Mother was a mastermind of creative ingenuity

along with common sense, and endless energy.

And guts.

I’ve decided to relate why I added “and guts.”  After daddy died, she became addicted on Valium which had been prescribed by her doctor.  The other siblings and I were greatly concerned at how “zombie-like” she had become.  She was very protective about the issue, always saying she wasn’t taking any more than the doctor prescribed which was probably true.

One day Karen walked into her house and boldly said, “Mom, that Valium it killing you.”  Mother looked up and said, “You know, Honey, that’s just what I was thinking.”  She took herself in hand, called the County Nurse and committed herself into an institution to get off that stuff.  That’s guts!

She did get off and within a few years she remarried and was even named the Spirit of Baca County or something like that, getting to ride on a float even.  She became recognized as a historian of note because of her historical articles published in the local newspaper.

Now I don’t want to fail to thank her Lord for answered prayers in this story.  But with God’s help she did it!

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Dear Power:

Forgive me if I intrude into your realm today. I think of Esther when she went before King Xerxes. He had the power to take her life if she happened to irritate him. Fortunately, his Majesty was pleasant and welcomed her with open arms. Power, I ask you to be pleased with me today while I address some issues of concern to me.

Can you restore marriages by words, like “I’m sorry.” or “I love you?”
Can you heal bodies by replacing depression with goals and dreams?
Can you inspire moms by the sight of a baby’s smile?
Can you stretch mens’ finances by keeping their car tires from blowing out?
Can you “use the widow’s mite” to feed the hungry in foreign lands?
Can you give guidance to floundering youth by a word of wisdom from the elderly?
Can you lift the lonely by a smile?
Can you use the energy of youth to help the old?
Can you reward the continued love of a Alzheimer spouse?
Can you sustain the will to live when cancer ravishes the body?

Can you inspire disaster victims to build again?

Do you only do these through the ministry of people?


Thank you for taking time to read my letter. I will contact you next via song, meditation, scripture and prayer. Thanks for your answer. And, I feel honored that you extend your scepter to me just as King Xerxes did to Esther. I am blessed.

Your questioning and loving Servant

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Slight bit of gossip

Gives arms to the enemy,

Crushes mightily.


Submitted to challenge by ronovan using words “slight” and “might”


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It’s done,  down to the menus, salt, pepper, and welcome mat.  Dad chuckled when he saw the name, Felicia’s Forte.  She was daddy’s little girl.

Felicia nervously waited at the hostess desk.  The door opens…..to customers and to her future.

Eighteen years since that first opening day.  Felicia had paid Dad back after just eight years..  Felicia’s Forte was successful.  Voted “Best” in the county.  Recognized by the State Tourism Board.  Closed by something to small to see.

Today the ban lifted.  “If at first you succeed, you can succeed again,” she thought as she flipped the OPEN sign


Image: Dale Rogerson, from Rochelle 100 word Friday Fictioneers










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Oneta 84


In the past I have espoused the idea that Peter, James, and John were Jesus’ inner circle among the disciples because they were present when Jesus had a need—such as to go heal someone—rather than that he just preferred them to the other disciples. Such is the reward for faithfulness, for spending time with Him.

In the selection Acts 1:21-26, there is another incident that shows a reward for faithfulness. Who were the two men who were nominated to take Judas’ place? Joseph Barsabas and Matthias. Peter said, “…it is necessary to choose one of the men who have been with us the whole time the Lord Jesus went in and out among us…” Sort of like the two alternates who are appointed to sit on juries. They are witnesses just in case they are needed.

Did you get that?  Just in case you are needed.  Do you spend time close to Jesus, just in case he needs someone ready, willing, and waiting?

Would he ever say “Where is Oneta; I need someone to go with me or to go for me?”

My Prayer:  Lord, I confess I do not respond to your call for prayer when you call me.  Please forgive me.  Holy Spirit, I purpose to do better in obeying your call to prayer.  

What is yours?

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crispina's challenge photo

“Oh, please Hun, let’s buy it,” Lydia pleaded.

Hun gave a loving but somewhat derisive chuckle.  “Oh, I can see it now.  The first time we have had money to invest, and you want this!”

“I can see Luke and Janie when I tell them I bought this house for you,” he continued.  “Nothing doing, darling, I want to honor you with something special.  How about a new Mercedes, or diamonds?  Or down payment on a fashionable house.”

Lydia sighed, knowing the next years were still going to be hard for her.  Goal oriented, ambitious, seldom-seen husband on the move.  What she wanted was a home filled with the kind of memories she had as a child.   A father with security enough to meet the bills; not a husband scrambling on the “ladder of success.”

She would wait to tell him she didn’t have the abortion.


Picture by Crispina Kemp posted for this photo challenge.

Crimson’s Creative Challenge

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oneta plus

 “In the 1930s, American capitalism practically stopped working,” says google.  War was on the horizon.  The leading causes of death were very much like present times – cardiovascular and renal diseases, cancer, influenza and pneumonia, tuberculosis, motor vehicle traffic injuries, and suicide.

President Roosevelt’s New Deal was launched to save/revive the economy.  It worked.

Hopefully President Trump’s efforts to rebuild our economy will also be successful.  A major difference, however.  The political parties, the people, the media were pulling for America in 1930s’.  Now it appears the united forces who want a One World Government is as strong as those who want to remain a strong independent America.

Now why would I be writing all that stuff in a post about being grateful.  This is why:

God still controls what happens.  He raises up leaders and nations and He puts them down.  Christians’ prayers and responses are a turning factor in the timing of God.  Notice I say “timing” of God.  There will come a One World Government.  That is prophesied, but timing is unknown and determined by God Himself.

In the 1930’s I was about the size of these girls – my great granddaughters.  God was in control then, as He was now  That is my hope for them and my gratefulness to Him.


Discover prompt:  Grateful

See more “Grateful” submissions at https://wordpress.com/tag/discover%20prompts   

Daily prompt at https://wordpress.com/discover-wordpress/tag/discover-prompts/


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Oneta 84

Discover Prompt word for today is “list.”  I don’t like lists much.  They waste my time.  Most lists are made to refer to later or to do soon.  Refer-to-later are no good since I can’t find them because of my unfulfilled to-do-soon lists which I can’t do yet because it is not “soon” yet.

However, I do like answering lists of questions about me.  So I rounded some up.  Here goes.

  1. What is your most embarrassing moment? The one your friends and family like to remind you of!   This is easy.  Hands down, my family laugh and tell a story of my naivety when I came from the country to the city.  I got a good job in the Vocational Rehabilitation Dept. of Oklahoma.  My first day at work I raised my hand to ask permission to go to the bathroom!  I should never have told that  – and here I am doing it again!  I don’t think I was surely that dumb but old habits from the classroom were hard to break!

  2. If you could change one thing from the past, what would it be? Or do you prefer to live with no regrets? I have been overweight most of my life with a lot of wasted energy and frustrations with dieting/giving up syndrome.  I just keep hoping female bodies in Heaven will look like those from the Renaissance Art period!

  3. What is the funniest joke you’ve heard in a while?  Three retired gentlemen lived in an elegant senior community in Florida.  One said he was very thankful to be living in such high style.  He had worked hard and achieved much in his business, but a fire had burned it all down.  The insurance, however, was good so he took the settlement and retired.  The second said that he had had a similar experience but it was broken water pipes that had destroyed his home by flooding everything in his absence.  Good insurance, however, so he took his settlement and retired to Florida.  The third gentleman expressed sympathy and said, “My story is very much like yours, except it was a tornado that wiped me out.”  The other two joined in chorus, “A tornado.  How in the world do you start a tornado!”

  4. What is one of your first memories from your childhood?  I have felt like I can remember my daddy holding me in his arms while walking up some steps into a church.  It was special to me because I remember the little bonnet I had on.  (I asked my mother about it and she felt like it was a real happening.  She even identified the church.)

  5. How would you like to be remembered? This is really a great opening for a gag line like I want to be remembered as being the oldest rich woman who ever lived.  But truthfully, I hope to be remembered as a woman of joy, integrity, wisdom, and  love who leaves a legacy to my descendants that proves the “abundant” life promised by Jesus in John 10:10 consists of much more than money, fame, and technical gadgetry.

  6. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? My husband is from England; therefore, I was concerned about dating him.  What if he wanted to go back there?  Would he take to my country ways?  What about his accent?  That sort of thing  My mother set my mind at rest about that situation.  We dated.  We married.  We have shared over sixty-five years (here in the good USA, I might add.)

  7. What makes you literally laugh out loud? (and I mean full on belly laughs!) Puns, I love puns.  “Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off.  He’s all right now!”  or “Eating clocks is a bother.  It is so time consuming!”  Don’t urge me for more.  I don’t know when to stop.

  8. Finish this sentence: “I wish.  I wish I had been as smart at thirty as I think I am now. Oh, edit that.  I wish I were as smart now as I think I am now! 😀

There, Folks, that’s my list.


Discover prompt:  List

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Karen 2020

What’s been said about a sister?

Cool, glamorous, smart, encouraging, stimulating, loving, witty, calm, patient, loyal, and inspiring.

Sometimes you know that their sisters cannot be all that!

Must be some exaggeratin’ goin’ on.

Ain’t nobody got a sister like that ‘cept me, Verna, and Clyde.


Today my focus is on my sister, Karen, because it is her birthday.  Karen is easily one of the most blessed gifts God ever gave to a family.  Happy Birthday, Karen.


Discover prompt:  Focus

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visitation sch

I miss it.  IT referring to the daily grind.  The clock punching.  The staying on schedule in order to keep others on schedule.  An affirmation and  to others.  The do-my-part in order to accomplish good for others.

Tossing papers from those days is hard to do.  The above snippet is from a yearly plan book about ten years ago, shows visits I made to home bound or nursing home spiritual brothers and sisters.  Notice the mileage.  That’s because someone was paying me for miles.  No one pays me for miles anymore.  Blogging doesn’t require miles.  That’s good.  But its not the same.  I like team work.

However, blogging does provide for a cyberspace kind of team rapport if one wants that.  It is enhanced by the ability to leave comments.  Almost all bloggers answer those who leave messages in comments section.  I like that.  We just comment back and forth until the last “amen” or “emoji” or “good night.”

And we have the sense of loss when one of our “team” quits blogging.  I miss Natalie, who moved to heaven,  and “yep,” I miss Wally who got too many irons in the fire.  And I missed Yinglan when she took a two month lapse.  Something like pain occurs when someone just disappears without explanation.

Yes, My Friends, let’s hear it for the Team!   T- E- A-M,  TEAM, TEAM.


Discover prompt:  Team


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