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  Hope endures hardship, refuses magic’s deceit, closely clings to faith. ***************** Prompt by Ronovan, “magic, hope” https://ronovanwrites.com/2018/01/08/ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-183-magichope/

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Another person (Moses)who had an intimate relationship with God was Jeremiah. An example of Jeremiah’s trust was recorded in Jeremiah, Chapter 32. He was in prison, a cousin offered to sell him land, and God said to buy it, he … Continue reading

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Okay, folks, what do you think?  I have two NIV Bibles; one has last copyright date 1984, the other is 2011. I am surprised they are not alike. Why would two NIV not be identical? My issue this morning is … Continue reading

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We go to the Lord with our petitions.  We ask him to get us out of some kind of situation.  If he would just answer the way we want, it would save us money, or time, or pain; yes, if … Continue reading

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FIREBUG!  That as the name of a play that my class performed in high school about 1949.  My class was small, just over twenty students.  Apparently they tried to give a role to everybody since I was assigned the role … Continue reading

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I have been touched today by a scripture I read this morning.  Jeremiah 48:36, God speaking, “So my heart sounds for Moab like flutes, and My heart sounds for the men of Qir Heres like flutes.  Therefore the wealth they … Continue reading

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Isaiah 53:5  “…he was bruised for our iniquities…” It looked so beautiful sitting on the Walmart display unit in the veggie section. I reached over and touched the leaf – just a bit more – actually I crushed the leaf. … Continue reading

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‘TWEEN GOD AND ME – Sick Leave

Those who know me will confirm that I trusted God alone for my healing for almost all my life.  From the time my son was born in 1960 to November in 2012, I did not go to a doctor.  (I … Continue reading

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GOD SPEAKS – But What If I’m Wrong

What if I think God has spoken to me but I am wrong?  My answer is that in most cases – if it does not conflict with the Bible – go ahead and move on it.  For instance, if you … Continue reading

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Today I am recapping some issues relating to my ‘Tween God and Me posts.  My purpose for these posts is to point to Jesus as our Greatest Friend, to God as our Greatest Father, to the Holy Spirit as our … Continue reading

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