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David is my late-thirties grandson who has made life an adventure. In the mix he has met some very nice girls but no one really KO’d him until Oriana. She won my heart quickly also. The marriage took place in … Continue reading

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Armon stepped out of the cab, straightened his tie, and with a sigh he faced the merry-go-round.  On the other side he would become hale-fellow-well-met, inventive, energetic, next in line for assistant vice president. No let down for ten hours when … Continue reading

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SAM’S STORY – part 7, Me

  So, here I am injecting myself into Sam’s Story!  I wasn’t intending to do a part 7, but I didn’t want to leave Sammy fending for himself in that big old New York City.  No, he didn’t stay there … Continue reading

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Aberystwyth of the Hinterland In the hills of Wales Gave safe harbor to an English lad    Who lived to tell some tales.   To celebrate his birthday on July 22, I will put this English lad’s story in the cloud this … Continue reading

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Men, men, what would I do without them? I am blessed with many good men in my life: Sons, Grand-sons, Brother, Brothers-in-law, Nephews, Pastor, and Friends – And most of all, my husband, Sammy. Without him —- Instead of picking … Continue reading

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“Oh, please Hun, let’s buy it,” Lydia pleaded. Hun gave a loving but somewhat derisive chuckle.  “Oh, I can see it now.  The first time we have had money to invest, and you want this!” “I can see Luke and … Continue reading

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      How about that three cent stamp!  This was the letter Sammy wrote my parents in 1953. Letterhead was Southwestern Bible College in Oklahoma City.  Dated April 10, 1953: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers,         … Continue reading

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I’ve learned the story of why this bike is parked here at Mazie’s house every day for ten hours.  Sad, really.  Jake is the rider.  Jake and Mazie were married for 24 years.  They divorced 37 years ago and neither … Continue reading

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I’m having a bit of a laugh about my blog from yesterday.  Only my son and his wife even slightly suggested their menu before marriage might have included something besides food.  😀  I guess they knew Mom had something in … Continue reading

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As she walked to the end of the wooden boards, the stars spoke to her.  She sat gracefully and snuggled up against his warm and welcoming body.  Every inch of his body sensed her presence, as he opened his arms … Continue reading

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