This image is important to show you what I am talking about. See I can wear it this month and I’ll tell you why. First more examples that might apply to you.

Remember that bling ring you bought you bought seven years ago? Or that rope you planned to wear as a belt for Western Day? There is also the furry purple boots you bought because they were marked 80% off. Good month for trying them out. Wear them in public during January. Critics will think you got them for a Christmas present, and feel an obligation to use their gifts.

So back to my hat. Listen carefully you might hear someone say, “Isn’t that sweet of that woman. Some grandchild probably gave her the hat. So dear of her to wear it.”

While I’m on the subject, wear the eye poppin’ one size fits all that your Aunt Azalia bought for you. Use good judgement, however. Perhaps just wear it to the drive through ATM machine. The point is that you can write the thank you card to Aunt Azalia and tell her you wore it “downtown” and felt very comfortable and proud in it.

And the sweater your husband bought for you? You know the one, you told him you were a size 12, so it is size 12. It can be covered with a trench coat in January. Just a side note. If you have been married more than five years and you tell your husband you wear size 12, he will go ahead and buy an 18. They are slow but they catch on eventually.

Well that’s enough to get the creative juices flowing. Mostly you need to remember, do it in January – or the week after Christmas might be better. But you’re too late for that until next December.

Image: me

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OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN – God I honor you.  I don’t understand you.  How are you in Heaven, but still in me and in Lin Soo on the other side of the globe?  Your Holy Spirit dwells among men.  That’s as far as my brain can take me.  I accept that.

HALLOWED BE THY NAME—Julie wrote something last week about seeing “God” written on a sign.  She couldn’t see what else, but it is a thrill to see your name held up in honor.

THY KINGDOM COME—Give me a glimpse of your kingdom.  Ahh, it has the charm of a new born baby.  I have seen bits of it.  In Mother Teresa, bathing the feet of the lame man.  Also in Mira, standing in her hurting feet as she offers me a gift of Christmas cookies.

THY WILL BE DONE IN EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN—Oh, God, thy will not mine.  I hate wearing this oxygen thing.  It is so ugly and humbling.  But I submit to your will.  If you want me healed right here/right now, you will do it.  Meanwhile make it a testimony to someone.  Someone who will see that you are keeping this old machine alive!   Thank you.

GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD—God, do what is necessary to open our jobs back up.  Psalms 128:2 says your people will eat the fruit of their labor.  Jobs are your plan.  You never planned for people to live on the expense of another person’s labor. 

AND FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES, AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US—Thank you, my Father, that most all of my relationships have been good and satisfying.  But there are some—you know—who have caused me great grief. I think I have forgiven.  If I haven’t then reveal to me that secret sin as David prayed.  “Wash away my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.

AND LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION—I confess to being tempted to complain.  I look all about me and I see people mocking you, reviling against what I believe, and dangling idols before the eyes of unsuspecting victims.  But inspire us to know sin when we see it and the boldness to not dance around calling out evil in all the moral and legitimate ways we can.

BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL—In your name, I come against the shedding of innocent blood,  the lack of justice, the dishonesty, the greedy, the weak leaders in the churches  and in the government.  Change my focus. I know those things precede your coming.  Let me deal with them in grace and thankfulness that you are Deliverance.

FOR THINE IS THE KINGDOM AND THE POWER AND THE GLORY FOREVER—It is your kingdom we desire.  A kingdom of purity, holiness, and love.  It is your power that has made all things, your power that raised Christ from the grave, your power that sealed our souls, your power that will bring you Kingdom to the earth.  We give glory to You, the triune God.  Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

AMEN—Let it be so, and let our will and actions be toward bringing this prayer to fruition. 

This prayer is given in a form as prayed from people in agreement with each other.  So if you would like to join in this pray, adding or subtracting what makes it true to you, please do so—and I thank you.

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No demands about making New Year’s Resolution. However, it is a good evaluation and goal setting time. Here are my resolutions – my considerations.

“Be on your guard” Yes, remember the devil is not likely to attack full force on big issues; he is much more likely to sneak up on little things we don’t think much about, like sudoku, find a word, tv, and those hand held gamey things. Maybe just a friendly smile to a co-worker. Finally the smile gets a bit too flirtatious. Many things are okay, but keep them in moderation.

Don’t listen to the “voices of the earth.” Don’t fall into the doldrums caused by politics, or the fears caused by covid.

“Be a woman of courage” Take risks in Jesus; he is wonderfully exciting. I mostly miss an exciting adventure when I don’t take any chances. What would it matter if I am rejected when I say to the hapless “Jesus loves you!” What if I took a stranger to MacDonald’s for a meal? Could I even call that courage?

“Be strong” Being strong includes taking care of myself – physically, mentally, spiritually; so get some exercise, do some puzzles, finish reading my “Holiness” book. Keep up the walking. Eat properly.

“Do everything in love” – Put myself out to do a “good deed” for every age level. I rue the division of the generations, but I generally don’t do much about it. Go to the mall, smile at the teens, sit by one. She might even stay put to see what I will say!


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Dry, parched, and thirsty

And bound to the drought of earth

Seeking your presence.

Pour down upon me

Dancing and swaying in rain

Eager arms open.


Written for ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge using words “bound” and “sway”


Image: quotesgram.com

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On September 11, 2001, there must have been just a split second of time when the World Trade Center tower looked very much like this to an Al-Qaeda hijacker piloting a Boeing 767 jet.

With this glimpse of 2021, I have the heart tremor of a passenger on a hijacked plane flying into the new year. Can the pilot handle this thing?

But, wait, there is hope. The pilot is a puppet. He can only do what the Puppeteer allows. The Puppeteer will allow what the audience demands. As the debris falls, the puppet will be exposed. Truth…but where is Justice?


Written for submission to Friday Fictioneers, a 100 word challenge inspired by picture prompt. Thank you, Rochelle. https://rochellewisoff.com/

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

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Oh the moans and groans of the trials and tribulations of 2020! Yeah, it has been a bummer. And for us bloggers, we even have to add a “new editor” to our list of gripes! Face Book pulled up a “groaner” for me from 2013. That was the year of the heart attack/aorta dissection – my near-death experience. Having lived through that year I took another look backward and found lots to be thankful for.

That FB post:

2013 – A THROW AWAY YEAR? Off the top of my head I could say I would be better off without 2013. This rough year has taken its toll spiritually, financially, socially, emotionally, even intellectually. Hold it! Now would I really pass up the year entirely? I remind myself nothing happens to God’s kids (I am one) that is not for the benefit of that kid and God’s kingdom! So how am I ahead – even if somewhat battered from the experience? First, in all the wonderful healings God has done for me, this is the first year he took over the situation and proved himself faithful even when I could do nothing, even when I had no ability to even trust him. His faithfulness went beyond any faith I had, it went beyond my stubbornness, it went beyond even my ability to call on him. Second, it reinforced my need for others to help me and a greater appreciation for the called out saints of God. I’m more open to an understanding of the body of Christ. Thanks to all of you friends and relatives who called to Jesus when I could not do so. Thanks to all of the knowledgeable brains and caring hands that worked for my continued existence. Thanks for the compassionate workers who made right decisions for me. Thanks to the taxpayers who are putting money in the pot that kept away dreadful financial hardship. Thanks to a faithful God who takes note of our faith and trust and proves himself faithful even when we are not able to pay back in any way. Thank you, Jesus, for the year!

So compared to that year, 2020 was not so bad. If I really looked for it, I might find things for which to thank God, even for 2020.

  1. I lived through it. And so did my immediate family.
  2. Some close to me died from covid – but most lived through it.
  3. I still have close church connections even though a lot of contact is broken.
  4. I have more blogging friends than ever.
  5. I am still living independently but a few more aids.
  6. I drive safely and have a car for doing so. And gas is cheap.
  7. Government is broken but we need to look to God, rather than Big Gov.
  8. I pay a bit less tax and get a bit more money.
  9. I sleep well at night, or have the freedom to make it up during the day.
  10. God has not changed.


BRING IT ON – 2021

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To save my reputation as an honest woman, let me say right off only the first story is true, the one about the pies and pigs. Then I just got carried away with myself and kept writing with little regard for the truth!

Eating season is over. Such lovely and delicious pies. I didn’t make them! My pie making history is abysmal.

You see my first time I was a young bride wanting to delight my husband with my pie making skills. Let me set the scene. We lived in a 28-foot trailer – not to be confused with a mobile home. It was a forerunner of the mobile home. We were in college and parked in “trailer park” on the far south side of the campus, next to a pig pen – with pigs. Aside: It also had a pig sty on which my dear love sat when he showed me the ring he had bought for me. Yes, right there he popped the question.

Back to the pie story. I made two pies. Both were ruined. I don’t remember how, but I took them out and gave them to the pigs. Maybe I over reacted. Pigs loved them and they didn’t die.

It took a long time to get over that. Twenty-seven years actually, so at 47 years old, (I remember because it was the year I became a grandmother) I took a pie to mom’s Thanksgiving dinner. I overheard mom tell a friend that her eight-year-old granddaughter had made the pie. Didn’t look like much, she said, but it tasted ALL RIGHT!

ALL RIGHT was somewhat encouraging so the next time the church had a bake sale, I tried again. My pie was the last one left and it sold for $1.75. I had bought the ingredients for $12.58! I had to buy spices enough for 32 pies. They don’t sell single-usage spices. Next time I will buy a pie at Pioneer Pies and put my name on it.

I’m not one to hold a grudge so next pot luck dinner, I tried again. That time I made a strawberry pie with my own crust, very crispy. Problem was that they thought it was Chips and Salsa. Good thing they had other choices for both chips and dip, and pie. Mine wasn’t very appealing as either, so not many tried it out.

Well, my last try looked pretty good when I put it in the oven. Quite exciting. Maybe I had finally aced it! Put it in, set the temperature and the timer. Three minutes before the timer when off, I heard an explosion, ran to the oven. It was all covered with something like goo. I don’t know what happened. Maybe I used too much yeast or soda, or maybe I shouldn’t have used both. My husband said it might have been caused by the pecans I decorated it with. He told me I should have shelled them first. He said nuts with a bit of water in them will explode – like popcorn.

Being realistic, I quit trying. But I still think of those beautiful pies I will never make – French Silk, Italian Nut, German Almond, Persian Praline Pecan, Latin Lovers Lemon Lusty D-Lite ……. I wonder if I could buy a can of pie fill…. No, Don’t!

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CHECK THIS #11 – truck

You can’t see it much, but that white sign at the top of the truck says, “TRUMP.” How long will it be before a small business truck driver labels “BIDEN” on his truck?

I like a new truck that passed that said “MADE IN THE USA” but I can’t find the pictures I took.

Those might be sentiments I never see again. We Trump folks will probably be very hesitant to label our vehicles with “MADE IN CHINA.” On second thought, China might order us to do so. How long would that take? About as long as it took to make us cover our faces.

Check This – Having something worth saying in less than 103 words.  This one is 103.

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The top image is the news release about a class I was teaching at the Senior Center a few years ago. The second, below, was the first page of my teaching plans. It was an eight week course. It was designed as an eight week course. If you would like to have the complete lesson plans containing scriptures and other activities, let me know in the comments. If they would be of help to you, I will try to put them on pages instead of a post. You would be welcome to copy them for your own use. I think there 10 pages.

As our country becomes more and more secular, it is imperative that we provide more ways to influence our families.

(Sorry I do not remember from what source I took the images. Probably Pixabay because that was the only source I knew about around that time. Anyway they are not personal pictures. If I were teaching again, I would use my own family images.)

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Though Christ a thousand times

In Bethlehem be born

If he’s not born in thee

Thy soul is still forlorn

The cross on Golgotha

Will never save thy soul

The cross in thine own heart

Alone can make thee whole.

(From the German of Angelus Silesius.)

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