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So I was off to Seaschool at Grave’s End in London, right on the River Thames.  While I was there I had an attack of appendicitis. The appendix was gangrenous so I remained in the hospital for a couple of … Continue reading

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My name is Samuel Hayes—no middle name.  I was lucky to get two names being born in the 1920’s during the depression.  My parents were Thomas and Florence Hayes, lowly shop owners in Liverpool, England. My earliest memory was playing … Continue reading

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What’s been said about a sister? Cool, glamorous, smart, encouraging, stimulating, loving, witty, calm, patient, loyal, and inspiring. Sometimes you know that their sisters cannot be all that! Must be some exaggeratin’ goin’ on. Ain’t nobody got a sister like … Continue reading

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  “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”    ― Helen Keller ************* I am being hit by a result of CoVid19 in a way that makes me complain this morning.  … Continue reading

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After midnight.  My son, Carl, was not home.  He was over twenty so no problem except that I am a mom.  Sleep was hazy. Phone rings.  Sammy (Dad) answers because the phone is on his side of the bed.  Old … Continue reading

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  This is my third day without a post.  So I’m sitting here trying to think what to post. I’m considering confessing all my faults and failures, but after I tell you about both of them, I don’t know what … Continue reading

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(Given the current Bloomberg dust up, the following re-post seems timely.  With thanks and appreciation to my daddy/farmer.  In the picture are some of my daddy’s brothers. The near one on the right looks like daddy, but my daddy had … Continue reading

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Look!  Dan reads. Dan reads book. Look!  Kenlyn listens. Keni has thumb. Thumb in mouth. Look!  See Adalyn. Addy has hair. Addy is zonked. Look!  See Kenlyn. Keni is zonked. Where is thumb? Thumb gone bye-bye.  ************ Christmas memories from … Continue reading

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I did something that would make Santa envious!  It was the same thing for all eight of my great-grands, five to twelve years old.  A small storage/file box (not necessarily Christmas theme) in which I put the following items: hole … Continue reading

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“Come on in.  The baby is with Marta.  He is a delight!”  Mary joined the excitement of her family celebrating Marta’s new baby boy. “Look, he has ears like Marta’s.” “His tiny toes are like hers too.  See the little … Continue reading

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