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I’ve told you before that I used to be active in the Democratic party. In my rummaging among old school materials I found these bits. So I’m sharing a bit from my past. I’m not sure whether this picture of … Continue reading

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Eye mist  yesturda b cos eye wuz lernin 2 tex. Hoap u mist mee.  Eye wunt to lern 2 tex awn 1 uv thoz fancee fones. Houw am eye doin? Eye haf tene-ajers lernin me. Thanx, kidz, 4 yur lernin … Continue reading

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An explanation.  I took two g-granddaughters for state testing for home schoolers last week.  This was the room we entered and waited.  It’s hard to see her but there it a teacher sitting at the check in desk down at … Continue reading

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It has been completed – this dream of my life;  then why am I so filled with anxiety rather than joy? I made it through high school by cheating; there was no other way I could do it.  Even though … Continue reading

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“Poor me,” he laments, “‘Tis my fate written in stars,” as he makes his doom. Although I am lending a humorous touch to this haiku, it is a serious concern to me.  I was talking with a friend yesterday about … Continue reading

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…READING AND ‘RITING, AND ‘RITHMETIC, TAUGHT TO THE TUNE OF A HICKORY STICK…The drawing above is one my mother drew, a one-room school house on the prairie.  Mom went to school there in the 1920’s; I went there 1945-46, I … Continue reading

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A Blessed Child

A fortunate child Spending time with her mother The home-school student. Growing a bank account, growing a garden, growing a pet, growing a collection, growing a reputation, growing fame, growing a stylish wardrobe  Nothing is as important as growing a … Continue reading

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The year was 1965 or 66 and I had a class of third and fourth grade students.  Our language arts lesson consisted of writing about our class.  The students dictated a paragraph which I wrote on the board.  They were … Continue reading

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Perhaps I’m exaggerating by using “riot” as the opposite of rote, but from my observations, not by much.  Two illustrations from my educational experience: In high school, I was called a DAR meaning a Darn Average Raiser.  I liked to … Continue reading

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(Lesson 7: Form: Ballad; Subject: Neighborhood; Device: Assonance) We talked of community, not neighborhood; We talked of counties, and towns We met in schools and courthouse lawns Wore overalls and dresses, not evening gowns. The building housed the public school, … Continue reading

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