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Most of you were with me on a study of Habakkuk last year. I will not repeat them at this time; however, I did want to insert this Book here so you can see where he stands in the lineup … Continue reading

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HABAKKUK, GOD, AND ME, #4 conclusion

THINK IT OVER: GOD DOES NOT GRADE ON THE CURVE!   “But Mr. Justice, you know I did the best in the class, why   are you going to fail me?”  “Because you did not complete my requirements,” Mr. Justice replied.  Habakkuk … Continue reading

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Random thoughts regarding environment and choice jewels from Habakkuk. Responsibility to the environment, 2:17.  “The violence you have done to Lebanon will overwhelm you and your destruction of animals will terrify you, for you have shed man’s blood; you have … Continue reading

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THE GOOD NEWS OF HABAKKUK. Chapter 2, verse 4 “The just shall live by faith.” All right, so you thought Martin Luther said that. He did. What about Paul? Yes, he did too. Also the writer of Hebrews said that. … Continue reading

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Taking a look at Habakkuk. Now I see why I love it. He and I share the same questions about this world we live in. And when we have a talk with the Lord, we still have questions, and we … Continue reading

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