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Bible betrayals: Isaac betrayed by Jacob, Samson betrayed by Delilah, Uriah betrayed by David, David betrayed by Ahithophel, Judas betrayed Jesus, Peter betrayed Jesus. When David was betrayed by Ahithophel, he said, “Even my friend, someone I trusted, one who … Continue reading

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STEVE—ENLISTED, BETRAYED, AND THRUST INTO BATTLE         In July, 1967, I got my “Greetings from the President of the United Stats of America.”  It told me to report for Duty 27 August, 1967.  My life was turned upside down to … Continue reading

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“It’s just not fair, Frank.”  Hearing the these words very plainly, I glanced up from the lettuce bin to see who spoke.   There was only one other person in the produce aisle – an average looking lady with dark brown … Continue reading

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