Lighter mood today. This is a cut and paste re-do from 2017

ABCDEFG—HIJKLMNOP……With a oink, oink, here, and an oink, oink, there……everywhere an oink, oink……one little, two little, three little Indians……Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum……Oh, be careful little hands what you do; oh be careful little feet where you go; for there’s a father up above, who is looking down in love……alphabet, animal sounds, numbers, Bible Books, behavior. Oh, the things one teaches and learns set to music!

Colossians 3:16, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.”

Praise—Praise Him, Praise Him, Jesus out Blessed Redeemer;

Worship—My Jesus, I Love Thee;

Psalms—The Lord is my Shepherd;

Hymns—The Old Rugged Cross;

Spirituals—Angels Watchin’ Over Me;

Spiritual Song—A Child of the King;

Theology—There is a Fountain Filled With Blood;

Victory—Up From the Grave He Arose;

Admonishing—Trust and Obey

Testimony—Leaning On Jesus

Comfort—I Must Tell Jesus;

Prophesy—When We All Get to Heaven

Conviction—And, Can It Be That I Should Gain

Invitation—Pass Me Not


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Inflation is causing my Two for Two-Bits to go up, in case you wonder why I changed to Three Bits.  Just look at it like this; it will be good for us in the long run according to the WH (Psaki for one).  I think Biden and Yellen also think so, and Kamala would have to follow lead.

Number 1.  I’m disgusted at how ignorant, biased people (mostly women in this case) can be used to fulfill some “leader’s” purpose.  They now hate the Supreme Court because they (SC) did away with Roe vs Wade.  They only threw the matter to the States. 

It did lose it magical power of “privacy” rights in the Constitution.  There are no such rights in the Constitution.  So, yes, it did open up a new window that will probably give more unborn babies a right to live life.  Another thing,  Roe vs Wade never did allow abortion past the first trimester; activists judges seems to have missed that limitation. 

Also it provided for abortion for the safety of the mother’s health.  Her “health” could be a matter of the distress the mother was enduring! 

Many states will limit the “health” of the mother to a matter of life or death.  Which it should be.  I, nor any other taxpayer, should have to pay for abortion for a girl who was on a drunken binge!  Nor for a woman who has her hands full of kids already and can’t really afford another one.  Preplanning will help that; it is not another form of birth control.

Number 2. MAGA Conservatives (as opposed to normal Conservatives who can be bribed into voting with the Democrats), heed this alarming warning!  We must get a military-minded man/woman to make our next plans for an insurrection!  It was stupid to try to overthrow Congress/the USA without weapons.  What a farce!  Insurrection without weapons—let me be more factual.  There was bugspray—let me be more factual—it was bearspray.  FBI said there were no firearms, but personally I am certain there were women there with tweezers in their purses.  And the FBI did search the home of one vicious criminal about ten days later and found a handgun and a round of ammo.  President Trump should have told that man to bring his gun to the Capitol for January 6 “Insurrection Day” – grumble, grumble – we just have to get Pres. Trump back.  I’m sure he can stage a better insurrection second time around.  And for goodness sake, don’t ask Nancy or the Police to call out the National Guard. 

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Dear Blogging Friends: I know most people who read my posts are born-again Christians, but I do not want to take that so much for granted that I do not often relate the Gospel to anyone who has not chosen to be a Follower of Jesus Christ.

This is brought to my attention by the “earbug” going around in my head at this time. It is the song: You Never Mentioned Him To Me.

I was entering a Braum’s store the other day. A thirty-ish brawny looking guy was waiting at the corner of the building. I headed his way. He asked me if I needed help. I said I did not but thanks much. Then I asked him if he was a Christian. He said he was. I said, “When you get as close to eternity as I am, you’ll be glad you have made that decision.”

Now that was not a very hard thing to do, but how the devil or his imps trompted on me. When I got home I thought “What if that guy follows me home? You have no business talking to a stranger.” Oh, yes, I had my conflict over that little “mention.” On the other hand, as I wrote on a Friday Fictioneers post last week (I think) we never know what “divine appointment” God might have set up for us.

Was the man a Christian? Or, did he just answer that he was to keep me from hitting him over the head with my Bible? 😀 Does it matter if God set it up?

The McKamey’s – You Never Mentioned Him to Me.

Thanks to You Tube for the McKamey’s

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“What are you going to do with that?”

I really didn’t know for sure. It was certainly not what I went out looking for that day. But there it was standing on an easel in the resale shop. My heart fell in love with this approximate two-foot by three-foot piece of art! And it was only ten dollars!

But it was something I could not carry in my bag and stow away snugly into a corner of a closet.

I’ll show you on another day where it ended up, but now I will tell you why I instantly loved it. In the picture below you can see my brother, Clyde, singing it with his daughter, Rebecca. Clyde sang the song often over the last few decades. I guess this was his last time. Most of the time he sang solo. I do, however, remember my two sisters and I singing with him; I think at my mother’s 80th birthday celebration; that was in 1993.

Clyde followed the Light right into Heaven’s Harbor about two weeks after this picture was taken.

Jesus said in John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”


The Lighthouse: Written by Ronny Hinson in 1970

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Howie Smith, senior deacon in the Community Church called Pastor Peter P. Pagent.

“The boat’s at the church all set to go. Shorten your sermon. I leave by 11:45.”

“Fret not thyself; I’ll quit before 11:45.”

“OK, see you in the morning. Take a bag lunch.”

…..Voice from Heaven: “What if my message is not finished?”

“Uhh, uhh. You see, Lord, Howie is getting pretty old, he might fall in and drown if someone is not there to rescue him. Not exactly “ox in the ditch” but pretty close, isn’t it? And we will say grace for the food.”



Write a one hundred word story sparked by the picture prompt. More stories of this type can be found by visiting Rochelle at https://rochellewisoff.com/ Thanks, Rochelle and Lisa, for this challenging event.

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Google, nor I, can find this book. I have it in my hand. But I can’t find anything to prove it exists! 😀

Can any of you folks from other countries help me out? The book is definitely American. At least it is part of American Girl Series and it was printed in Boston. If it even exists. But I see it.

(Very philosophical, huh?) To exist or to not exist that is the question.

HER FRIENDS LOVER, AMERICAN GIRL SERIES.  Copyright 1897.  SOPHIA MAY Rebecca Sophia Clarke, also known as Sophie May, was an American author of children’s fiction. Using her nieces and nephews as inspiration, she wrote realistic stories about children. Between 1860 and 1903 she wrote 45 books, the most popular being the Little Prudy series. Wikipedia    I cannot find anything with this Title.  This book was originally published under the title of “Drones’ Honey.” They used the same plates and added a new title and cover. All page headings say: “Drones’ Honey.”    Google:  The title “Drone’s Honey” by Rebecca Sophia Clarke. This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. . … Google Books        
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THIS IS MY NEW LOOK IN THE LIVING ROOM. I’m leaving the picture large because they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and I agree. The entry is through the curved door. I will show you my work there later. Behind where I am standing to take the picture, is the eating and kitchen area. I’m not redoing it.

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My picture looks like I am happier than my words sound today!

I just ran on to a note I made sometime; don’t remember when nor where, but it still resonates with me. Obviously I was disturbed about our “new” Christians; particularly the ones whose salvation experience was only about as effective as making a resolution or turning over a new leaf (without making a resolution.) So, here is what I said:

I believe we yank them through the door, ease their consciences, give them an assurance in something they do not have, send them out without knowing diddly squat, carrying their strongholds with them.  The devil is smart enough not to raise his ugly head until they get alone; then sure enough they find that there is really nothing to this victory in Jesus talk.  And they are worse off than they were at first (Matt 12:44). 

Jesus describes salvation, becoming a Christian, as being “born again.” One becomes a new creature; one who lives in Christ and in whom Christ dwells.

The New Birth does not look like a half hatched egg.

GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES. Teach, love, and listen until your new convert is strong enough to walk alone.

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Why are they doing this?

I didn’t have a reason for taking the pictures except that I wondered “why?” when passing the baby food aisle in Walmart’s.  So now I share this picture, question, and comments  with you.  Hope you will give me some feed ba

The right picture shows that there is baby food available, but there are empty spaces on the shelves and there are not many different brands. The note in the left picture says: Effective immediately all baby formula sales are limited to five units per child for each customer per day.

To me that sounds like quite a lot of baby food. Am I wrong? I might be. I’ve not had any experience with baby eating habits in many years.

Is there any reason a customer cannot buy that much food at several Walmart stores? Does a customer have to “log in” to buy his units every day? Or is it an “on your honor” that you will not hoard by buying more than you need?

I’ve done a bit of research. The shortage occurred more than a year ago because of contamination in a large supply lab. Two children died.

I found three reasons for the shortage. 1. The closing of that major supplier. 2. Covid had to get into the blame somehow, something about supply chain and shortage of personnel. 3. Although Europe has lots of better quality baby food which we cannot import because their labeling is insufficient!

Looks like the last our President had some involvement was in May, four months ago. Why is he on vacation? or in his basement? He didn’t mention the problem with any update in his speech this week, did he? How is it that the WIC program seems to have first-ies? Government first? Of course.

One article said someone had paid up to $200 for a unit of baby formula. Why? Use some goats milk, or ask a new mom to breast pump a few bottles full. If she is hesitant, lay a couple hundred dollar bills in front of her.

Another comment worth while? How did President Trump get some of the blame. Because he taxed Canada! Aww, two years has not been long enough for the Biden administration to nullify that. It didn’t take two months to nullify his deals with our southern nation.

The news media seems to have let a tragedy go to waste by not blaming Climate warming or fossil fuels.

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“Hey, Chuck, I’m sure we can find some wire cutters in my granddad’s tool shed. We only need the wire cutters, a candle, and two hairpins, If we hurry I think we can get back in time to win this scavanger hunt. Twenty bucks to the winner.”

Chuck and Cherry made a quick dash to the shed, opened the door, and gasped with surprise. There was a four year old girl bound and gagged sitting in the corner.

Then they remembered hearing an Amber Alert on the radio as they drove over.

“Maybe we were directed here for this very need.”

“Whatever! I’m glad we found her.”


PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

Thanks, Rochelle and David, for this challenging event. Write a one hundred word story sparked by the picture prompt. More stories of this type can be found by visiting Rochelle at https://rochellewisoff.com/

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