Oneta 84Or, if you want good grammar; It is I!

I’m having to tell you because I’ve been gone so long – four days, right?  And I am sending a new picture, my 84th year glamour shot!  😀  Wanted to be sure you still remember me.  I’ll be changing gravatar if I can figure out how.  I did it one time, so if I can’t, I’ll have to say I’m getting old – no way, I’ll figure it out.

As you can see, my computer is cooperating with me this morning.  Yesterday Windows 10 would not even open up, so I got ready to go to the library to do a bit of catch-up.  Sat down here in my “go out” clothes and, wowzee, it works.  I answered comments on all my last post

—Shucks it just misbehaved again.  Just printed a copy of this out of the blue.  Maybe a trip is still in the offing.  It did let me come back, but I guess I’d better say good-bye before it decides to do something worse.  😀

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Being grateful before griping

thumbs up

I can see.  Surgery was successful.  Daughter-in-law, sister, and husband have kindly shown me eye drops don’t hurt!  Doctor and nurses are wonderfully sweet, comforting and knowledgeable.  granddaughter came and left cake while I was gone.  Carl and Vicky came.  I have discovered I can still use this I-Pad.  I gave myself a birthday gift which no one else could give me; I lost 14 pounds.

Jesus soaked my soul with glory as I listened to “This Blood” by Rachel Chapman.  That line about his “liquid glory flowing down” is so gloriously true!

All that and I still have gripes.  Can’t do without my glasses because I have to have them for seeing with right eye.  Terrible now for left eye.  I can’t bear to think of dropping anything in my own eye even if it eye drops.  The Windows 10 is beserk on my computer   I guess that’s the problem because the trouble started after that update.    I’ll have to dump an awfully lot of blogs.  Too much eye strain do stay with this screen very long.  My choices of what to do are being cut down to house work – or taking a nap.

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Computer is a louse!   Birthday came on time!  Thanks to you early Happy Birthday wishers.  Giving up.  Sending love and thanks.   I have had eight mess ups on these two lines.  Have to click mouse to move on.  I’ll be back.  Now to see if I can pub

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oneta sammy

LAST YEAR I told you about my “birth” day.   So today I will pick up my story beginning at ten years and and hitting the highlights of each decade of my life.  As I thought this project over, I realize I wrote about myself as an assignment for Blogging University I think in 2015.  I find my past has not changed from what my past was three years ago!  Therefore, I’ve hopped back and copied most of what I wrote then.  So here I go again as a memory activity to recount the highlights from each decade of my past.

I HAVE A PICTURE of my family when I was ten.   There are my adoring parents still – however, at this time they are adoring my little sister who came along that year. I always hated the picture because there I sat on the ground with my brother – horrible picture of him and me. But precious of the baby! I hated the picture, but I loved the baby. As a teen, I made choices that strengthened my childhood love for Jesus.  Another thing happened that year that seemed to make the grown-ups happy. World War II was winding down. For some reason, they made a big deal of D-Day. I think it was June 6th or something like that but it couldn’t compare with April 28th the birthday of my little sister!

IN MY TWENTIES, now married to Sammy, I had two babies, sons, to adore. I had a “state” job – at Services for the Blind. I resigned there shortly before time to go to the hospital to give birth to my first born. My husband was working and going to college. I returned to Services for the Blind and worked there until my second son was born. I worked at Tinker Air Force base; it was a good job – but only drudgery, endless typing of job descriptions.

I GRADUATED from college on my 31st year. Bachelor of Arts in Education! A dream completed! Our family of four lived in a one room college apartment in Alamosa, Colorado. Cold, cold, cold. Sammy was high school principle in Saguache, fifty miles away. Wasn’t great but we didn’t expect things to be great in those days. We lived for reaching goals, and I had reached mine. That year we came back to Oklahoma. I started teaching in downtown Oklahoma City, a job I loved dearly.

FORTY!   Is that supposed to be over the hill? My sons were 14 and 20. They were our reason for being. Our social life was wrapped up around our sons, our church and SW college  where Sammy worked. I was teaching elementary school in OKC. Our careers were blossoming.

FIFTY! Boys are grown. We lived in Claremore, OK. Riding high with bills paid finally.

SIXTY!   Retired and back in Oklahoma City, adjunct teaching at local colleges.

SEVENTY!   Still working. When I quit full time work, I went on staff at my church with the responsibility of loving and visiting senior members of the church who were confined to homes. After a life time of good health, I faced tough health situation in this decade.

EIGHTY – Wednesday I will be eighty-four!   So I count my years in decades now. There has never been one that I would have chosen to swap back to a previous one, – well, I’d like to have my health back from early seventies.  But I am doing well with the things God gave me plus what the doctors stuck in here and there – pins in hip bone, artificial aorta valve, pacemaker.  😀   Oh, yes, and now my hair is blond!

And you, my friends, are another added plus for my 80’s – actually,  my 9th decade.

What will the future bring? I don’t know, but to show my optimism, may I share a chorus that I wrote a few years ago. I goes like this:

I’ll count it all joy, my King; I’ll count it all joy
I’ll follow in everything and count it all joy.
My steps are all ordered by thee, my foot shall not slide,
By faith I don’t have to see, with you as my guide.

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(Note: This is fictitious. My experience only via peers)

Poets are often out of balance

When extolling the beauty of silence.


          The quietness after the screaming child

          The stillness of a storm turned mild

          The absence of a ringing bell

          The peace that reigns where love doth dwell.


Very seldom do they write

Of a fearful couple in the night

 In shock that comes from a doctor’s report

They have no words; they have no resort.


Of frugal efforts to hold back death

When love’s alone

and breath

has gone.



Silence beckons me toward more sorrow.

But listen.  Voices call me to tomorrow.

Aww, things can never be the same

But I’m grateful for sons who bear his name.


Poets are often out of balance

When extolling the beauty of silence.



JustJotIt for January 21,  prompt “silence”

Image thanks to Pixabay

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oneta plus

Birthday in January gives me cause to evaluate my life even more than the New Year does.  New Year is for everybody; January 24 is for me.

Last night I prepared a blog for today in which I recount highlights of my life through the decades.  Today I ask myself, “Why do I think it is important to talk about my life? Why should my readers care  what I have done for all these years?  

I will publish that blog tomorrow but I want you to know my reasons for talking about myself.

First, I am ever so thankful for the promise of God that lent itself to the “blessings of Abraham” which have been passed on to all God’s people.  The blessings that promised earthly fathers that their children would be blessed if they followed God.  I was born to earthly poor but a spiritually blessed people who knew Jesus Christ.

Second, I fully recognize that all people (probably even few people) did not have my opportunities.  But I tell you no matter what your background, you can decide to be an Abraham.  By that I mean you can stake out a claim before God to walk before him in obedience and pass on blessings to your children.  Every generation has to renew their “contract” – no one can claim to be God’s child just because their parents were.  And we cannot ignore that we do that by way of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is our contact with the Father.

Third, I do not dwell on the mistakes made by me or others which have affected my life.  I see no need to tell you about those things; I can just tell you I have had them.  Some were my fault and some were not.  As they have passed, I have been left with even more love for Jesus who got me through them.

Fourth, there is so much in our culture to make it “youth” oriented, many people feel “over the hill” at forty – even thirties are sometimes referred to as middle aged.  No, no, no.  There is much life to be lived after you have lived!  Yes, I said that on purpose.  Much life left after you have lived.  Don’t die before death gets you!  Life changes but it does not lose purpose.

But my assurances are based on a life that is being lived in Christ.  He gives abundant life.  I’m ending with Andrae Crouch, “How Can I Say Thanks”  (Andrae is now living in the new eternal life.  He might still be singing this song.)  Oh, how the song “soaks” my soul!

How can I say thanks
For the things You have done for me?
Things so undeserved
Yet You gave to prove Your love for me;
The voices of a million angels
Could not express my gratitude
All that I am and ever hope to be
I owe it all to Thee

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I’m having another birthday soon.  So being nostalgic.


Wearing sack dresses and platform shoes

Reading Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew

Feeling bittersweet.

Singing “How Much is That Doggie in the Window”

Seeing Lassie fight bears and leave them in limbo.

Feeling bittersweet.


Newspaper Headlines tout success

“Man on Moon” – nearly weightless!

Feeling bittersweet.


Watching comedy that was witty

Walking barefoot and feeling pretty

Feeling bittersweet.


Family-safe TV without vulgarity

And man’s word was a guarantee

Feeling bittersweet.


Playing games and being a winner

Having fried chicken for Sunday dinner

Feeling bittersweet.



So much living has gone by

I’ve loved and been loved,

But with a sigh,

I’m feeling bittersweet.



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cowboy boots

Whatever happened to daddy’s boots?

Flannel shirts and Levis, or Western suits.

Justin boots and Stetson hats were the apparel

of my family roots.


They were given to my mom

From the hospital that long night.

Love and memories were like a balm

As she tenderly put them out of sight.


They were passed along to me,

I had two sons, could one be –

The one who carried his legacy?


The legacy came from Granddad Jim

He said for us to look past him.

And know our worth only comes from God.

Look up to Him because people are flawed.


Prompt:  “boots”  99 words

Image from Pixabay

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2 Cor. 3:18 “And we, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory,…”

While reading this scripture I noticed that at some other time I had underlined it—except for the part between the commas. I wonder why. I guess I liked thinking I was being transformed into his likeness sort of automatically. But am I?

Let me repeat, this scripture say “we, who with unveiled faces contemplate his glory.”  He promises us that he can be found if we seek his face.  But we can’t come with a mask on! 

Today I am thinking how much faster we can be “in his likeness” if we come to him open-faced to behold his glory.

Come to him in innocence, not hiding in shame; come to him in humility, not with any degree of arrogance; come to him in holiness, realizing how much we lack in any “holiness” of our own making. How much easier to become like him when we demonstrate true innocence, humility, and holiness rather than pride, arrogance, and self-righteousness.

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There once was a lady, I think she was Persian,

Whose mind was scattered by drips of diversion;

Much trivia filled her thoughts to submersion

I much doubted when I heard of her version –

Of tigers in Siberia

Of wisteria in Algeria

Of politics in Nigeria

Of  bacteria in Liberia

Even the kings of Assyria!

I check my history and I see

That lady has much in common with me!


Hey, Folks, something easy and fast again today.  But I’m working on other stuff.  Sort of “heavy” stuff.  And I’ve been working with my “manage” folders.  I have been following many whose e-mails I did not have turned on, so I was missing a lot of new posts from some newer people.  Also I have many e-mails of folks who never come around as far as I know, so those e-mails had to go.  I didn’t want to but I’m maxed out.  It is my desire to know the folks I blog to/for/with.  So if you never hear from me and you care, please let me know you are there!


Prompt:  “drips of diversion” by M



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