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SAM’S STORY, part 2 – WAR

In 1939, as I played in the streets of Liverpool, an “Echo News” runner came down the street calling out, “War Declared! War Declared!”  Some months later the first bomb was dropped about half mile from our house.  Out of … Continue reading

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It was at this hour – eleventh hour – exactly seven years ago.  The whirring of the helicopter, the ministrations of dedicated medical team, the prayers of family and friends were all working in my behalf as my badly broken … Continue reading

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  Take one lamb without blemish from the flock . . . keep it until the fourteenth day . . . kill it . . .(Ex 12:3-5)  “Children, be careful with the lamb. It must be kept perfect. Daddy has … Continue reading

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WHAT’S SPECIAL?  MY FIFTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY AFTER MY NEAR DEATH TRAUMA!* The following selection is from a FB status in July, 2013.  I had written it soon after coming home from Denver. Psalm 91 has been my “food of choice” … Continue reading

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I am progressing well.  Home health nurse and physical therapist have been by and the occupational therapist is on her way.  Good care and follow up planned for me.  Thankful for these good services.  Will see the surgeon on Wednesday.  … Continue reading

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LET ME INTRODUCE TO TOM AND KAREN In yesterday’s post I made the claim that God’s purposes in our lives change but he has a purpose for each of his children regardless of our circumstances. Today I want to introduce … Continue reading

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OK, I cheated!  This is little doll letting her finger nails get dry is the youngest member of my family.  I’m the oldest.  That’s enough similarity for me to use her picture instead of mine.  😀 I am celebrating my … Continue reading

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Happy July 16, 2016 to all my Blogging Friends, from me right here in the Mustang Library.  I was going to do some serious reading but got bogged down with Walmart Shoppers pictures.  Result: Lost serious reading e-mail time!  Anyway … Continue reading

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‘TWEEN GOD AND ME – Scripture

In the following incident, I did not hear words but God gave me guidance by way of scriptures.  As I have said before, scripture is the most basic and valid of all God’s ways to speak to us.  Even knowing … Continue reading

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That day in 1942 was different for me.  At least different in the way I remember myself.  I did not play outdoors often.  I wouldn’t remember this outdoor activity except that it is sealed in my memory by my scar. … Continue reading

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