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  Church buildings have changed!  Yes, indeed.  Church people have changed!  Yes, indeed.  My granddad spent much of his time and resources building little churches somewhat like this, often in towns on the “wrong side of the track.”  These people … Continue reading

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Facebook Status from September 10, 2014 “How precious also are Thy thoughts unto me, O God! How great is the sum of them!” (Ps. 139:17 NIV) And listen as God expresses his love in the following picturesque words: “I led … Continue reading

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  There are three Bradford pear trees on a corner near my home. They are loaded with white blossoms. One of the trees is a little more advanced than the others so the green is overtaking the white. I want … Continue reading

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The following paragraphs are from my essay “What Does Church Look Like.” ***************** CAN YOU IMAGINE?  Jesus had many followers but He kept his students to twelve?  He fed five thousand but didn’t claim to be their leader.  Give him … Continue reading

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A conversation in Caterpillar Lane – Harry:  “I haven’t  seen Leggus lately, have you?” Fuzzy:  “Last I saw him, he had crawled into a pine bark and dried up.  At least he sure looked dead.” Harry:  “That’s bad.  He was … Continue reading

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Gladys remembered the past when she was a willowy graceful figure climbing the scaffold of success, aware of the wolf whistles she would be receiving that day.  Vim, vigor, and vitality abounded in her blood!  She was a hot tomato.  But … Continue reading

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Favored (Nineteen)50’s – Flirting, Finding, Falling, Fulfilling Fantasy Fluent Fifty – Looking like a Fox News Anchor :D, Bills paid, Top of Career, House built, Kids independent!  (Okay, I was lying about looking like a Fox lady.) Fabulous Feat, 50th … Continue reading

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He still sees her as seventeen Unseen are the years that came between The years that brought the belly fat The years that made the chest go flat Her ready smile still makes his eyes gleam.   She still sees … Continue reading

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 pop My dear one-year-old Kenlyn, In our family, you are the youngest, I am the oldest except for Papa Sammy who is older than I.  But he is a man.  I want to talk girl talk.  You see once upon … Continue reading

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Nope, it was nothing like Joshua making the sun shine still! (If you don’t know that story it is in Joshua, Chapter Ten, Holy Bible.)  Granddad bootlegging whiskey!? In November I wrote about my grandfather in Meeting the Lord in the … Continue reading

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