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PUT ME IN REMEMBRANCE, God has no time boundaries

Several years ago I wrote a paper to God called “Put Me In Remembrance,” which was I was inspired to do at the bidding of Isaiah 43:26 where God said, “Put me in remembrance…..” God keeps record of my acts … Continue reading

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God created man, after which he looked him over and pronounced him “very good.” But man was not self-sufficient, he had needs which he could not meet. Can you imagine that that was an oversight on the part of God? … Continue reading

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In earthly friendships there may be a lot of give and take, compromises, and negotiations; however, that is not possible in one’s relationship with  Jehovah-shammah.  Jesus says his friends must do as He commands them.  If one considers that requirement, … Continue reading

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A few months ago I had a dream in which in was sitting in a church auditorium and watched as children and some adults were ascending stairways on each side of the church.  I realized that the rapture (catching away … Continue reading

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The Tender Shepherd

Pictures representing the 23rd Psalm generally show a beautiful valley with green grass, cool running water, and healthy sheep but reality is that every shepherd has to deal with sick sheep, weak sheep, wayward sheep. All sheep need care from … Continue reading

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On this, the first day of Thanksgiving week, we live in a world of trouble and unrest: Our eyes crying over the sight of a world in turmoil; Our hearts grieving with compassion for the hurting; Our ears hearing the shattering … Continue reading

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GOD, MY VICTOR—Jehovah-Nissi

After leaving Marah where God revealed Himself as the Healer of His people (Jehovah-Rophe), the people had a period of rest but they soon forgot what God had performed for them when they came into hunger and thirst.  God came … Continue reading

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What characteristics would you want in an ideal Father? He would keep you fed, clothed, and sheltered. He would keep you safe (fight the bullies for you). He would love you. You could tell him everything.  He would give you … Continue reading

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