John 14:1-7 “Do not let your heart be troubled (afraid, cowardly). Believe [confidently] in God and trust in Him, [have faith, hold on to it, rely on it, keep going and] believe also in Me. 2In My Father’s house are many dwelling places. If it were not so, I would have told you, because I am going there to prepare a place for you. 3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back again and I will take you to Myself, so that where I am you may be also. (Passage copy/paste from Truly Free Bible)

******* Thanks, Linda, for the prompt. There seems not to be very many things/people one can count on, outside the natural laws.

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Bloganuary January 17: Describe the happiest day in your life.

Earlier this evening I was watching TV with Sammy. A news item came on with this lovely girl hardly bigger than a mite shown sitting on the deck of a boat. Was the name Anna Walsh? I think so, maybe. Any way she is now missing. Immediately behind her the police came out a door with a big brute of a guy handcuffed. Her husband. I said, “I wonder if she had insurance.”

Whether or not she did, whether or not he was responsible for her missing, it would have really been easy to just give her a little shove. (Today’s news reveals an even more gruesome ending to her life.)

There was an inset of the couple on their wedding day. I said, “That was probably the happiest day of her life.” Her life was short; she hadn’t had much time for many “happiest days.”

All that to say that many people would describe the wedding day as the happiest day of their lives.

Whoa now. That would be sad for a person like me who has been married almost seventy years.

No, the happiest day of my life is occurring at the present time. Each morning when I wake again, turn my head to the light and say “Thank you, Jesus, for another day.” And in spite of doctor’s visits, wobbly legs, sagging skin, and bloody nose, tonight as I snuggle in my covers, fluff my pillow, and turn off the light, I plan to make my last thoughts go to Him in gratitude as I remember that Jesus “never had a place to lay his head.”

I have a place to lay my head, and so much more.

I had a happy childhood with stable people who walked the way they they talked.

I’ve had a wedding day and a generally happy 69 years with a good man.

I’ve had two days during which I held my brand new baby boys.

I’ve had five graduation days, most of which gave honor to my scholastic achievements.

I’ve had delightful experiences during which I could share teaching strategies and experiences.

I’ve had medical “miracles” that have resulted in active years beyond what could be expected.

I’ve had the opportunity to form new friend ships from many parts of the world.

I’ve had amazing experiences of intimacy with my Lord Jesus Christ.

How can I possibly choose a “happiest” day among all these!

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“Grandma, why did we have the day off school?  They said it is MLK Memorial Day.”

Well, Child, let me tell you what I know.

First, MLK stands for Martin Luther King.  He was a famous man because he brought about the Civil Rights era—a time when many people like  me found out some things that we didn’t know before.  You see, he was a black man (a Negro/African America), and I didn’t know very many black people.

I was a grown woman and should have known.  I knew our schools were segregated—whites in some schools and blacks in others. … Well, back to MLK.

He was a famous Civil Rights leader who exposed a lot of indignities, unfairness, and meanness that black people had to live through.  He demanded that there be a change.  Every man and woman is equal, he said.  And he wanted that change to happen without any violence.  That is very important.  Peaceful protests. 

So some blacks began to do peaceful things like sit at a counter to order a lemonade.  Sometimes police were called.  But those things began to be talked about on the evening TV news and people like me got smart enough to know how badly black people were being treated.  So a lot of us changed.  That’s what Dr. King wanted. 

Congress did pass some laws. The most important was the Civil Right Act and things got better.  TV had some really funny programs that helped.  More and more blacks became famous by sports, either by playing or by commenting.  Jobs were offered to more black people. 

White people and black people spent more time together and they found that they LIKED each other! 

And things got better until about 2000 when President Obama was elected.  Most Americans believed that proved that racism was pretty much a thing of the past.  But when Obama was president things got bad again.  So right now, you will hear a lot of people called racists.  Mostly that is not true.

Dr. King said he had a dream of someday when little black and white children would walk hand in hand.  He would be glad if he could see you with your friends.  You choose friends based on their character (personality) rather than the color of their skin or hair.  

A sad thing is that a mean guy killed Dr. King before he ever got to see how important his life was and what a good thing happened with the Civil Rights movement.


Oneta speaks about yesterday and the memorial “The Embrace.” At least for me, it only reminded me of the indignities Coretta Scott King suffered alone while her husband was on his mission. “The Embrace” should have been an honor to Dr. King’s success in getting whites and blacks to embrace one another. And what I think about the “memorial” is best left unsaid.

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Recently I have been evaluating myself to the kind of sanctified vessel that I believe represents Jesus. When I write some of the sarcastic/critical posts, I wonder again, WWJD? A few weeks ago my son said he had been reading a book with theme “Don’t go quietly,” and he was considering the advice. Most of us Christians have been taught to turn the other check, in other words, be a floor mat. That is hard to get away from.

So I see an America that is far removed from the America in which I grew up! I remember the first murder I ever heard about. I now sit through a discussion of the murder of four college students as though it were a fictional novel. Tonight’s news involved three-year-old who had been murdered and four-year-old who was missing. I’m through “going quietly” and you can expect to see me rattle some cages for as long as I can put letters to my words and words to my thoughts and thoughts to my prayers! And, again, my eyes fill with tears. Oh, God, how can I deal with a society that will allow a girl to sit on top of a car and have a bowel movement! Go quietly? No!

How can I keep quiet when protesters can burn down buildings in support of gay parades, and other protesters can be arrested because they sit too near the door of an abortion clinic!

      A bloganuary issue.  What is my favorite form of travel?  Not often thought of as a form of travel, but walking is my choice.   A car is my favorite vehicle for travel, but I love to walk to my care independently, even though I’m hampered by needing a cane or walker to get to it.

      Another Bloganuary issue:  What fears have I conquered?  Writing and Speaking.     

      The Biden scandal.  Dem’s FBI, and associates: Perhaps we should not have raided Mar-o-Largo.
   GOP:  “Now we are awaiting a pay-back raid in Delaware.”  That’ll be the day!

       But, hush my mouth, Biden implies that I should feel safe because he was taking care of me like he takes care of his Corvette.  Do you think he kept the car keys in a secure room?  Secure?  With Hunter living there?

      Interesting that one of the secure documents was about Ukraine.  Wonder if that was useful at the time Biden ordered Zelensky to fire a prosecutor within six hours or Ukraine will not get the US billion “and dang if the man didn’t fire the prosecutor” Those are not Biden’s exact words.  If you want them, see

      I have a new cooking range available for someday.  I wonder if “someday” will still allow for gas ranges.

     Explanation to bloggers:  Sometimes I read notifications from my cell phone.  If I do, I can mark “like” but I cannot/do not make comments.  Also, I find that if I don’t double-check, my “like” does not go through.   I seldom end my day without having responded to all likes and comments.   With the following exceptions:  One, if the reason for the contact was obviously a sales pitch.  Two, if your blog is complicated.  I cannot afford the time to look through so many pictures, titles, menus, etc to find your latest entry.  Some of you just have too much love for fancy technology!  Three, I generally only read one blog per day from anyone.  Four, if your blog is more than six or seven hundred words. 

     I do read long blogs by some very special writers who just post once a week.

And there is one blogger who piques my interest to the point of my having to see what she has to say every time she posts. They are short and concise, entertaining, and … cymbals, please … they rhyme! What more could I love? Edgar Guest? Yes.

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(a copy/paste from nine years ago)

How many “layers” of doors do you have to enter to get into your church sanctuary? Probably at least two, maybe three or more-exterior, lobby, at least. I’m remembering when on-lookers sat on the car fenders where they could get a view of what went on inside. I remember when our church raised enough money to put in stained glass windows. Well, they may have been prettier, but looking back I see a stronger divide being put up between “churched” and “un-churched.”

Political correctness says our “religious practices” are fine and dandy just as long as we keep them to ourselves. After all, there is separation of church and state! How the devil must snicker at some of his schemes! About 20 years ago, I was driving up MacArthur Ave where a lone “Bible thumper” was yelling his lungs out trying to “convert” the sinner. Kristina asked what he was doing. I somewhat explained. He was an embarrassment to us more moderate Christians. Some time later we passed that corner again. Kristina asked, “Where is the Bible man?”

A seed sown in soft soil. Thank you, Bible man. By the way, I heard the other day that 2013 had brought on the death of more Christian martyrs than any former years. Thanks again to Bible men and women—faithful unto death.

January 15, 2023 Let me add a bit to this post from 2014. Have you noticed how acceptable it is for people to talk about “their God” or to refer to a neutral kind of Super Man Upstairs? Watch how far one gets if he says anything about Jesus being the only way to God! See how far you get with that on The View!

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If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it?

I find this bloganuary topic too fascinating to pass up, although I am a couple days late. I have given some serious thought to what I would do with a billion dollars. Most of my paths lead me to corruption in some form!

Of course, I would give to my church, my family, my community. Good, harmless, helpful. Let’s play them out.

I set my children, mom, sister in nice homes. They have to have lawn maintenance. The lawn manager says, “I am too busy to do hers today. I’m already obligated to the neighbor.” I say, “If I can up the ante, would you find time?” Oops.

I give a nice hunk to my local church. They say, “Thanks, do you suppose you could help us with the missions in Haiti?” I say, “Maybe so, but doesn’t Brother Smith feel a special calling from God to oversee that project?” “Yes, but he is so slow at raising money it seems we are bogged down.” I respond, “Well if you are sure Brother Smith won’t be offended, I’ll be glad to take on the project.” oops “We didn’t ask whom God wanted, did we?”

So what can I do with a community project? I would love to have a museum of western paintings. That sounds safe. How well do I do? Starts off well. I buy some Remingtons, but, alas, I find I do not know how to go about buying really good stuff. A fellow drops by my “going-to-be” museum. He is very knowledgeable and wise. He makes me an offer I can’t refuse. He will bring me a priceless item every week. A few weeks later, I notice news articles about pieces of western art being stolen from various museums out in the Pacific Northwest. I feel a nudge to check that out, but that is a long way from me. It is surely just coincidence.

Hang with me while I try one more endeavor at spending my billion in a worthwhile and honest way. Education! Of course. A little research shows me I can’t follow requirements ordered by the Government, so it will have to be done in private facilities! Private facilities? Who can offer me the best for my money? I’ll talk to the mayor. He can probably key me in on some good angles if I offer a substantial “tip.”

And the wheel goes round! Once you take a little “tip” the news goes round. First thing you will find your tips turn to bribes and you didn’t even intend for it to happen.

Makes me think of Agur who said in the Bible, Proverbs 30: 8Keep falsehood and deceitful words far from me. Give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with the bread that is my portion. 9Otherwise, I may have too much and deny You, saying, ‘Who is the LORD?’ Or I may become poor and steal, profaning the name of my God.



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I’m hallucinating as the long year’s TV’s news story are reflected in the heavy clouds above.

Son of Local Resident Disappears in Unbelievable Event. Observers tell of UFO swooping down and seven-year-old snatched upward.

Local Resident Receives Ransom Deal. A trade is offered. The boy for two girls!

Success in the Laboratory! Newly designed female dolls left at ransom scene.

Local Resident Arrives Home. Son, kidnapped by aliens, returned to father.

The reality of my son’s return has replaced the hallucinating TV updates.

The journey’s over. My son is by my side. My victory is complete.


Friday Fictioneers, a 100 word challenge by Rochelle based on picture prompt. Thank you, Rochelle, for hosting this event. Visit Rochelle’s link to find other submissions to this challenging writing event.


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8:00 I roused myself enough to know the temperature was not too bad. I had a new supply of oxygen in the tank. So I dressed for church and took this old-broken down jalopy kind of body in her nineteen year old VW to church. The hugs shared, hands shaken, and heads-a’bobbin was well worth the huffin and puffin I was doing. I was doing it; I was fellowshipping with friends. Good stuff.

Then the music started. First song – no way could I get in the key range, high or low, even without considering that I had no air. 🙂 Second song – I didn’t know it very well. I kept my mouth shut and read along. Third song – I mimed the words with no sound coming out. Fourth song – I broke. “Oh, Lord, why have I come to this place? I can’t sing at all. you know how I love to sing.” Okay, so now I know! Don’t be surprised when Jesus talks back; but be prepared to hear truth. “I don’t care how much you “love” to sing. I care that your song comes from your heart, not your mouth!” I’m so thankful!

Right then, I knew I was really living “My Story.”

I visited a lady in the rest home last week. I sang a few songs to her. I was surprised that I could sing as well as I did that day. If I really want to sing aloud in a key range I can get in, that will be my reward.

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine
O what a foretaste of glory divine
Heir of salvation, purchase of God
Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood

Perfect submission, all is at rest
I in my Savior am happy and blessed
Watching and waiting, looking above
Filled with His goodness, lost in His love

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Highly esteemed scientist, Joseph Sno, smirked as he said, “God, I’ve outdone your man.  After I breathe life into him; he will obey.”  His smirk turned to a deathly gaze, as God asked, “Where will you get the breath?”


Trying out with you today, Raelyn. This was an enticing prompt.

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I’m breaking from Bloganuary today,

with a cut and paste from a FaceBook status three years ago.

I might have blogged it then also. I don’t remember.

But it is still true even if the Political parties have changed.

Today is another beginning. The Dems are taking control in the House. Now we have a chance at a new day – a day when the rich take care of the poor in health, education, housing, phone, reproductive control, and surely not far from transportation, and surely one must have utilities. And this, not just for citizens but also for anyone who can set a foot on America’s soil.

This is going to be done by taking it from the rich (other words – those who have jobs).

All this because America is moral. America loves. America is compassionate. America is doing what Jesus would do. It’s in the Constitution.

Hold on. I am an American. I am moral, loving, compassionate, and try to follow what Jesus would do. (I gave to some travelers who stopped by my church last Sunday. Others there did also.) What Jesus did was teach people to give to the needy. He did not tell the government to do it. There is nothing in his teachings that give that responsibility to government. He accepted the realization that “the poor would always be with us” which sounds an awfully lot like the government (nor any other body) would be able to keep people from being poor – unless they used the talents he gave them to increase in their wealth. (Another lesson, but based on the parable of the talents.)

So much for those of you who try to get your way by screaming Bible at me when it suits your fancy.

Now how about the Constitution? Three inalienable rights – Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. There is nothing there that says I should be responsible for my neighbor’s happiness (his comfort, his pleasure, his cokes and beer, even his warmth and health). I am to be responsible for allowing him to try to be happy. Even in the face of his disdain for me if I tell him he won’t find it in drugs, sex, and liquor – nor ball games, boats, and crochet.

So for you Democratic Socialists who present your loving faces and are going to make everybody well, smart, comfortable, and happy, I have this question? Just what is the average John and Jane’s responsibility in your world? (And I remind you most of you are average John and Janes.)

I can tell you what it will be under the leadership of a Democratic Socialist. After he has used up everybody else’s money, his responsibility is no longer to take care of himself, he has to work to take care of his neighbor. That won’t last long. Then he only works when and if and in doing whatever in order to provide for the ruling class who has bought the power to force him to do so.

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