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I looked online to see if there were any cautions against people prone to blood-clotting (taking blood thinner) taking the covid19 vaccine. No problem at all! How about side effects on pregnant women? No problem at all! If either of … Continue reading

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1. I’m starting with God the Creator.  Created light and darkness on Day 1, grass and plants on Day 3, stars including sun on Day 4.  How did He make the plants before the sun?  I am asking because there will … Continue reading

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I’m back!  Have a donut!  Some are about ten days old, but still palatable. I got great relief from a Physical Therapist who worked me over and dismissed me in less than a month from a pain for which I … Continue reading

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ODE (or something) TO DR. FAUCI

On the ground and in the air Dr. Fauci’s everywhere. He shuns busses, chooses limos or planes. People seek his latest science for their pains.      He’s has proven to be right      Often enough to stay in the fight. … Continue reading

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