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Just making my way from room to room and finding albums, pictures, scrapbooks, memorabilia lying around all over the place, I’m thinking “I declare if this weren’t my house, I’d think an old woman lived here.” Ta Da, I’m off … Continue reading

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Aberystwyth of the Hinterland In the hills of Wales Gave safe harbor to an English lad    Who lived to tell some tales.   To celebrate his birthday on July 22, I will put this English lad’s story in the cloud this … Continue reading

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      How about that three cent stamp!  This was the letter Sammy wrote my parents in 1953. Letterhead was Southwestern Bible College in Oklahoma City.  Dated April 10, 1953: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers,         … Continue reading

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“Hey, Mom, guess what I found in the attic in our old house on 18th Street,” Roger called as he excitedly showed me my wedding dress.  We had moved into that house in 1965 so it had been there thirty-five … Continue reading

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Julie’s history lesson yesterday (HERE) put me on a short search of my old readers to see if the Story of Betsy Ross was in one.  I seemed to remember one from sometime in my childhood.  I didn’t find one but … Continue reading

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(A copy and paste from four years ago – instead of eighty-one, I’m now eighty-five and Alayna is twenty-six.) The browning album crackled from the weight of the fading pictures as my grandchildren turned the page of the wonderland that … Continue reading

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This barber keeps overhead cost to a minimum, but his clientele seem not to care.  Requirement for his business was a towel. a stool, and clippers.  Since the tonsorial service was free, older grandson sits patiently while Papa Hayes sees … Continue reading

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I’m having another birthday soon.  So being nostalgic. FEELING BITTERSWEET Wearing sack dresses and platform shoes Reading Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Feeling bittersweet. Singing “How Much is That Doggie in the Window” Seeing Lassie fight bears and leave them … Continue reading

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FIREBUG!  That as the name of a play that my class performed in high school about 1949.  My class was small, just over twenty students.  Apparently they tried to give a role to everybody since I was assigned the role … Continue reading

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Vibrant asked us to write about why we were given our user names.  We were to write less than 50 words I did that on his blog, but decided to get a bit nostalgic and wrote “what might have been” … Continue reading

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