes, but she got a little boost, maybe three years by a grandson who came into her family from a … Continue reading

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I had two Aunt Delmas. One I have written about before. She was my daddy’s sister. When she passed, I was left as the oldest in our “blood” family. I did, however, have another Aunt Delma who was my aunt … Continue reading

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I’m sharing a project I have been working today. My history of the quilting efforts during my childhood, and into early marriage years, then they were no more. 😦 My church family did have quilting bees. The ladies would gather … Continue reading

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The following selection is from a Facebook status written by my nephew, Teral Crawford. Teral retired last month. How the years have flown by! Enjoy his memories of the kind of life my mom and dad provided. What’s on my … Continue reading

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“And though a tenth remains in the land, it will again be laid waste. But as the terebinth and oak leave stumps when they are cut down, so the holy seed will be the stump in the land.”  Isaiah 6:13 … Continue reading

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Come let us reason together, I say.  I am eighty-seven years old; Clyde was eighty-five.  Reason will tell you I knew him for all his days.  Longer than anyone here.  Right?  Of course. So I also knew the eighty-five year … Continue reading

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David is my late-thirties grandson who has made life an adventure. In the mix he has met some very nice girls but no one really KO’d him until Oriana. She won my heart quickly also. The marriage took place in … Continue reading

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It is time to put my mind to the Thanksgiving/Christmas family times.  Thanksgiving is November 25 and Christmas is December 25.  At least that is on the calendar for 2021.  Dr. Fauci may be cancelling but most of us have … Continue reading

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In 1982 when Sammy and I moved from Okla. City to Claremore, my heart had not quit being a primary school teacher. I left teaching first/second grade to teaching the reading lab in a junior high school. I carried a … Continue reading

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Sammy and I went to Ada, Ok. to visit with our son, Carl, and his family on Easter Sunday. The house they were living in has an interesting history. It is called the Barringer House built in 1907. They are … Continue reading

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