“Where did all these footprints come from?” mused Detective Sam Smith.  He had been called because all the silver coins had been taken from the fountain.  The footprints should have been a good clue, except for one thing.  The wet prints were walking toward the fountain, not away from it!

Meantime behind the heavy hedge Wiley Wallace looked into his bag, smiled at his loot, removed a damp towel and a pair of shoes, and dried his wet feet again.

He could have just got into the fountain, got the silver, then dried his feet when he got out, but Wiley loved leaving misleading clues.  Wiley loved being wily – wily as his name.  So he had walked barefoot across the wet, dewy grass and across the concrete, leaving the deceptive tracks.

“Hands up,” called Det. Johnson.  “Not so wily this time. Your steps led straight to you.”

“How is that possible?”  wailed wily Wiley Wallace.  “They pointed the other way.”

“Not if you walked backward,” smugly smiled Det. Sam Smith.


Well, Dear Bloggers, my story shows you how “Two wrongs can make a right!”  😀


Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay

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I’ve been listening to William Cowper’s hymn from the mid 1700s, “O for a Closer Walk with God.” Third verse  is not something we want to sing. “Return, O holy Dove, return, Sweet messenger of rest! I hate the sins that made Thee mourn, and drove Thee from my breast.” We don’t want to accept that sin will drive God away.

We much prefer Romans 8:38. How comforting!

Maybe it is time for considering more of what the scripture says. Isaiah 59:1,2 “Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save nor his ear too dull the hear, But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear.”

So does God leave? Does our sin drive him away—the fact is, that un-repented sins will cause separation. Can they separate us eternally? I think so. But even if not, I want Him now, today. I want to be held in his arms, drinking from his strength, breathing in his love, covered by his blood, sanctified from my sins.

I suggest that if you can walk in sin without guilt or some “cautioning” from the Holy Spirit, you need to check yourself.  Have you really been redeemed by Jesus, or is you claim to be a Christian based on something else?  That’s the check that matters.


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face vase


I was a new resident in the neighborhood.  I passed this house everyday going to work, then coming home.   I began to notice that the blinds were opened a bit just above the window sill.  An old woman was peeking out!  Every time I looked she was there.  Nosy old thing!

One day I decided to put a stop to her nosiness so I stopped the car, smiled and waved at her.  She didn’t wave back.  I saw that my “old woman” was a vase setting on the sill.  Smarting from embarrassment,  I rolled up my window and went home.


Friends, not in this house nor in this neighborhood, and instead of blinds there were drapes but what I did in the story is true.   Indeed, I did, I stopped my car and waved at the vase thinking I was going to let that old lady know I knew how she was snooping on her neighbors.  Happened in 1965 – some lessons are unforgettable!  😀

Friday Fictioneers challenge by Rochelle.  PHOTO PROMPT © Ceayr

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Imagine this scenario:  Prospective Presidential Nominee Worker appears at my door and asks, “How do you feel about whether or not the USA should put “boots on the ground” in (whatever enemy country)?” Bye, bye, prospective nominee. I’ve had enough of “leaders” who vote by poll.  People who answer this kind of poll are most likely as ignorant as I regarding the matter!

 My old-time tenet is that people who represent me  have inside information, thus have more knowledge than I do, and should have common sense and courage to vote what is good for my country. Chances are what is good for my country will be good for me.

For instance, I think I would like to see a two percent cut across the board for all entitlements. That I say knowing well that my whole financial dependence is on entitlements. But I can’t see how my $1000 cut to $980 will tear up my budget any worse than it is already torn up in an unhealthy economy. Hopefully the twenty bucks will go to some system that will save me that much or more in a growing economy.

I will add that I’ll have a fit if it is used to promote some agency who’s goal is to put more money into someone’s party, or upgrade his limousine.

We need an honest and unbiased media. Then we can know for whom to vote. So how do we get an unbiased media?  That’s a problem when the media is the one who is abetting an agenda!   

Nominees, don’t be so concerned about my wants as about my needs. I need a free country run by people of integrity, good sense, and humility enough to listen to people who know, not to those who don’t.  Don’t be a rogue who ignores his constituency or honest polls but don’t be a cookie cutter either. 

Example:  Man with a mike on the Street.  Do you believe we should take immigrants from the country of Fardess?  Poll results.  87 % Yes,  5% No, and 8% admit they don’t know enough about that country to have an opinion.  I made up this poll since there is no land of Fardess.  But it does illustrate how ridiculous some polls and answers are.

This one is a little more current.  Is President Trump a racist?  Yes,  Why do you think he is racist?  Answer: Because I hate him.   Media reports: Poll shows that Trump is a racist.


Image: Pixabay

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Cheer up, Buttercup

Don’t let the mopes get you down.

A dash of hope helps!


I Peter 1:3   “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead….”

Quote by Helen Keller:  “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

Image:  Pixabay

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“Let’s have a “theme date,” Sally suggested.  “Give me a word.”

“Apricot,” John responded.  They set two rules.  Each must choose two items or activities which would represent the theme word.

Sally smiled because she knew John was making it easy for her to wear her beautiful apricot colored evening dress.  She loved him for his thoughtfulness.  He knew it was difficult for her to buy new things.  So number one was taken care of.

Number 1 was easy for John also.  Apricot colored roses.  Easy to find.

Second theme items were not so easily decided upon.  Sally scanned the internet.  She found just the answer!  She bought apricots and made apricot jam – two jars.  That would satisfy John’s sweet tooth.  And besides that she liked to remind John that she was a good cook.  The old adage: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” just might be true.

John checked restaurants.  “A-ha, perfect” when he found one called “April’s Cottage” – a nice little place with home cooked meals.  He called and asked them to prepare a nice apricot pie for Saturday night.

So all’s well that ends well.  –  No, not the end yet.  John’s thoughtfulness and Sally’s cooking ended in a wedding, set for the month of April, in the garden below the newly budding apricot trees, food served by April’s Cottage, and, of course, Sally wore white with an apricot rose bouquet, the bride maids wore apricot dresses, and the guys had apricot boutonnieres.

They went on a nice wedding cruise enjoying the aquamarine color of the water.  They decided on aquamarine for their next theme date.

How convenient for me since my next coloryourworld challenge is Aquamarine!  😀


My entry in tourmaline’s coloryourworld challenge.  This week “apricot” next week the word will be aquamarine.  Join in tourmaline’s fun.

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Why would one go to a cemetery where she knows no one?  Ask me. That’s what I did.  I am 350 miles from where most of my family members are buried.  I wanted to honor those who might at least represent my loved ones.  The cemetery is about 120 years old and contained people who lived in the same time span as my mom and dad.  Some of the earliest were born about the 1880 and the first burials were about 1915.   I thought I would go meditate and pray, and consider my own mortality.  Evaluate my life and my relationship with Jesus.

When I got there I did not find Death; I found a fuller concept of Life!  Oh, yes, there were decaying bodies below my feet, but that is not what I saw and felt.  I saw Life.  Memorials to real human beings. People who were once a lot like me.

On one headstone were the words “IT IS WELL,” reaffirming to me that these people still live.  In that open space, the scripture seems apt.  “He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler…”

 God, the Great Protecting Bird.  There was great variety among his flock. Some small as a hummingbird; some were the eagles who died in military service;  some the doves – husbands and wives lying side by side.  The showy peacock was there, as well as the common sparrow.  I could spot them by the size of their nests.

It is good that life goes on.  There were two stones identifying two babies who died before experiencing what we think of as life – earthly life that is.  One had an earthly life of five days; the other about three weeks – a brother and sister born five years apart.  I’m glad their lives lived on.  What a reunion that must have been when mom and dad arrived!


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I have said before that my mom was a staunch Democrat as I once was.  In her day among her people the Democrats were quite conservative.  Anyway not to be political on this Memorial Day (31st), I am again sharing some excerpts from her book, “The Forties, Baca County History.”  Her notes are copied from a weekly newspaper “The Plainsman Herald” from Springfield.  Thus the dates do not necessarily coincide with the event.

April 19, 1945:  “President Roosevelt Dies”  Senator Harry Truman took the oath of office as 33rd President of the United States at 7:09 Thursday night, two hours and 34 minutes after President Roosevelt died of cerebral hemorrhage in his Warm Springs Georgia, cottage on April 12, 1945….

May 3, 1945  In memory of President Roosevelt….. “And All The Trumpets Sounded.”  The people’s President is gone and another name has been added to the long list of casualties.  Whether or not we approved of all of his policies and actions, whether we were among his critics or his friends, we admit his greatness and his overwhelming desire to serve America and the cause of peace.  A great American has left us and the nation grieves for this man who rose so bravely above physical handicaps.  The only tribute he would want would be renewed unity of the American people in striving to achieve the ideals for which he lived and hoped and fought and died.  His undying purpose – The brotherhood of all men.

May 7, 1945   War with Germany ends.


Two comments from me.

First, I note that the President died less than one month before Nazi Germany surrendered!  All that work, all that war, all those turbulent years of heartbreak and he did not get to reap in the victory.

Second,  I note and remember how united our country was during that war.  The conflict made the “Home Front” stand together.  Republicans did not fight against the President.*  Given that “Home Front” situation, Roosevelt’s undying purpose “The brotherhood of all men” was a reasonable goal and one that materialized in the aftermath of war for a generation.

Third, I wonder what it will take to unite us again.  Maybe this is part of what President Trump is referring to when he says to Make America Great Again.  Not a bad dream, is it?


*I believe the issue between Democrats and Republicans in Roosevelt’s time was more along economic lines, not social and foreign issues.  Perhaps I am wrong.  Your comments are valued.



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Oneta 84

I can’t read so I will write.  Let me explain.  I’ve been to the ophthalmologist and my eyes are still too diluted to read much.  Since my eyes don’t work well, I will see what my brain and fingers can produce.

I am way far behind on my e-mail.  I like reading your posts so I will get around to most of them at some time.  I’m tardy.  Go with me to yesterday afternoon and check out some of the things I have put before reading notification e-mail.

  1.  I, on the spur of the moment, hopped in the car yesterday afternoon and went to see my greats.  I strung beads (since I was not able to understand the direction of string bracelet making). I otherwise played while mom made dinner.  Then she joined in a round of Rumicube while the meatloaf cooked.  Then the timing was just right for her to send some of it home with me.  Wasn’t that a neat coincidence?  (e-mails await)

  2. I came home to find that my sister was on her way to spend the evening and stay the night.  What luck!  I had dinner all packed in the sack so we were able to eat it right away giving time to play games again with sister and daughter-in-law.  Oh what a pleasure.  (e-mails await)

  3. Bedtime called for a bit of down time – you know, relax and unwind from that game playing and eating.  So thirty minutes of book reading and Sudoku.  (e-mails await)

  4. 7:00  Get up time.  Have an appt with ophthalmologist at 9:30.  (e-mails await)

  5. This somewhat crotchety woman arrives near time.  Would have been on time except the route I was taking had a road closed, likely because of flooding or damage from flooding.  Everybody was nice so I didn’t remain crotchety.  Wasn’t thinking about e-mails at all.

  6. Fiddle my thumbs time.  Eye drops, read this, eye drops, now can you read this, eye drops, follow my finger tip, fiddle my thumbs, change rooms, eye drops, read this, change rooms, eye drops, read this. fiddle my thumbs, oh, a nap would be nice, WOW, see the doctor!

  7. That went well. Shortly he delivers me to make appointments, one in June, other in July.  Amazing and friendly girl who did the scheduling.  Showed me a bit about my phone since I got  a call while in there.  Friendly and sweet, but why amazing?  She could do something I’ve never seen done before.  Typed with two-inch finger nails. Exaggerating only slightly.  But she could do it.  She used finger tips sometimes, but she used the tip of the nails on the right side bottom row and numbers.  I’m sure she will not be offended at my mentioning this on cyberspace.  Since I am in awe at her achievement.  (Blogging far from my mind.)

  8. About to leave but had to stop to put shades in my glasses.  Friendly girls. Did one make a mistake and ask what I was going to do today?  Maybe not but I told them.  Blog.  “What do you blog about,” Lynn asked.  “Oh, everything,” I say, “Heaven, Hell and Walmart Bags.” (No I really said, “Abortion, hell and Walmart Bags,” but that doesn’t have the same effect as “Heaven Hell and Walmart Bags” which I wanted to use for a title for this.  So a slight editorial change.  And I added, “What is your name?” she answered “Lynn” so here I am saying, “It was a pleasure to meet you, Lynn.  You work with some very nice people.”  You all made my morning as pleasant as possible under the circumstances.  The circumstances being the reason my e-mails wait.  😀

  9. Is it nap time yet?

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fast lanefast lane

Please give careful thought

To life lived in the fast lane.

Few want the results!


I went for the obvious today, but ….. What can I say?  I’m as near ninety as I am near eighty.  And my friend just had to go to the funeral of her 18 year old grandson.  Legal racing but he paid a high price.  No, my child, the fast lane seldom pays high dividends; it’s victims pay high dividends!


Image: Pixabay

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