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   A second situation.  Regarding President Trump.           Remember yesterday I said I had two situations regarding the subject of “investing negativity” into situations to the point of doing just about anything to come out right and avoid personal humiliation.  … Continue reading

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You don’t trust the vaccine because it was done so “speedily?” Others have taken years? Yes, Pres. Trump put that on front burner, the budget was sky high, the pressure for competition between pharmaceuticals – and nations – tremendous. The … Continue reading

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CHECK THIS #11 – truck

You can’t see it much, but that white sign at the top of the truck says, “TRUMP.” How long will it be before a small business truck driver labels “BIDEN” on his truck? I like a new truck that passed … Continue reading

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JUST IMAGINE A PICTURE OF ME, I CAN’T FIND HOW!!! MAKE IT SMILING. AND YOUNG. New York Times in March: Covid deaths might run from 200,000 to 1.7 million. The count today is a bit below 211,000. That is quite … Continue reading

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       The image is the title page of my essay.  Am I showing off my good grade?  Yes.  But I also am showing you that I did a thorough job of my topic.  It is from twelve sources.  … Continue reading

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