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I see that Linda G. Hill had chosen the words “iron” or “irony” as the word to use for SoCS.  How ironic that was!   I didn’t do it but I had planned to iron Saturday, at  least sort of … Continue reading

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“Oh, you are amazing,” she complimented me.  “You found the exact teapot to complement the set of cups and saucers.”  Compliment:  The say good things about someone. Complement:  To complete or go with Those are very loose definitions.  😀   It … Continue reading

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There is a certain sense that most of us Christians have that God can call us home at any moment; however, we do not dwell on the thought. We move on and think about something else. If we have reports … Continue reading

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Prompt word for SOCS by LindaGHill, “Page” I have chosen to use the Sudoku book as a basis for my SOCS writing today. I love Sudoku and I am really pretty good at doing the Level Four Stars in … Continue reading

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Remember the mystery child I posted under “Untold – and Lost” in December. Many of you guessed that she might have been me. I guess that would be honest genes – at least to an extent. She is my … Continue reading

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Obviously I cheated a bit by running over to and getting a picture. But that move was not planned until I chose my topic, “If wishes were horses, beggers could ride.” I wish I could remember the rest of … Continue reading

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I prepared this Saturday and posted but something went wrong because it did not publish. It was too much fun to not try again although it is not Saturday. I know I posted because it went to my Facebook with … Continue reading

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This post is part of SoCS: Aim of SoCS challenge, write something that this word brings to mind, may, write with little editing or planning. Aww,  “may” is the word.  Quite appropriate on this first day of May; however, it is … Continue reading

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Thanks much to the Oklahoma Gas and Electric workers who kept us through a “no-holds-barred” kind of winter storm! We had no outages at our house. Amazing work as the workers seemed to anticipate and prevent many power failures. These … Continue reading

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Where did you go, that miserable day? San Francisco, Chicago, or LA. You travel light: Your assets tight. Trying to leave your troublesome past, Looking to find peace at last. Where do YOU go to escape YOU? What refuge do … Continue reading

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