I became tangled in a lie;

So embarrassed I could cry.

More lies can’t get me out of it.

My friends believed me – every bit.

I just can’t admit the truth,

Too old to blame it on my youth.

Until someone confronts me to my face

I’ll hide my sin, and keep a smile in place.

I sometimes wonder if they notice

These lies make me look quite atrocious.


*Old adage: You made your bed, now lie in it.

Image:  Julien Tabet

Photo challenge #275: Write poem or short story about photo


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gas pump

      Much ado these days about the necessity and use of cars.  I vote big time in favor of having one.  Perhaps the day will come when I have to turn in my license because I have aged out.

      Speaking of age reminds me of an incident that happened one time when I had to stop to fill my car with gas and satisfy my appetite with a package of peanut butter/cheese crackers.

      I was pulling up to the gas pump when I noticed a car with a license tag from Baca County, CO – home of my birth.  I promptly started a conversation with an older lady who was “gassing-up” that car.   She appeared to be old for driving a car – especially to be driving it 350 miles from Baca County.  Probably not a lot older than I am now – but a lot older than I was then.

      You all know “family” is important to me so we talked about our families back in Baca Coumty.  Somehow I got into telling her about my daddy’s birth – he weighed 2 pounds at birth, born at home with a midwife’s help.  Oh, yes, she said.  She remembered that.  In fact she said she was the midwife that helped bring him into this world.   I was excited and believed what she said.  We hugged, wished each other all the good, and called out our “Good-byes.”

      Repeating this story to my siblings, they pointed out the near impossibility of that having been the truth.  Although it seemed reasonable that she could have been alive at that time, being old enough to have been a midwife was highly unlikely.

      At this time in my life after having lived with and among older people, I have concluded she did not intentionally lie to me, she told me what she believed happened.

       My word to younger people is to be patient when your elders drift away from reality.  The brain is a marvelous thing, but it does get sick sometimes.  Sometimes what it believes, is an “innocent” untruth.

Sunday Writing Prompt “5 by 5”
Include the answers to these questions in a story or poem
1. An item you just can’t live without
2. Your favorite snack
3. A bit of wisdom for the youths of today
4. A coincidence that unites two people
5. Your favorite word
Image: Pixabay
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Where did you go, that miserable day?

San Francisco, Chicago, or LA.

You travel light:

Your assets tight.

Trying to leave your troublesome past,

Looking to find peace at last.

Where do YOU go to escape YOU?

What refuge do you run to?



Image: SoCS badge by Pamela, at

Written for Linda G. Hill, Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Theme “Where”


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oneta sammy

I’ve been working too hard.  Found a skit from years ago.  Decided to share a peek in our morning routine.  Just enough truth to be funny I hope!  😀


Alarm clock goes off:

Sammy, before you go in there, let the dog out.

You can’t wait? Well, neither can he.   Ok, I’ll let him out myself.

I go to the door with dog:

Get about your business and stay out of the Bakers’ yard.

Close door.

Honey, do you know what the weather is going to be? Can you look in the paper? … Well, get it. ….Ok, I’ll get it myself….

    ….I can’t get the paper. It’s in the street.  I wish the paper boy would throw it close by.   I can’t go out there cause I’m not dressed yet.  I want to shower first.
…..Would you call the dog. Well, he comes better if you call. You can whistle. …
Ok, I’ll do it.

Go to door:

  “Whoot, whooooot”    Sammy, I can’t whistle.

Here, puppy, puppy.   Come, come.
Buttons, you dumb dog.  You get in here.
I told you to stay out of the Baker’s yard! Go in our own yard!

Sees Mrs. Baker, waves

Hi, Mrs. Baker. Sorry about that.

Closes door.

Sammy, he went in the Baker’s yard again. ….
Well, buy a fence!

We could buy enough to get by – at least enough for the dog to go in. …
We’re not completely broke. You still find enough money for the fitness center every month.

But I needed new shoes! One pair I bought last week don’t feel good!  And the other pair are not the right color.

Ok, I’ll shut up about the fitness center – you shut up about the shoes!
Just get a fence somehow!


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Oneta 84

The rest of Put Me In Remembrance, the paper I wrote to God regarding his healings to me, is far too long (approx 3500 words) to put on a blog.  Besides it is very personal.  I am extremely vulnerable and am only sharing because I believe God has directed me to.  He must know if it would be of help to you.  If you want to read it, you can find it on my home page menu, My Story of Healing. HERE  Scroll down past the “testimonies” I have been putting on the blog, to a blue highlighted section called SOME GENERAL COMMENTS REGARDING SOME THINGS I’VE FOUND OUT ABOUT YOUR HEALINGS TO ME.  

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Oneta 84

I plan for this to be the last of the posts regarding times the Lord healed me in a divine kind of way with no help from medical field – medicine or doctors.   As I’ve stated previously Put Me In Remembrance was written about 2000.  There were other healings but none that I have written in detail.  Some of the ones listed below need additional explanation, so what is written in blue are notes added tonight (8-8-19).

Another excerpt from “Put Me In Remembrance.”

Other times I never want to forget, for which I thank you (God) again.  Do you remember?

The infected bladder at mother’s when she was so sick. I was determined not to worry her.  And, God, you did it!  Thank you.

That bladder problem has been a recurring one, but you have taken care of it each time.  Long ago, I went to the doctor about that.  Back about my twenties or so.  Before my “call” to trust you for my healing.   This problem has not been back for many years.  I guess it was the problem when I was so sick at my mother’s as mentioned above.  She passed in 1994, so that’s been a long time.

The time on the highway when my eyes went kuerpluey.  I got off the road and went into the credit union to sit and decide what to do.  I sat in there until you rescued me.  Thanks. There were other recurring incidents of that but not nearly so bad, or so scary.  It has been quite a long time now since that happened. I don’t know what that was.    It happened when I was in the hospital.  I think in Denver, 2013.  I told the doctor. They did an CAT; anyway nothing showed up.  It was troublesome to me, quite scary.  I don’t really know how to explain, but things would look all cracked up so I couldn’t focus pin point vision.  If I was driving, I would pull off the road and try to get in a populated area in case I had a stroke or something.  Still happens occasionally but much less severe.  I’m still trusting the Lord for that situation.

Remember the back ache one Saturday.  It was so painful until the next morning when I got ready for Sunday School.  You healed it and I carried on my Sunday morning duties.

And do you remember the fear I had about the bump on my tongue when the dentist told me to have it checked. (to have a biopsy – scared the liver out of me)  The amazing peace you gave to me.  (I wrote that up somewhere.  I need to find it and add it to this paper.)

One night I thought I had heart attack.  It sure hurt.  Thanks for the touch.  I have a note in my Bible regarding this incident.  I opened my Bible to Psalms 18:4-6. “The cords of death entangled me; The torments of destruction overwhelmed me.  The cords of the grave coiled around me. The snare of death confronted me. In my distress I cried to the Lord.  I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice. My cry came before into his ears.” I have marked in the margin: June 18, 1999 2:15 am.  I am amazed that I opened to that scripture at that time. I had never even noticed the scripture before that!

Remember a time when church started, I went to the front and asked Bob to pray for me.  I had a headache and I realized I didn’t need to sit there until he asked if anyone needed prayer.   And you took it away immediately.  Amazing.

One of your first healings to me was the healing of the rash on my hand.  I put the need on a prayer card for the women to pray for me.  I wasn’t even at the service, but my hand healed up.

The strange pain centered in my back and chest. You took care of that at church one Wednesday evening as I stood in the aisle.  Someone named Teresa prayed for me.  That has been troubling me more this week, but I know what you did.* (See more below about this.)

*As more time has gone by, this needs more record. This pain came back.
December, 97. One day I went to the church for prayer by some of the staff
people who were there. I got some relief but at church the next night, it became
so bad! could not remain in the service. I headed toward the restroom where I
could hurt in private, and met Bro. W. in the hall. I knew that was more than
coincidence. He was one of only. about ‘five people among that thousand or so
who were there that night who knew about my problem. He prayed for me again.
I went in the restroom and cried for a bit, then got relief. Only a trace of pain the
rest of the night. Then it was over. When I was at Karen’s in February this pain
came with vengeance. After a couple days, her pastor and his wife came and
prayed. That night there was slight pain. Then it was gone. I drove home the next day without pain.  (About 350 miles)  It came back this week. Again, I affirmed that you are taking care. I slept with my hand on your words in Ex. 15:26 “I am the Lord who healeth thee.” A day later I was in the car only about three or four minutes and some woman read that scripture on the radio. What timing! You astound me, Lord.   It has been a long time since this pain.  I never did know what it was.  Maybe kidney infection or stones.

About 2006 or 2007 I had another issue with passing blood.  It was a hard time for me.  Too much detail to remember at this time, but it was an amazing thing the Lord did at that time.   There was another issue regarding a “bump” that I feared was cancer.  I have details on that somewhere but I’ll hold it – for now anyway.  These issues were after Put Me in Remembrance was written, so they are not included.


Dear Readers, I hope I haven’t been excessive with these posts regarding my Lord as Healer in my life over the 55 years or so when I did not go to a doctor.  But the rest of my story will not be significant to what I have learned if you do not understand the amazing walk in physical healing that I experienced.  How did I finally come to the place where I had to say, “Even so, Lord, not my will but Thine be done?”  And why do I run to the doctor at the drop of a hat now?

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security guard

Teddy knew this was a not a real police job, but customer service was like a security job; it was really important.  People would be depending on him like they depend on police.  The Customer Service Manager, Mike, said he could do it and he believed he could do a good job.  His mom was proud of him.  He would make enough money to help her and he could get his lunches at the food fair most days.  And he liked his uniform; the badge showed that people could trust him. 

His first assignment was to watch the street on the north entrance.  Mike said to look around and see if someone needed help.

Well, Friends, I don’t really know Teddy, nor his mom, nor his boss but this is where I came into the picture.  Allow me to still call this twenties-something man Teddy, who was in position at the north entrance at the mall.

My sister, Karen, and I decided to run to the mall and look for a particular dress shop we had heard about.  So we found ourselves in the mall – on Friday afternoon, the week-end after pay day, the last pay day before school starts, the non-tax week-end!  Cars everywhere.  Four waiting for one parking space, drivers trying to out-do one another!  I found one at the north end of the parking lot, far enough away that no one else was waiting.

Karen and I started walking toward the entrance.  I got tired much too soon.  She said she would go ahead and see if that was the entrance we needed.  We spotted Teddy.  Someone to help.  She walked his direction.  I stood mulling over the situation.  Teddy appealed to my imagination.  I thought, “I bet he hasn’t been long on this job.”  He was eager; he stepped toward my sister; he looked animated; he looked pleased to listen as she spoke to him.

I turned to walk back to the car.  Got in, backed out, and went to the corner where I left Karen and Teddy talking.  No Karen, no Teddy.  I picked up my phone to call but there she came walking down the long mall entrance.  I maneuvered my car around to pick her up.

“Well,” she says, “the dress shop is in this mall, but we need to park on the other end.  I could see it down at the east end.  Teddy was very helpful but he didn’t know very much because this was his first day on the job.  He seemed a little slow, but he was real nice.  He asked me if I wanted him to wait while I came to get you.  Or if he needed to walk back out with me.”  I laughed and told her I had already come to the conclusion he was new at the job.

New at the job.  A first of its kind.  Eager, proud, helpful, full of hope.

I wonder how long it had taken Teddy to get a real job.  Not just lawn work or helping the neighbor lift a heavy motor out of a car.  High five, Teddy.  Keep your thankfulness, your helpfulness, your hopefulness, your pride!

Record low unemployment, most people in the labor force than ever before!  Maybe some thanks should be given for a “needy” labor market – one that gives Teddy a chance.


Short story.  Intro is fiction, the part about Karen and me is true.

Entered on M’s monthly prompt challenge.  “The first of its kind” August 6th.  Thanks, M, for the prompt.

Image: Pixabay





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I am a product of a fractured generational culture.  I have given up.
With the permission of the youth pastor, I went to youth services for several months;  engaged some senior ladies to bring cookies. I wanted to join the youth in prayer times, but they were encouraged to pray for each other; they did that.  I was defeated.  I endured somewhat patiently the loud music; I was met with a tee shirt that said, “If our music is too loud, you are too old.”  I was offended.
When the suggestion was made that senior church members, such as veterans, or those who had amazing testimonies of healing or provision, give their stories to the youth groups, it was denied.   Anything we could do was replaced by videos.
I read one time that the older generation could cultivate a relationship with the younger people by asking about their tattoos.  So I tried.  Family reunion of sorts, I seated myself in a room occupied by twenty somethings.  There were tattoos, so I boldly said,  “I read that I could make acquaintance with younger people by asking about their tattoos.  So tell me about yours.”  Reply: “If you’re not drunk, you wouldn’t understand.”  I’m the persistent sort so I said, “Then ask me a question, and I’ll see where we can go with that.”  Response:  “Where were you born?”  Now that might have been a conversation starter if I had been born in Cuba or Peru, but “Colorado” was not very engrossing.  But with my engaging personality (smiles are welcomed right here :D)  I developed that answer into a seven minute speech I had recently given to Toastmaster’s Int. and Lo, I was listened to.  Never saw that group again, but they probably remember me.  Most people at family reunions do.  😀  But young people are scarce at family reunions.
A venture outside the church setting: I wrote a prayer request, typed it in card size and went to the mall and passed it out to teens.  On it I told of a run-away teen whose family was hurting. I would say something like this: “Would you read this story, and, if you are a Christian, pray about it. If you are not, maybe it will help you see how much your family probably loves you. Take time to give some love back to them.” I met some sweet kids.  One group of four kids looked pretty weird to me. I decided to speak to them anyway. They were polite to me. A few told me they were Christians and they would pray for me. As I said, Precious Kids – who really needed adults to care.  That was proof that kids cared and wanted involvement.  But I didn’t keep it up.  Weather got colder; it got dark too early; the parking lot was scary.  I quit.
I asked five teen girls from my church to meet me after church at Braum’s so I could buy them a sandwich. I had no takers, so I gave up, deciding they probably thought I was weird. And I guess I am.
When I told Sammy, he said, “Well, you’re a stranger, aren’t you?” I said, “That’s my point exactly.” I don’t want to be, but I am — a product of a fractured-generation culture.  
Image: Pixabay
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 Sherri ended the call, pulled her wrap to fit more closely to cover the scar on her shoulder.  She had almost choked on her words.  He believed the lie; he believed she was a fool.  Making her way to the vanity, she leaned against it’s corner edge to peer into the mirror, lifted a curl and gave it a dash of spray.  This sham was about to begin – her version of a shell game.  Somehow she must act excited, smile, shimmy, allure, and entice.  By dawn it will be over.   The scar will remain but it will have been avenged.


A Wordle Challenge #415 sponsored by The Sunday Whirl. Use the following words in a form of your choice.     Sham, lift, spray, dawn, shimmy, wrap, fit, choke, call, shell, corner, scar

The Sunday Whirl

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Oneta 84

About twenty years ago I wrote a paper called “Put Me In Remembrance.” (Isaiah 43:26)  This is an excerpt from that paper.  Remember I was writing to God.  Believe me I did not lie nor stretch the truth!  

Anointing with oil, James said (James 5:14). One time over in Claremore I was

having a hearing problem in my right ear. On my way to a cell group prayer, you (God)

told me to stop and get olive oil to be anointed and prayed for. The only bottle of

oil there was kind of large; I felt awkward about carrying it in to the prayer so I

managed to get it into my purse. When I arrived somewhat late, a discussion

was taking place. Someone said to me, “You’re an old-timer. What do you know

about anointing with oil?” Amazed, I told them I believed in it; “In fact,” I said, “I

just bought some so you all could anoint me with oil and pray for my ear.” They did
just that. Two days later while I was in my classroom, the proper hearing came
back into my right ear.

A follow up kind of thing relating to oil just happened last month here in Mustang.
On Sunday my right hand became terribly sore. Shaking hands was very painful.
When I woke Monday, the pain was even worse. I found it very difficult to brush
my teeth – even to the point that I attempted to brush with my left hand. Turning
the door knob was almost impossible. I was on the way to the Monday morning
meeting at church when I remembered the “oil” experience. I stopped at Larry’s
Grocery. As I entered I saw a sign on the door; it related to pain medicine that
was there available for Osteo-arthritis. A quick question came to my mind about
whether that would be good for me. Putting that aside, I went in to get the oil. As
I was leaving the store, I noticed my hand hardly hurt at all when I pushed the
door open. Could that really be? It was. There was hardly any pain left.

Perhaps it could be described as a bit of an ache. No, it wasn’t really even that
much. I could hardly wait to tell the folks at church that morning, while
demonstrating my ability to twirl my hand around with my purse in it. I did go
ahead in obedience having them to anoint and pray for me. The pain has not been

Since Grandma Rodgers, Daddy, and Mother all had very painful arthritis, I have
had to be especially alert to keep that threat turned over to you. The first
experience relating to it, was when I was quite young, possibly in my thirties. A
group of Muse people had gone to a meeting in preparation for a healing service.
(I think maybe for a Mario C. crusade.) The leader was explaining that they
did not plan to have a healing line; rather folks who needed prayer would be
invited to stand and other believers around them would pray for them. He said the
Lord would demonstrate what he would do right then and there. He asked
everyone to think of something that hurt them right then, then ask the person sitting by us to pray for us and God would heal us. I believe I was sitting by Alene P. I told
her the only thing I could feel wrong right then was some arthritis in my middle
finger, left hand. She prayed and the pain left immediately. That was a landmark
time in my faith for turning the arthritis threat to you. And, thanks also for the time
Margaret Johnson touched my heal in prayer. She had no reason except for you
to know about my foot problem that night. Lord, I have to keep reminding
myself to keep every word I write in absolute truth. You know I am not even
exaggerating these incidents. However, they are amazing almost beyond

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