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A LOOK BACK – JUNE 5, 2014

How much has changed? Nothing here. I still can get down, but I can’t get up. Actually I guess it is more difficult to get down – gracefully. 😀 I still fall with efficiency. From Facebook, June 5, 2014: Ok, … Continue reading

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OCCUPY – even with Covid

So we are mostly still locked down. Moods range from miserable to desperately miserable. What few smiles are left are hidden by masks. Are we suffering a plague from God? Is Jesus about to come rescue us? Or, do we … Continue reading

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Last night as I went to bed, I thought of places you had laid your head. I lie there in cozy comfort.  There must have been evenings when your tired body hurt. I imagined Martha as I would have been, … Continue reading

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  In the past I have espoused the idea that Peter, James, and John were Jesus’ inner circle among the disciples because they were present when Jesus had a need—such as to go heal someone—rather than that he just preferred … Continue reading

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Do you remember the slogan “When E.F. Hutton speaks, people listen?” It is amazing how much minutiae one’s brain can hold and still  overlook the basic stuff one needs to know!  Seems one should remember that when “God speaks, people need to … Continue reading

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Is it beginning to be old hat  My constant harping. – that You can be a friend of God. Don’t you think that it is odd  People turn down such an offer Choosing rather to be a scoffer!  The Bible … Continue reading

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