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FRIENDLY CHITCHAT:  —-How are you dealing with the weather?  —- It’s been nice outside, but I’ve been a bit under the weather myself.  First time out in a couple of days.  —-I was so happy to see the new commercial center locating in town.  —-Yes, but I hated seeing the Thrift store move.   —- You look great; I love your haircut. 

WHAT YOU DON’T SAY:   —-Seems like I know that man.  Maybe he works at the tractor store. —-Don’t tell me you’re dumb enough to vote for Biden/Harris.  —- Hope that’s not a Trump voter.  —-  Wow, she sure is looking peaked.

THE LINE BEGINS TO DWINDLE:  —- We should get in pretty soon, now. —- It was SOMETHING ELSE about an hour ago.  —-  Getting chilly now with the sun going down.  —- Honey, you sure you have your ID card?


Yes, I have spent my time waiting in the voter’s line.  I have always found it pleasant.  Felt pleased with the process.  Proud to be a citizen.  All that nice civic duty and honor was nice.


I’ve been thinking of asking Sammy if he thinks I should make some calls and find out where we can go vote early.  We are old.  What if we are not able to stand in that line this year?  It is not something I want to give up.  I don’t want to ever refer to “the year we were afraid to wait in line.” 


President Trump has been accused of lying about mail in fraud.  I checked it out.  https://www.heritage.org/election-integrity/commentary/database-swells-1285-proven-cases-voter-fraud-america   That doesn’t seem terribly high to me, but it is the number of convictions.  I imagine convictions are small compared to the numbers that are not found.  Those who say there is no fraud must be lying; there is fraud. How much? That is in question. But even one cancels my vote! I don’t like it!



1. Caring enough to go vote on election day with all the hoopla that goes with it is by far the best choice. ‘

2. Covid19 is a poor excuse for anyone who ever leaves their homes for any purpose. Those who know they cannot go out (or choose not to go out) can request a mail-in ballot BEFORE Election Day.

3. Election Day should be day of the electionDUH! If people need to mail in ballots, ask for them early, and mail them soon enough to get them in the precincts before Election Day so they can be counted on Election Day. 

4.  Giving a week or ten day for mail ins to be received after Election Day is insane.    And unnecessary!  And by corrupt design. It just gives the losing party time to “find” more ballots.

5. I know there cannot be an absolute count before midnight on Election Day, but there should not be any ballots received after Election Day. When the polls are closed, no more ballots received. We all know what TOO LATE means.


SOMEONE ELSE OPINED:   If the post office is efficient enough to take safe care of your vote in a timely manner, then you should not hesitate to  send in your winning lottery ticket with its matching numbers and let them mail your money to you. 

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Seeing this woman yesterday and today reminded me of this blog from about 18 years ago.

Sweet aroma

MAZIE Senator Mazie Horono

Mazie Horono’s words:  “I just left 60 eighth graders from a public school in Hawaii, and I told them I was coming to a rally in front of the Supreme Court, and they said, ‘Why?’” Hirono said. “I said it’s because we are–we have to fight for abortion rights and they knew all about it.”

“And I asked the girls in that group of eighth graders: how many of you girls think that government should be telling us, women, when and if we want to have babies, not a single one of them raised their hands.”

“And then, the boys who were there among the sixty, I told them, you know, it’s kind of hard for a woman to get pregnant without you guys,” she said as the crowd laughed. “They got it.”

“How many of you boys think that government should be telling girls and women…

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1. Affordable Care Act is another Supreme Court decision whose supporters do believe was wrongly settled.  If it was right, why fear having it reviewed.

2. Danger Zone.  Christians who believe one thing and practice another. Sort of like people who believe abortion is killing a human but for political reasons choose to promote abortion. There is a Judge who wields more power than the SCOTUS.

3. I would like to do a Friday Fictioneer story again, but to burdened with Truth to get serious about fiction.

4. Fox gives Trump the most positive  reports; however, that is still 52% negative.  CNN and NBC 93% negative, Europe’s ARND 98% negative.  But when he speaks for himself on Twitter, he is accused of blowing his own horn, being a bully, and full of pride. Do you ever wonder????

5. I’d love a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I just left Del Rancho where I had a Chicken Fried Steak sandwich.

6. Got some new glasses.  Still have a blur in the center of my right eye.  Saw Doc today.  He said to just keep taking my eye vitamins. 

7. Even lots of Trump’s followers tell him to get off Twitter. Let the man speak for himself. The News Media will not do it – oh, I take that back. They do for 7% of the time.

8. Amy Coney Barrett is unflappable.  That is because she knows she is right.  A confident woman.

9. Had trouble biting that sandwich today because of two bottom teeth “biters.”  They hurt.

10.  Just could not get Barrett in the trap today.  What will they set for tomorrow? 

11.  Bad press about Trump removing his mask on his balcony before entering White House. 

12.  Must see to believe.  Joe Biden removed his mask before coughing into his hand. 

13. Is it true that Nancy Pelosi won’t take a Covid19 test?

14. Congratulations to President Trump for having been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

15. The blessing of Patience to my friends who are laboring through the Block Editor.

16. Thanks to the Great Creator for life in these bones.

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USA Constitution with feather quill pen.

So this is the week Amy Roney Barrett heads to the hot seat. There is a lot at stake. Constitution as written or Constitution as living – changing to suit cultural whims.

If the Constitution means anything. it has to be interpreted as written. It makes provision within itself to make changes as needed. That is by Amendments. In the more than two centuries it has guided our land, important changes have been made by way of Amendments.

The hot issue regarding Nominee Barrett is how she would rule on Roe vs Wade. The “Living Constitutionalists” are afraid she will rule according to the way the Constitution is written. Apparently that would give the abortion issue back to the states. I’m not sure of this.

The Democratic Platform states: “Strongly and unequivocally support Roe v. Wade.”

Questions. Since that is their stand, why fear having another “look” at the basis on which Roe vs Wade was made? If it was right then, wouldn’t it still be right? Does Roe vs Wade allow legal abortions in the last trimester? Does that mean they know they got a lucky break on that decision? Does it mean that even if it was a reasonable decision at that time, it is no longer valid? Do scientific findings (particularly, the sonogram) since that time prove a reasonable conclusion that the baby in the womb is indeed a human that experiences comfort and pain? If the sonogram showed nothing “human” about the “blob” in the womb, would it be easier to believe Roe vs Wade was based on a scientific principle? Wouldn’t the Court not decide to be even more liberal and support abortion to the time of birth? If, of course, there really is a “right to privacy” that means mom’s have a right to abort their babies.


About 15 years ago, I nervously awaited the decision of the committee who were to approve or disapprove acceptance of my doctoral thesis, thus insuring my DMin degree. It was with a breath of relief that I received their approval.

Now consider my feelings if I had plagiarized a section of my paper. After their congratulations, they say, “We only need one more person to take a look at this. She is Dr. Z, an expert on recognizing plagiarism, who always makes a final review of the candidate’s work before our final approval. I know I have slipped by on the skin of my teeth because I copied a section of my writings Plagiarism? I’m guilty. I know it. I’m lucky I made it this far. Now I’m about to get caught. What do I do? I hope desperately that Dr. Z doesn’t have the opportunity to check my paper! I disqualify her in some way? I have experts review all Dr. Z’s writings and opinions. I plant liars to ruin her reputation. I bully her in the hopes of making her resign her job. If I have money and power to do so, there is no way Dr. Z is going to ruin the findings of my present committee. I point to the faults of the one who hired her. No one is going to have a second look. No Way!


Shumer, Feinstein, et al, have power and money.

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Sometime ago I was being baited in the chat room my a fraud claiming to be Linda! “Fraud” came on with how excited she was about the good news from the CEO Mort Zuckerman, setting me up for the big play. I asked (still thinking I was talking to my real cousin, Linda) “What happened, did he get saved?” Got no response from that question.

That was my big clue that I was not talking to my Christian cousin, Linda! Yes, we Christians think the best news possible is that someone gets saved (Christianese for reborn, receives salvation, accepts Jesus as Savior, etc.)

Wonder what the Fraud Linda thought about that. Poor soul probably didn’t have the slightest idea what I was talking about. But that did end the phone call. 😀

If there is anyone reading this post who is not a Christian, let me remind you that your guide is a fraud, a deceiver, the Prince of Lies.  The bible calls him the devil.

To all who are Christians, aren’t you thankful for Jehovah-rohi, a trust-worthy Guide? A true guide who invites us to follow him closely; he has nothing to hide! He wants us near enough to know him well and to make our paths less rocky!

*John 8:44 NIV – You belong to your father, the devil, – Bible …www.biblegateway.com › passage

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New York Times in March: Covid deaths might run from 200,000 to 1.7 million. The count today is a bit below 211,000. That is quite near the minimum predicted. You and your team are to be congratulated.

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       The image is the title page of my essay.  Am I showing off my good grade?  Yes.  But I also am showing you that I did a thorough job of my topic.  It is from twelve sources.  I will share them if you like.  Much of the material came from Jim Hicks, “The Persians”  Time-Life Books, New York, 1975.

       Cyrus’ birth and early life are not known in detail and is mixed with myth and lore – even to stories about his being raised by a wolf.  He was apparently about 17 when he became king of the Persian Empire.

       Although most of the Persians were crude and uneducated, they were wise military men, whose idea of the “good” life was to be conquerors for the pride of their king and their country.  This great king, Cyrus, was especially kind to his captives but stoic on demands of himself.  It is said that he was once advised to move his court to a place where the weather would be more pleasant.  He said he would stay where he was, responding that “Soft hands breed soft men.”  Cyrus with his forces settled on an Iranian plateau which imposed a rigorous life since it was surrounded by a ring of rugged 12,000’ high mountains with a central depression of salt deserts; one of the driest and most uncomfortable regions on earth.  The Persans, however, considered everything about their country to be the best.

       As Cyrus marched through Greek Asia Minor, he was sometimes welcomed but often challenged—always to win by Persian force or Persian gold.  Cyrus had a reputation of being an extremely kind conqueror.  He generally allowed the vanquished government officials to remain in their positions wisely believing that he would win their trust and friendship in that manner.

       Well, Readers, it is not my purpose nor likely your interest to copy too much of my essay, but I want to make note of some ways I think President Trump is like Cyrus.  Remember I wrote this essay almost twenty years ago—long before I knew the President.  So nothing is contrived to say what I want it to say.

       How do I see President Trump as being like Cyrus the Great in ways other than discussed yesterday as a man prepared by God to deliver/protect/help Israel?

  1. First point. The two leaders think they have the best country in the world!

  2. The two treat foreign leaders and countries with respect and mercy even if stern. Evidence is three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize as well as much criticism because the President is not hard enough; case in point, the North Korean leader.

  3. Like Cyrus, DJT makes rigorous demands on himself.

  4. Cyrus had a “border” policy. This excerpt after a discussion of a conqueror area—“There he build a series of seven fortresses to ensure his safe border.”

  5. I chuckle now as I read about Cyrus’ personality. He is described thus: “Cyrus !! had an appealing personality, wisdom, enthusiastic spirit, guilelessness and physical charm that drew men to him.  He found it easy to raise a powerful military who were loyal to him.” Pres. Trump quickly raised a political force who are loyal to him even though he gets hammered at what is perceived as a lack of wisdom, plus.  😀    One more post on this subject I hope, in which I will discuss the President’s guilelessness.


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getty image

No, I don’t think President Trump is the Messiah but I do think he is  called and chosen by God to be President of the United States.  And I think that is because it is a time on God’s calendar to move some things in Israel.  President Trump has proven that he was the one who could get it done.

This is my perspective and an explanation of how many Christians view President Trump’s place in the calendar of time shown by God’s chosen people: in this case I’m talking about Israel.  (We are all his chosen if we except his salvation to us.)

My sister called me the other day and said, “Oneta, I’ve been reading Isaiah 45 and reading about Cyrus.  There are so many things that are similar to President Trump.”  That reminded me of an essay I wrote way back in 2003.   Of course then I knew nothing of what would develop in these past two decades, but there are some parts of it that I find fascinating.

In the time of Cyrus (about 550 BC) the Jewish people were in captivity far from the land of their father Abraham, the land God had promised to them.  Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed.  That destruction happened under a Babylonian king.

A hundred and fifty years before Cyrus was King of Persia, Isaiah had prophesied about a coming deliverer named Cyrus.

Isaiah 44:28 who says of Cyrus, ‘He is my shepherd
and will accomplish all that I please;
he will say of Jerusalem, “Let it be rebuilt,”
and of the temple, “Let its foundations be laid.”’

 Isaiah 45:1-3 “This is what the Lord says to his anointed,
to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of
to subdue nations before him……so that you may know that I am the Lord,  the God of Israel, who summons you by name.

Isaiah 45:13 I will raise up Cyrus[a] in my righteousness:
I will make all his ways straight. He will rebuild my city
and set my exiles free, but not for a price or reward,
says the Lord Almighty.”

I’ll  not recount the story of Cyrus here but suffice it to say, he was the Persian King who along with King Darius sent the Jews back to their land to rebuild Jerusalem.

I think God also appointed President Trump for this time because there are prophesies to be fulfilled.  He has been very active  by recognizing Jerusalem as capital,  land assignments, a “peace plan” between Israel and surrounding nations.

What now will unfold?  I don’t know but if God needs President Trump for another four years, come hell or high waters (make that New York Times or Democratic Party) he will be elected.

But what if it doesn’t happen?  Then God’s time table will move on, perhaps without an America as we have known her.


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Dear Blogging Friends, rejoice a bit with me.  I have made it quite plain that I believed the Lord directed me to begin blogging as a way to tell what he had done for me in the many years he healed me without medical intervention and how he worked with me as I have now been helped via the medical community.  Either way he is my Healer.  But many do not know he is still healing divinely/miraculously.

In the five years since I started blogging, there have been a lot of readers who read Jehovah-repha* .  In 2019 there were 2487 readers average 7 per day; this year 2020 so far is 3487 readers average 12 per day.  So far today there have been 10 today.  That one post five years ago accounts for about 20-30% evcry day. I have been very curious about how that happens but I was confident the Lord must have his hand in it.

Well last week I was doing a bit of research to answer a question for a reader.  Guess what I found!  I googled Jehovah-repha , the Healer.  There is my post (page) on the first page about five sources down!  Now I have no idea how God worked that but I sure didn’t have the money or fame to get there!  I don’t know how long it will stay but I guess it will be there ’til God reaches the folks he wants to reach.  I have no power to put it there nor to keep it there.

The Lord God continually amazes me with some of the things He is up to.


Various spelling Jehovah-rephe – repha – ropha

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Thousands of after Talak  in a land across the waters, decisions were being made.  Which child lives?  Which child dies?  Do I have enough income for another mouth to feed?  Does it fit into my life’s goals?  Will the community think ill of me if they know I’m pregnant?  Will he marry me?  How can I continue my education?  Will it be healthy?  Will my insurance pay?  Will Planned Parenthood help me?

“Yes,” replies Planned Parenthood, “there is help available.”  The help was a loving but stern assistant to whom Della goes for help.

So here she lies, on a cold sterile counter in a cold sterile room being “arranged” in a cold sterile manner, awaiting the arrival of the doctor who would remove this fetus from her.  Della’s mind roams and a tear runs down her check.  Is it a boy or a girl?  Would it have red hair like hers?  What’s a fetus?  Isn’t it a baby?

Della is assured that the pain will only be minor and last only a little while.  The needle is inserted and the solution does the job.  The dead blob is pulled out of Della’s body.

Years later Della’s mind roams and a tear runs down her check.  Was it a boy or a girl?  Would it have had red hair like hers?  She knew it was a baby.  Her baby.  It would be giving her hugs at night instead of unspoken memories.

“Ah, but no problem,” says the community, “we signed the papers that made it legal.”

God turned his face from them.  And the storms came, the snow fell, the flood waters rose high, the fires burned, disease was rampant, intruders came into the land, rebellion and violence were given birth.

But although God’s face was turned, his ear was open.  His words were before them.

2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land.”


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