serene scene


Boisterous spirits

grow serene when surrounded

by the fishing scene.


Image: Pixabay

Write haiku using words serene/scene Ronovan’s challenge

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macro of pregnant female Guppy (Poecilia reticulata), bit harsh reflections on the belly

All I want for Mother’s Day is a pregnant guppy

No kitty, no hippo, no cockatoo, nor puppy

No perfect yellow rose, nor reconstructed nose,

No silver spoon from which to sup,

No gold-etched china saucer and cup,

No trinkets nor blankets, not even books

No cell phone, new chair, nor shelves with coat hooks,

No flowers in a stunning vase

Nothing made of satin, denim, nor lace

No lotions, no  oils – nothing used in tubs.

No pictures nor pitchers, not even back rubs.

All I want is a pregnant guppy  —

        I pray she’ll not be mean and vicious

        Who finds her children quite delicious!



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Poor Joe has been dealt a lemon.  He tries to make lemonade with mixed reviews!  Not enough apology, too much apology, didn’t say I’m sorry,  too much sugar, he said I’m sorry but for the wrong reason….

I’ll just jump into this Joe Biden fray.  I am not a Joe Biden fan; in fact, I think he gained his fame by being a  go-fer.  He got where he is by being a “yes” man and saying dopey things that no body took seriously (his being a Democrat and all that).  His standing up to defend the USA is not my hope.  Be like sending a chicken to the fox den.  After she lays the egg all negotiations are over.

However… Out of the woodwork come the ladies who have “felt uncomfortable” with his hand-on approach.

Now let me state I would not have liked it!  It is far to “hands on” for me.  But someone should have told the poor guy forty or fifty years ago, “keep your hands to yourself, Buddy.”  Poor ole Joe just thought he was spreading a bit of love around – you know the kind “let’s make love, not war.”  It did not dawn on him that some people are not smitten with “handsome, fame, and power” deigning to whisper in their ear making them “queen for the day” with a snuggle to the neck and a kiss on the head.    The Duke and the Commoner.

Now back to the ladies (?).  So he made you “uncomfortable?”  I remember being uncomfortable one time in high school when a “juvie” stuck a porn picture in front of my face, in class.  I couldn’t have made a scene even if I would have.  Of course, I would not.

Here is where the feminists are right.  I should have stood up, asked the teacher permission to go to the principal to handle a personal emergency.  I bet “juvie” would have stewed in his own pot for a bit!

However, I think it would have been wrong to bring it up even a year later – let alone ten, twenty, thirty…  People change!  Even onery ones sometimes turn out to be quite nice gentlemen!  Poor Joe.

I am fed up with the women who seemingly (according to them) suffer in silence until the perfect day of revenge, which is always when the political cause needs them.  If their male victim is a Democrat he will likely survive – notice how quickly Virginia’s scandal has disappeared.   If he is a Republican – rarely.  Where, by the way, is Judge Roy Miller, a Republican judged guilty because of political expediency?  The deciding vote is generally cast by the news media whose reputation for truth and fairness is not notable!

Women, if you are hurting from unjust treatment in the past, go tell somebody today!  Don’t wait for the time someone might be willing to buy your story from you.  Quite likely you, like I, have put it in your “stupidity” file, forgiven the creep, and lived to see the day he has matured and contributed something good to the world.  Most of you are not holding out for “Is The Price Right.”

Now back to uncomfortable.  A good number of you women over fifteen years of age know you are making a guy “uncomfortable” when you are wearing high-lift- bras with cut-to-the-navel necklines.  You finally understand your biology teacher, you enjoy having bait on the hook, and you enjoy watching the worm squirm.

Imagine this scenario:  You, a woman, have been years now doing good, making wise choices, taking responsibility, and paying your own bills.  Now you have been selected as a nominee as first woman Mayor of your small city!  Looking good.  However, one of those guys you made “uncomfortable” when you were seventeen, comes out of the closet and charges you with making him uncomfortable.  Come on now, who’s the victim!  Who gets sneered at?  Honest, now, do you want equality?

Well, at least you will have the media on your side seeing as how you  are “woman” – a diversity victim!  Poor Joe, no diversity.  Even “dopes” are not recognized as a diversity group.


I will, maybe, be back with the squirming worm later. See if I can get him free from the hook without too much damage.  😀

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Beauty of things seen

Mystery of things hidden

Creator’s image!


Image and prompt by Sue Vincent

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A quality far too many people lack, choosing chaos for the sake of “feminism” and “political correctness” for the sake of winning.


If I haven’t made you mad enough to “un-follow” me yet, just wait.  I have the big bullets coming.  Although I will try to hold my peace on the Sabbath!  I promise some chaos, not for the sake of feminism, but for the sake of common sense and “womanhood” and “manhood.”

This is the stage of “writing the letter but don’t mail it.”  I might back out but probably not.  😀



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My dad left some minerals rights to me more than 40 years ago. I have prayed that the Lord would grow some of that “seed” in my behalf. As I am 85 years old, I am thinking surely the time is nearing when the Lord will answer that prayer. In another five years will I even want to go shopping?

With that in mind, I’m thinking of Luke’s story about Elizabeth. How Elizabeth must have feel when she was “very old” and had not yet had a child! Did she still want one? I certainly understand if she no longer wanted to go shopping pushing the stroller along the crosswalks! Well, according to Luke, she did still want the child and I guess she was in bliss as friends and relatives pulled down the corner of the blanket to view the miracle.

The angel said to Zechariah, “your prayer has been heard.” When did he pray for a baby? Sounds like he must have given up having a child years ago. No fatherhood for him! But in that land from whence the angel came, that land where time is not, the prayer was heard and answered. They just had to wait for the appointed time! Well, perhaps I’ll still get my oil well!  At the appointed time.

I am somewhat jesting about my prayer for an oil well. That may be why I don’t get it; I jest instead of pray.  I’m certainly not praying fervently. Also the oil well might not be God’s will, but prayers for the spiritual rebirth of our children are fully in tune to God’s desire. Continue in fervent prayer and don’t give up! You, like Elizabeth, will rejoice and say, “In these days he has shown his favor…” And, like Paul, you can say, “My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you (Gal. 4:19).

Now is the time for spiritual birth.


Thanks to “Free Bible Images” for picture

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I told you I would give you something for your 13th birthday that you have never received before.  This is it.  I bet no one else puts you a Happy Birthday on a blog.

HIT these teen years with your usual KIND, HONEST, and ABLE VIGOR and you will knock them out of the park.

I guess you are my great-great-nephew.  Let’s make that a Great great-great-nephew.  Okay.  Thanks for your help with my technical gizmos while I was in Mississippi.




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1. “I’ll hurry. First let me give my shoes a spit and polish,” says Joe as he spits on the toe of his shoe and shines it a bit on the back of his pants’ leg.

2.  “Come here and let me give you a spit and polish,” says mom as she spits on her apron and gives Johnny”s face a swipe around the mouth.

3.  “Sorry about the house  I just gave it a spit and polish,” I say as I invite a visitor to come in.

That, my friends, is what I thought “spit and polish” meant.  Just a quick fix.  A little swipe to get by.

Imagine my surprise when I find I am wrong.  All the definitions I find say that “spit and polish” refers to “extreme attention to cleanliness, orderliness, smartness of appearance.” – EXTREME!

What a shame.  Now I have to give my house a “spit and polish” that really cleans it up!  I have just been making do.  No more spitting on a napkin to wipe up the drop of dried oatmeal off the floor.


But I don’t remember where the mop bucket is…Oh, I remember, it has ashes from the fireplace in it…I’ll pick one up at the Dollar Store when I get dressed…I need to see who’s put what on the blog before I go…Then I need to pull some weeds before I clean up to go to the store…Have I prayed yet today; maybe I should do that before I do anything else…But I can’t stay awake to pray unless I have a nap first…


Thanks to Pixabay for the image, and to VJ for the challenge.

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How do I measure up with the beatitudes in Matt. 5.  I don’t know. I don’t know that I need to know. How can I judge myself in these nine areas? (I thought there were ten. Am I missing something).

If I think I pass any of them, that would be a huge show of pride, wouldn’t it?

Well, reading them is a good place to start to find out! Honest now, do I see myself as “poor in spirit”? My ire can be aroused pretty easily. I had a note on my desk one time that said something like this, “A person is only as big as what it takes to make him mad.” Roger reminded me of my note when I saw a cockroach under the sink!  Am I no bigger than a cockroach?  I sure can get ticked off at finding one of those critters. 

I am laughing a bit.  I do really think one can hate cockroaches, but I don’t think they ought to make one curse and throw things.  Maybe make me mad enough to move the ‘frig all by myself!  😀

Moving right along to the second Beatitude…. 

How about hunger and thirst after righteousness? Can I judge that by where my priorities are in the amount of time I spend in things of the Kingdom? If so, I’d say I could use some more priority time just meditating on Jesus. Enough judging myself today.

Wow, seven more beatitudes to go.  Can I face myself in all of them?

I end in thanks to my loving Jesus.

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What can you do to add a pleasant roundness to your years – Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter?

  • Cultivate and follow principles that lead to laughter and devotion to a cause.
  • When you go to bed at night, formulate the positive reasons for getting up and being “you.”  The Japanese might say, “What is your ikigai?”  Christians might say, “What is God’s will for your day?”
  • Achieve mastery of your innate talents and interests.
  • Skip the skimble-skamble of heavy encumbrances resulting from saying “I will” to every request made of you.
  • Refuse to be incited to unjust anger.

What a pleasant way to add longevity to your life!


Thanks to mindlovemiserysmenagerie for the Wordle challenge.   Use at least 10 of the following words:  follow, laughter, cultivation, devotion, spring, roundness,  Ikigai, incite, encumbrance, skimble-skamble, mastery, longevity.  – I used all twelve.

Image: Pixabay


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