I asked Sammy what to call the part of the body we can spank.  I thought his answer, gluteus maximus, was a bit much and said so.  So he said call it the posterior.  Still a bit much.  I asked why I could say the buttocks but not the butt.  He said he had no idea, but I could say glutes.  So I looked on line, “butt cheeks” seems proper.   Okay, I’m laughing – hope you are too.

Whatever you call the gluteus maximus muscle and the fat which covers it, is not my issue.  My issue is that it is very important to the subject of spanking.  When mom turns a three year old over her knee, the butt is the place to spank.  By the way it should not be administered on the bare skin.  Telling a child to drop his pants, adds humiliation to the mix.  Don’t go there.

I do believe in spanking because it can be immediate, over, and forgotten quickly and it can be administered to the safe area of the body.  😀  In order to be over and forgotten quickly, it must not be so hard that bruises and welts are left.  And it must be with real concern and love for the child.

I seldom spanked in school although I was advised to do so by the counselor in junior high.

I made an exception with a first/second grade class who did not think I cared if I did not spank.  Case in point.  One day the kids came in from recess trying to out talk each other telling about misbehavior on the playground.  I finally said, “All of you who deserve a spanking, come up here.”  To my amazement – and dismay – eight boys and one girl lined up.  What would you do?  Well I took the ping pong racket and gave each, one swat that wouldn’t have killed a fly.  But they felt “freed” from their misdeeds.  They were together in saying “David did it too.”  David wouldn’t confess but I think he did do it to.

I resorted to things that were far more damaging to a child.  Such as tearing up a paper a boy continued drawing after I told him to stop drawing and do his work.  He was a good little artist.  I’ve always felt bad for tearing up that picture.

Time out is among the worst of punishments.  It gives lots of time to brood and imagine how to get even.  Sitting one in the hall is even worse.  What a fun place to sit while others walk by.  Only the good kids are embarrassed, and I don’t believe in embarrassing children.  Taking something away?  Most children are not allowed to have anything at school that can be taken away.  Lunch?  Never.  Recess?  You can’t believe what a nice time to rummage in the teacher’s desk, and a golden opportunity to steal something, or get the play dough out to play with.


Swats do not work at school if the child has been beaten at home. I have with tongue in cheek said that spanking only works on good kids.   And I sort of mean it.

Abused Children?  That’s a different post, not for today, and probably not from me.  At least not when my subject is punishment.


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WHY SUFFER? – #8 Punishment

suffering intro

I am not prepared to make judgments about who, how, why God punishes in the present day.  But I think I have some sound opinions and advice about such a matter.

So let me tell you some personal stories. We were parenting when spanking was common, and we punished our boys with swats with a belt.  In my father’s family it was a razor strap.  I don’t think we (Sammy and I) had a razor strap, mostly I remember using a belt used for holding up trousers.

Sammy and I with Carl our older son who was about five or six at that time were visiting Sammy’s sister.  One evening at bed time Sammy was in bed, Carl was standing by the bed doing something with a belt.  Sammy told Carl to give him the belt, Carl refused.  Carl continued to refuse to turn lose the belt.  Sammy gripped the belt near Carl’s hand and swatted Carl with the end of the belt.  Carl still refused to turn loose.  Sammy struck him several more times each time telling Carl to turn loose.  Carl would not.  Carl was crying, I was heart broken but supported Sammy in not letting Carl win that battle.  Finally Carl turned loose the belt and of course Sammy didn’t spank anymore.

For some reason Sammy and I referred to that incident just this summer and Sammy cried these many years later.  I assured him he had acted as a loving father would.  In the first place, Sammy was laying on the bed, probably propped on an elbow holding Carl’s arm, but he certainly was not hitting Carl in an angry, vicious, or bullying manner.  Carl was pretty close to Sammy or they could not have both been holding the belt.  But most of all it is significant that Carl could have turned loose that belt at any time and stopped the swats.

Now one on myself.  When I spanked Roger (second son) with a belt he would pull and holler.  I would hang on and swat.  😀  I assure you his pulling away from me resulted in harder swats.  If he had just hugged my waist while I swatted, it couldn’t have hurt much.  I probably would have hit my own legs.  😀

Another story about myself and Carl.  Both my boys grew fast; they were each six feet tall by fourteen years of age.  Sometime about the time Carl was 14, he did something I was going to spank him for.  I got the belt and told him to bend over.  He did.  I was suddenly struck by the fact that his “spankable” rear was almost as high as my head.  I thought any kid who will do that – bend over to take his swats without a word of rebellion – should never have swats again, and he didn’t.  That was the last one he got from me.

So what are the lessons?

  1.  Obeying quickly will result in less punishment.

  2.  Get as close to the Lord as possible, it won’t hurt nearly as bad.

  3.   Submit to his authority and you may not need       punishment again.


I have more to say about spanking.  I will do so in another post. 

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WHY SUFFER? – #7 Chastens/Punishes

suffering intro

According to Hebrews 12:6 “because the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son.”  

Punishment (chastisement) occurs as a disciplining measure resulting from misbehavior.  A father punishes his son for disobedience or rebellion.  He does not punish for accidents or immature decisions; rather, for these he disciplines, teaches, and trains his son to make and choose right behavior.  Discipline is what I dealt with in the “tire” story. tire

A father might punish in several ways.  First he might rebuke with words, spank, take away something, or even step aside and let the “rebel” suffer the consequences of his actions.  I believe God punishes in all those ways also.

We might see these actions progress from a rebuke in ones conscience.  The son might be ashamed of his actions and mend his ways.  I point to Peter when he denied Christ as an example of this form of punishment.

Perhaps the rebellious son needs a spanking.  How would God “spank?”  I realize I am on thin ice here.  Many will not agree with me, but it is obvious in the Bible that God allows suffering because of man’s sin.  Ananias and Sapphira were struck dead for lying; Miriam and Uzziah were stricken with leprosy; Aaron’s sons were killed for offering “strange fire;”  Achan and his family were destroyed because Achan took “loot” from the battle at Ai.  There was an unusual story of punishment when Moses made the people drink the powder crushed from the golden calf.  

Sometimes God punishes by taking something away.  David suffered the loss of his son because of sin with Bathsheba.  More common in the OT were times when crops or livestock were taken by locusts or famine often because of idolatry.

Then there are times when God removes his protective hand and lets men suffer the consequences of their own bad choices.  A Bible example I would consider here would be when Lot choose to move into Sodom and there he suffered as a righteous man.

Later I will continue this subject with an contemporary story and some observations and advice.


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CHECK THIS #6, Blogger Referral

check mark

I want to bring your attention a blogger, waynemali, who blesses me with his poetry based on  Bible scripture.  I don’t know whether or not he visits me because he doesn’t leave tracks for me.  I often recognize the icons that belong to many of you who read my posts regularly.  I noticed today that Wayne doesn’t have any icons I recognize.  So I am hopefully sending some his way.  His victorious messages in poetry form bless me.



There you are folks, another CHECK THIS – something worthwhile in 79 words.  😀

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six word

Loving still when hope is bankrupt.


Prompt for Week #4 (September 21, 2019 – September 27, 2019)

Unconditional love



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Didn’t meet goals today.  So I’m posting something I put on Face Book five years ago.  The popped it up to me today.  Thanks, FB.


A few months ago I bought the kindle version of “Killing Jesus” by Bill O’Reilly. I thought it was a worthwhile book so I asked to give a book report about it to our senior group, which I will do Tuesday morning. I wanted to have a “hold in my hand” book for this activity so I borrowed one from the library.

Now here’s an eye opener for me. I am finding much more in the printed book. Was my kindle abridged? No, it is all there. I’ve browsed my kindle library and I now realize that I do not remember anything I read on kindle as well as I remember a printed book. I do most of my Bible reading on kindle so I can enlarge the font. I am rethinking that. Perhaps I should go back to my printed Bible to increase its “stickability” in my brain.

Another thing, I think that may be one reason those of us who were raised with a song book in our hands miss them so much. Even the very act of finding page numbers gives one a bit of review and sets the mind for focusing on the plot of a novel or a song. ( Does song have a plot? I guess some of our favorites come close to that. Maybe theme is a better description.)

I didn’t have much choice before I got my new lens but with better glasses I have a new appreciation for ink print. Kindle readers, do you have an opinion? Teachers, it is a good example of kinetic learning and tactile sense, isn’t it? I know most of us who have used the same Bible for quite some time have a visual sense of just where something is on a page that one can’t get from computer. So I guess I’m just going to have to get my paper Bible back into my life. More tech just doesn’t cut it!

Now what am I going to do about those song books! I guess what I am doing—read them during my personal devotion time for the delight that they are!

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Ellen was dog-tired because of procrastination, the bain of her life which resulted in her communication essay not being completed until near three o’clock this morning.  She had sluggishly made it down the stairs when she remembered having left her paper on the kitchen table!   Bum deal, not walking thirty feet to put the paper in her bag last night, now demands a price of a three story climb.


Three Line Tales Week 190.  Challenge by Sonya  https://only100words.xyz/2019/09/19/three-line-tales-week-190/

Photo by Alina Fedorchenko via Unsplash





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WHY SUFFER? – #6 Discipline – The “Tire” Test

suffering intro


I guess we’ll have to try that test again,” God said.

I think I remember the preacher who said that, but he was not important.  What was important was that statement.  It has stuck with me.

In one of the earlier posts on suffering, I stated that God always has a purpose to accomplish for good when a person suffers.  I also said sometimes the suffering can be shortened if we find the purpose – and I should have added “if we submit to that purpose.”

The preacher was telling of a time when he was desperate for tires, somehow he got some then someone slashed them.  He was irate and did not handle the situation well.  While he was having a “temper tantrum” the Lord spoke those words to him.

Whatever the rest of the story, the point was that God had tested him, and he had failed.  Therefore, he was on guard for the next “test” and handled it better.  (I’ve forgotten the detail of the story, but this was close.)

Over the fifty years or so since that message lodged in my heart, I have tried to remember that God has to place tests in my life in order to move me in maturity as I grow.  Along the way I have learned to recognize a test and tried to submit to its purpose and get out of it as soon as possible.  I guess  I have done pretty well except for a couple of situations in which I seem to constantly “fail the test.”  One regards my eating/sleeping habits; the other is a matter of a relationship.  When I pass these tests, I will be better off for it.

That is his purpose for discipline; that is different than his purpose for chastening which I will deal with next.


*because the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son.”  Hebrews 12:6

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friday fict 9 18

Her scientist husband was at it again.  It infuriated her, amused her, interested her, and drew her to him in spite of his oddities.  She admired his inquisitive brain.  This time he had somehow made a magnetic field in the skylight.  With some huge magnetic doodad he managed to make her kitchenware float.  He turned the doodad at certain angles, stopped, recorded his numbers, measured the heights, turned the doodad some more, stopped, recorded his numbers, measured the heights, recor……  A lucid moment occurred.  She blinked, all her things were in place.    She hears him,  “Honey, are you feeling okay?”


PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll




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WHY SUFFER, Part 5 – Holy Spirit

suffering intro

Yesterday I ended my post with saying the Holy Spirit is a Comforter and gave the Bible illustration of Stephen who, while being stoned to death, saw Jesus.

Today I want to discuss the role Christians should/could play in being used by the Holy Spirit to help or hinder the move of Satan to cause suffering.

I believe God would send “heroes” into some of these situations, if people were to be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Have you not heard anyone say, “I have been feeling like I ought to go check on…” or “I had a special dream that …..”

Personal true stories.  One time I had an impression that I needed to go get acquainted with my neighbor who had done some weird things (like tossing her garbage over our backyard fence).  I didn’t go; she did commit suicide.  I have been forgiven, but I feel sorrow that I did not obey that impression.

Another time has a happier result to report.  It involved domestic abuse that happened often.  Police were called regularly but nothing changed.  One Sunday afternoon I decided to butt into their fight.  When I knocked on the door, the husband opened it.  He was visibly fraught evidence by a heaving chest and obvious anger but he let me come in.  I reminded him of how strong he was and assured him that I didn’t believe he would hurt (wife) on purpose but he might do something very serious if he could not control his anger.  Did the Lord direct that action?  I think so.

I have heard and read many testimonies in which men and women in the armed forces were delivered based on prayers of relatives at home.  Many have come to the conclusion that their prayers were made at such a time that danger existed.*

Christians and non-Christians on this earth are instruments for God’s use.  Be aware of his leadings and obey them.

And then there are also angels….


*John 4:52 Then he inquired of them the hour when he got better. And they said to him, “Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him.” 53 So the father knew that it was at the same hour in which Jesus said to him, “Your son lives.” And he himself believed, and his whole household.

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