humpty truck oneta

The Humpty Truck has been retired at age 55.  I took it to the Mustang Museum where it looks like he will have a safe and enjoyable life among other toys with similar tastes, values, and memories.

Humpty was thirty-five years old when I gave it to my grandson, Pete, for his first birthday.  Sometime through the years he got moved back to my house.  Pete is now twenty.  Not really the age at which one wants to move a toy from dorm to apartment in whatever town he is in.  Therefore, Pete and I made the decision to let Humpty Truck go visiting for a few years or even forever.

Pete 2

Humpty Truck is on loan to the museum until such time as Pete or other designated persons want it back.  Win, win for everybody.

I have other items which will probably go sit a few years in the museum.  I will record their retirement as they happen.

My thanks to the people who work to make the Mustang Museum a nice place to visit.  It is now in a very cramped building, but the volunteers are optimistic that they will be able to bloom in new surroundings someday.


The woman in the picture with Humpty and his friends is yours truly, and the good looking guy is Pete.

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I’m thinking about “testimony” time in our old-fashioned churches. The ones that are sometimes looked at as insignificant “saved, sanctified, and filled with the holy ghost” expressions from all attendees. Well, if I were in one of those churches today, I would like to say “Praise God, I’m saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost, and Aliiiiiive! Bless His Holy Name!” And I mean every word of it!

We used to sing choruses during testimony time.  Testimonies and choruses.  “I’ve had a hard time this week, but I’m getting along.”   Standing Somewhere in the Shadows You’ll Find Jesus.   “The devil has been after me this week, remember me in your prayers.”  Do, Lord, Oh Do, Lord, Oh, Do Remember Me.  “I’ve come through with victory after that bad time I was having.”    While I was praying Somebody touched me.  While I was praying Somebody touched me.  While I was praying Somebody touched me.  Must’a been the hand of the Lord.     There was something special about testimony time when they were happening.  We try to resurrect that special bonding in the form of “cell” groups; all growing churches have them.  People connecting with people.

Upscale churches cut out that kind of participation lest they get some testimonies like these (okay, I admit it, they were funny sometimes).

“Remember Aunt Mary in your prayers.  She’s been in bed with the doctor all week.”

or, “The devil’s been after me all week, but bless his holy name, I still have the victory.”


image: Pixabay

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“Mom, did anybody call?”

“Don’t think so, you have had no calls that I recall.”

“I gotta go out again but if anyone named Joe calls, tell him I tried to call, but his answering machine says he is taking no calls.  Tell him I called and I want him to call me back.”

“Hold on a minute.  Someone is calling right now.”


Written for SoCS

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Our traditional Kidz Kamp was marked by tent colors: blue for boys, red for girls.  Mine, as Counselor, was yellow.  I said it meant “courageous” and the young children believed me.  Bigger kids would catch on right away.    It stands for “coward.”

That was not always so.  “Just give me a flashlight and let me at ‘um,” was my motto.  I was an owl-chasing specialist.  Until the “spider” incident.  I screamed.  The kids came running to offer their help.  Betsy stepped on the spider – barefooted.

Those kids have grown; the story is dead.  But it sticks with me.  Coward.


Instructions from Carrot Ranch. Join the fun.

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I glanced over at my much maligned cellmate – okay, my roomie, who deserves to be maligned.  His torporific habits kept him bound in the room planning how to scrimshank the negligible expectations I might have of him.  He was not dependable for the smallest operation of what might be seen as work.  If I asked him to pick up the mail or to see how many potatoes were in the larder, I could expect a martyr’s response as he began panting and fanning himself as if he were about to have a heart attack.  Was he worth it?  I reviewed the reason I had taken him on as a roommate.  Now I remember, his dad pays the rent.


Join the fun with:

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

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Scrimshank ((v.) to avoid one’s obligations/duties; to shirk)
Torporific (n.)) causing lethargy)

Image from Pixabay – sponsored Shutterstock



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stumbling blocks

How many times have I prayed for something that is not God’s plan? My prayers turn to stumbling blocks to God’s plans.

I desperately want an easy life for the people I love. I want security for the old people and pure and holy adventure for the youth. I want power for my country. I want freedom of pain for the hurting. I want saints to go home on the wings of peaceful sleep. I want good-paying, fulfilling jobs for all men and women who are willing to work hard. I want those who won’t work to realize they are wasting God-given lives and to get off their haunches and find jobs. I want the southern border closed.

Praying my will may hinder the Lord in guiding my loved ones into his plan as I continue to enable them. Praying my will might hold back the death angel while my loved one lies in pain awaiting her homecoming. Praying my will may stop the gospel being spread into the lives of those who do not know Christ. Praying my will may not bring discipline into my life that would be healthy for me. Praying my will might result in people living “soft lives” and be totally unarmed when the devil assaults them with fiery darts.

I’m reminded that God says, “(You) do not know the thoughts of the Lord, (you) do not understand my plan” (Micah 4:12). I find myself much like Peter who rejected the idea of Jesus going willingly to his death. Matthew 16:23 “Get behind me, Satan. You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men…” If Peter had had his way, neither he nor I could have been redeemed.


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I busily turned the bacon in the pan, retrieved the eggs from the frig, set the butter out to soften, and opened the jar of fruit juice.  The grandchildren are here.  Time for a real breakfast.  A break from cereal, donuts, or pop-tarts!  So I thought.
I noticed the house was uncommonly quiet.  Looked around.  Nobody here except me.  Who am I cooking for?  I got the phone, called their dad.
“What happened to everyone,”  I asked.
“Oh, I just took the kids out for a morning treat,” he responded.
My enthusiasm waned as I considered how my cooked breakfast was not going to mean much when challenged with donuts and orange juice in the paper boxes.
Minutes later the party members returned, complete with donuts, chocolate milk and juice in the trendy cartons.
I give dad credit.  He didn’t let them eat the goodies until they gallantly ate Gramma’s cooking.
Now confession time.  I ate the donut he brought for me while I put the finishing touches on the old fashioned kind of food.  At least they waited for their bribe!
Short story based on picture prompt.   JSW Prompt.



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Leo’s heart was dry as that old planter with its dead plants.  It had rained in March.  Leo thought it marked the end of the drought and  Holly came back from her mother’s.   Working together on the planter marked a new start.

But no, the dry struck again and she was gone.

They had thought nothing could come between them.  They used to sing, “You are my sunshine.”  Sunny days are supposed to be happy days.

Listen!  What’s that?   Thunder. Lightning.  Raindrops.

Leo grabbed the phone.   “Holly, raindrops keep falling on my head!”

How he loved hearing Holly laugh!


PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Join Rochelle for Friday Fictioneer’s Fun

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The following selection is from a FB status in July, 2013.  I had written it soon after coming home from Denver.

Psalm 91 has been my “food of choice” this month. Hardly a day has gone by without it. It amazes me. “Because she loves me, I will rescue her…I will protect her because she acknowledges my name.” That is the only reason that makes any sense for how so many people worked together and cared enough to get me off that mountain to the medical team who saw me as worth saving. I’m amazed and so thankful. I am taking the following excerpt from my manuscript “To Know His Name.” I don’t know how it will look on FB but I hope it will come through in an understandable way.
“Because he loves me,” says the Lord (Friend)
I will rescue him: (Provision)
I will protect him, (Victor)
For he acknowledges my name
He will call upon me, and I will answer him; (Guidance)
I will be with him in trouble, (Peace)
I will deliver him and honor him. (Holiness)
With long life will I satisfy him, (Healing)
And show him my salvation. (Salvation)


Many of you have read the following blog which tells my story, but many have not.  I don’t want to ever take the story as old news.   It took me a while to be able to put this account into words.  It took even longer to be able to write the experience I had in that operating room.

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“It has no search feature or spell check……. NAY I SAY NAY”

A reader has given me pause by voting against social media of my day.  😀  Thanks, Lander7.  I told Lander 7 I would be back.   So I am giving him points for his challenge to my form of social media.  He is right. So I give you some advantages of today’s social media.  (First two were Lander7’s; next are mine.)

  1. No search feature.  Right.  I have been impressed with the way FB contributors check to be sure their facts are correct.
  2. No spell check.  Right.  I’m impressed with the spelling competence of today’s text messages.
  3. No delay in communication.  Right.  I’m impressed with the ability of someone in China to see that I want rubber-soled footwear and rapidly fill my FB wall with ads.
  4. No need for a “diagram-able” sentence.  (That word is poetic license for those who do not do use initialisms and emojis.)  Right.  Especially nice for those who sleep through their grammar classes.
  5. Very useful for starting a riot within four hours.  Right.  Right-to-lifers have to pass out posters at churches on Sunday, and nobody pays attention to something said on only one Sunday.  Three months will probably be necessary.
  6. A good way to find out who the gang has picked as the next victim to bully. Right.  One can hardly get by with being a school bully anymore – school discipline even applies to bus riders.
  7. Good for showing latest trends in hair styles.  Right.  No longer have to see what Quarterback Joe chose at the last trip to the barber.
  8. Excellent for quiet times.  Right.  Quiet times right in the midst of family reunions, school lectures, even football games! (Not mentioning church.)
  9. Works to cut down over-population.  Right.  It seems to be a good means to cause despair – anyone say suicide?

Positive side of 1900’s social media next.  Maybe tomorrow but my grandchildren are here so I’m not sure of my schedule.  Now if I could text, I could text their daddy and see what they will be doing tomorrow.  😀  But I can’t text.  I use too many letters and my sentences are too long!

I have visited Lander7’s blog.  He writes very well – articles even!  He spells correctly, uses good vocabulary, and his sentences are simple, compound, and complex!

Thanks, Lander7.  I hope you have had fun with me today.


Visit Lander7 seven at  Most of you, as well as I, love comments that enlarge on our thoughts.

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