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Chronicles 1-9 WHAT’S THERE? .

How long since you read 1st Chronicles? What makes those first nine chapters worth putting in the Holy Bible? Those chapters are not full of sermon texts to say the least! I had a friend who told me she loved … Continue reading

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“What you been up to, Pete?” “Not so much ‘up to’ anything. More like ‘down to’. I’ve been sleeping on a couch in the city dump.” “How did you get to this nice place?” “Got a job.” “That’s good.” “Yeah. … Continue reading

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Fall of 1947, I was a high school newbie, straight out of a one-room, one-eight grade school.  My high school was not big – about a hundred kids I suppose, but most of them knew each other because of going … Continue reading

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Thankful for life, love, light, and laughter. Life:  My granddaughter had her head on my chest, she smiled and said “I hear your heart.” Isn’t it nice that the heart just keeps doing its job, seldom drawing attention to itself. … Continue reading

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This barber keeps overhead cost to a minimum, but his clientele seem not to care.  Requirement for his business was a towel. a stool, and clippers.  Since the tonsorial service was free, older grandson sits patiently while Papa Hayes sees … Continue reading

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Okay, friends, there is not really a poster.  Sometimes you believe me even when I write fiction so I want to clarify.  Just some thoughts coming together with a compassion for run-a-ways and their families.  I wrote something recently about … Continue reading

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(I posted this almost two years ago. I am re-posting because I want to refer to this situation in the next few days.) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Bell rings and children come in with news to share. “Teacher, we learned a new jump … Continue reading

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In a few days Easter will be here.  A reminder again of the Resurrection story.  I’m so glad someone told me that story! My blogging experience has brought me a bit of a quandary that I have been thinking about, … Continue reading

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“Nobody’s ever loved me like you do,” said the orange-clad girl as she sat with little bare feet drawn up in the chair in the chaplain’s office at the County jail. Innocent looking yellow curls framed a troubled face.  Her … Continue reading

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Bell rings and children come in with news to share. “Teacher, we learned a new jump rope tune.” Cinderella dressed in yella Went upstairs to kiss a fella Made a mistake kissed a snake How many doctors will it take?  … Continue reading

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