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As I entered a public building, I saw a little girl, about six or seven maybe, sitting on a bench outside the door.  I asked her if she needed help; she said no, her mother told her to sit there … Continue reading

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I find it funny that the “save the planet” people promote “save nature” but not people. Reminder: People came along with the planet. That bit of human at conception is definitely nature and remains such until death. “Pants are comfortable, … Continue reading

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LISTEN UP, LADIES (second time around)

Cut, edit and paste from 2017. I’ll probably be off the blog for a few days. I’m fine but working diligently on a family project. Listen up, Ladies.  Many of you I am mad at!  I have been where most … Continue reading

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WOW! Ps. 18:19 He (God) delighted in me?!! He didn’t rescue me because I delighted in Him (why would I not) but He delighted in me (why would he)? Oh, WOW. Just take some time here. This will knock your … Continue reading

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Not going to be impressive tonight. It is 11:00 and my last chance to schedule an entry for Friday Fictioneers. I have written it. It is not bad, but it is not good either. I have decided to trash it. … Continue reading

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You can’t see it very plainly but the name written on the top of the first quarterly is James Samuel Rodgers. The name on the second one is Miss Amy Riddle. At the bottom of the page Amy wrote Mr. … Continue reading

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Little Leather Library Corporation, 1931 3 1/4 x 4 inches. Not in very good shape anymore, but interesting to me. Tiny font. Still he goes on loving me, loving me all the time. I have wounded him, his patience tried, … Continue reading

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Don’t we wish someone had wrestled the driver who killed six people and injured about fifty others in Waukeshe last month! But maybe that “someone” was too timid to make a scene. Or maybe that “someone” believed in keeping peace. … Continue reading

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1. Lord, my Guide, You have given me light to live a long life to be in love with You.  I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving leftover. 2. News clip “To all you hunter’s out there who kill animals for food.  Shame on … Continue reading

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1. I’m thinking about crackers and milk. I have some; I could get some. I’m gaining weight. I want some. Oops, did I drop some crumbs under your desk?   Don’t step on the cheese. 2. News?  What’s new about that?  I saw … Continue reading

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