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I had worked up quite a record with the others walkers at the Town Hall gym. That was last year. I suppose some walking then helps me now. But I can’t depend on a record of “used-to-could.” After a period … Continue reading

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I sat observing a great-nephew at Christmas time. Brydon had received a Lego kit. He went directly to a card table, pulled out the book, looked at the first few pages, then back to the first to see what pieces … Continue reading

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WHY SUFFER? – #6 Discipline – The “Tire” Test

  “I guess we’ll have to try that test again,” God said. I think I remember the preacher who said that, but he was not important.  What was important was that statement.  It has stuck with me. In one of … Continue reading

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Someone had whammed the guard rail!  A sign had been put up “Damaged Guardrail.”  When installed it was shiny, sturdy, and solid, but now it is messy, marred, and mangled.    I wonder who hit the guard rail and why.  Was … Continue reading

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